timberland cheap boots Former Beaumont star Emily Infeld keeps on running

timberland euro dub Former Beaumont star Emily Infeld keeps on running

CLEVELAND, Ohio Emily Infeld is a woman on the move. She is not comfortable unless she is running somewhere, preferably at a long distance.

Infeld, 27, is a Northeast Ohio native and former track and field standout at Beaumont School. Among her accomplishments at Beaumont: not one, not two, not three, but . four 800 meter state titles.

In the summer of 2015, Infeld earned a bronze medal in the 10,000 meters at the World Championships in Beijing, China. Last summer, she finished 11th in the 10,000 at the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Earlier this summer, Infeld placed second in the 10,000 at the USA Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Sacramento, Calif. She qualified for the World Championships in August in London.

It has not been a smooth road over the years for Infeld, who has dealt with stress fractures and other injuries. Many would have folded, but Infeld perseveres.

DMan’s World recently tracked down Infeld during her training for worlds. Phone correspondence was not possible, but email was.

DW: From what city/country are you typing these answers?

EI: I am writing from St. Moritz, Switzerland, where we are training at altitude leading into the world championships.

EI: I am running the 10,
timberland cheap boots Former Beaumont star Emily Infeld keeps on running
000 meters on Aug. Eastern Time).

DW: How long have you been training for worlds, and where?

EI: We train year round. There is a down period but I only take a couple days off each year. We go through different training phases and cycles during the year but all of our training has been geared toward the world championships in August.

DW: Fondest recollection of your days at Beaumont?

EI: Winning the state track title has always been such a fond memory. Loved my teammates, and our coach, James Emery, is fabulous! I always had so much fun and truly grew to love running in high school.

DW: Fondest recollection of your days at Georgetown?

EI: Winning the NCAA cross country team title my senior year was amazing. I had such talented, hard working teammates and the environment was amazing thanks to our passionate coach, Chris Miltenberg. I felt so lucky to be surrounded by people who loved the sport and really taught me great lessons about hard work, passion, grit, and becoming my best self. I always look back fondly on my time in high school and college.

DW: Smartest person you’ve ever met?

EI: My dad is the smartest person I know. He always has been a role model.

DW: Favorite dinner food? Favorite snack food?

EI: I love pizzaaa! My favorite snack food is banana on peanut butter toast with cinnamon and honey.

DW: How much do you eat during an average day of training? Are there carbohydrate restrictions?

EI: I have no dietary restrictions and I don’t count calories, so I honestly don’t know how much I consume. I eat constantly during the day and just make sure I eat balanced.

DW: Toughest workout you’ve ever done, any level?

EI: Mile, mile, 800, 800, 4×400 then repeat. 8 miles of tough work, and doing this at altitude compounds!

DW: Best race you’ve ever run, any level. A race where you said: ‘I don’t think I could have run it any better or felt any better?’

EI: The 10K at the 2015 world championships. I was the most composed I’ve been racing and had a fabulous last three laps, which enabled me to sneak into third. I honestly never fathomed medaling at this level and I think I just ran the absolute best race I could that day. It was by far my best tactical race ever.

DW: Best part about being a professional runner? Do you get an endless supply of shoes?

EI: I am sponsored by Nike and get so much gear and shoes. I love Nike. I feel lucky to be sponsored by them.
timberland cheap boots Former Beaumont star Emily Infeld keeps on running

black timberlands Forgotten gems of STV’s archive can be enjoyed once more thanks to deal with YouTube

cheap womens timberland boots uk Forgotten gems of STV’s archive can be enjoyed once more thanks to deal with YouTube

Forgotten gems of STV’s archive can be enjoyed once more thanks to deal with YouTubeFROM Tom Weir’s wooly jumper to Mrs Mack’s knitted hat, some of Scotland’s greatest broadcasting icons are about to be dragged into the 21st century.00:00, 30 JUN 2010Updated17:49, 1 JUL 2012Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!

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FROM Tom Weir’s wooly jumper to Mrs Mack’s knitted hat, some of Scotland’s greatest broadcasting icons are about to be dragged into the 21st century.

Fifty years of the STV archive and back catalogue are going online for the first time after the station signed a deal with YouTube.

It means thousands of hours of classic programmes will hit the web soon.

The online library, which will be up and running later this year, is an expansion of the STV Player service, which offers watch again facilities for viewers who missed their favourite show.

The YouTube deal was welcomed by STV chief executive Rob Woodward, who said: “We’re confident we will extend even further the popular STV brand and our strong range of programming delivered by the STV Player.”

But is the rest of the world ready for vintage Scotsport,
black timberlands Forgotten gems of STV's archive can be enjoyed once more thanks to deal with YouTube
or ?

Here, we look back at the best of the bunch.

Weir’s Way

Hillwalking show fronted by Tom Weir was launched in 1976 and became one of the most popular shows of its generation, lasting till 1988.

The cameras followed the former artillery serviceman as he trekked across the great wildernesses of Scotland.

It was a perennial late night repeat and was one of the first shows to be shown on the STV Player.

High Times

An acclaimed but short lived comedy drama, which began in 2004, followed the adventures of a diverse group of people, including a teenage temptress, dopesmoking slackers and cheating wives in a Glasgow high rise block.

Famed for its mix of hard hitting dialogue and daft comedy, the programme only got two short series.

Take The High Road

Before River City, the Glendarroch Tea Room was the home of Scots soap action.

With iconic characters Mrs Mack and Davie Sneddon, the rural drama ran for 23 years from 1980, for a while under the revised title High Road.

Hosted by the acerbic Jack McLaughlin,
black timberlands Forgotten gems of STV's archive can be enjoyed once more thanks to deal with YouTube
an audience of fans and dancers Stripped the Willow until 1981 when it was retired to the kailyard.

timberland pro safety boots Forgotten BIOS or Boot password for Dell Latitude CPi D266xt

timberland customer service Forgotten BIOS or Boot password for Dell Latitude CPi D266xt

This laptop was purchased off of eBay 2 years ago. The person who purchased this laptop does not know any of the original owners information. This is the message that appears when we power on the computer:

“This computer system is protected by a password authentication system. You cannot access the data on this computer without the correct password. Please type in the primary or administrator password and hit enter.”

I have opened it up and disconnected the CMOS battery. Left it disconnected overnight. Put everything back together, power on and still get the same message. I have also tried switching out the hard drive and get the same thing. So I dont think it is a hard drive password. Also tried the KILLCMOS program. From what I could see, there were no clear cmos jumpers.

This thread has been locked by forum moderators and no further posts are allowed.

>> Re: Forgotten BIOS or Boot password for Dell Latitude CPi D266xt

1) Dell won’t help because the person who owns the pc now is not the original owner. She bought it on eBay and has none of the original owners information. Therefore, a transfer of ownership is out of the question and Dell will not help.

2) tried many different boot up disks. Used both floppy and cd rom methods. The problem is that the computer instantly boots up to the previously stated error message. I cannot get any further than that message.

>> Re: Forgotten BIOS or Boot password for Dell Latitude CPi D266xt

hi . i was browsing thru some webpages and found this. i am a Dell tech support representative and this is a common one seen here (people buying computers from eBay with bios passwords on them without knowing who was the previous owner). first you will need to contact customer service to do the ownership transfer of that system for it to be registered to you. explain them that you bought it from eBay and you dont have any contact information from the previous owner. if the system is not flagged as stolen then you will be able to do the ownership transfer. then after the system is registered to you (as it will appear here at tech support) you will be able to give the information and they will give you out the master password on that system. there is no other way to unlock that password as that system does not has a password reset jumper nor a password chip that is removable, the only other option you might have is to get a motherboard replacement on that system which could be somewhat expensive. hope this is helpful.

PS: flashing the bios will not help

>> Re: Forgotten BIOS or Boot password for Dell Latitude CPi D266xt

Note: This is for Dell CP and CPI Latitudes, it has not been tried on other models. Another way to crack it is to create a short in the 24c02 chip (the markings on the top of the chip) between pins 3 and 6 when you power on!

Before you try that though, remove the hard drive and see if you get the same error.

If NOT, then it is a Hard drive password and not a system password. This fix is for a system BIOS password only. A new Hard drive should fix it if it boots w/o the hard drive or is cleared of a system BIOS password.

The chip is below the processor so you have to solder two very small wires and bring them outside the laptop then reinstall the processor. Short the two wires and power on! Pin 1 is the one with the dot in the corner. Next pin on the same side is 2 then 3,4, and 5,6,7,8 going around the corner with pin 8 being across from pin1. The power on password will be disabled and you will be able to access the system settings via the F2 during bootup as if it was never there. This works for me, works great.

Only catch isif there is also a hard drive password, it will not disable that one and you will get the same message. But at least you will be able to put in a new hard drive and use the laptop. I haven’t figured out a fix for the hard drive one yet, except I may try to adapt a cable to connect the laptop drive to a desktop pc and then I should be able to Fdisk it etc. (the laptop looks for the password protection, I doubt the desktop will especially another brand.) You could try to install the hard drive in another brand laptop. Perhaps then you can Fdisk it etc. to reclaim it.

For those of you who are not accustomed to soldering PC boards. Make sure the wire does not touch other pins or the case. Do NOT OVERHEAT the chip! Work in short sets of applying heat and let it rest a few minutes between attempts if you can not get it to attach right away. No more than 8 seconds at a time at low temp setting.

I used some old “wire wrap” wire. It is very very small, single solid strand,
timberland pro safety boots Forgotten BIOS or Boot password for Dell Latitude CPi D266xt
and insulated. Be sure to ground the solder iron to the case just before you solder and REMOVE THE BATTERY FIRST!

>> Re: Forgotten BIOS or Boot password for Dell Latitude CPi D266xt

Hey this definitely works! I had a couple of CPi chassis sulking in a corner just waiting for the light of day one a 266 and one a 400. Although the 24C02 were in different locations under the CPU, they both worked a treat. Just to clarify the procedure, as Bruce says you short the pins, press the power button, remove the short, key F2 to go into bios, ESC out of bios and the password is gone. Many thanks Bruce I can clear the corner now!

>> Re: Forgotten BIOS or Boot password for Dell Latitude CPi D266xt

OK so you all know about the CPi D266xt but what about say a latitude CPTS600St i am having problem trying to gain acces to the CPU board that has the copper heat sink on it, so that i can try and find the bios chip, is anyone familiar with where the bios chip is, there are the main board, another easily removeable board which what appear to be 3 or posibly 4 batteries on it this board is a plug in about 3 by 5 inches, the other board which apparently houses the CPU is somewhat difficult to remove with out undue force that could possibly result in damage, any experts out there that are armed with info well please share, same damn deal, i plugged my laptop into a docking station that triggered the administrator, primary password protocol and well no password no go, however the password to the harddrive remains unchanged which i can access, i want to try the shorting with the soldered wires trick before resorting to replacing the bios chip,
timberland pro safety boots Forgotten BIOS or Boot password for Dell Latitude CPi D266xt
so every one share your knowledge please.

timberland polo shirts Forever Young Tappers dance on despite retirement of two octogenarians

timberland boots london Forever Young Tappers dance on despite retirement of two octogenarians

Angie Corsaro, 86, of Richmond Heights hung up her tap dancing shoes after the Forever Young Tappers performance June 29 at Altercare of Mayfield in Mayfield Village.

It s time, she said. I get tired, but I m in good health and my doctor says to keep doing what I m doing. So I ll go back to line dancing.

The 10 member tap dancing troupe rehearses twice a week and performs as often as four times a month for nursing homes, senior groups, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, birthday parties, anniversaries and festivals.

Dolly Calabrase, the group s founding director, also retired from dancing recently and now limits herself to teaching at the rehearsals. At 84, she had breathing issues while dancing and had to lug around an oxygen tank.

Most of our dancers are in their middle to late 70s, Calabrase said. We ve lost some dancers and are hoping to recruit some in their 60s and 70s. We ll take dancers as young as 55 and would love to recruit some men.

The current 10 dancers are all advanced dancers so she is no longer teaching beginners.

Corsaro was a beginner when she joined the troupe at the Willoughby Senior Center 19 years ago.

It started out as something for exercise, she said. My grandchildren were taking tap dancing and it looked like fun.

In her younger days, Calabrase was a professional dancer who studied dance training in New York City.

I ve been dancing tap and ballet since I was 6,
timberland polo shirts Forever Young Tappers dance on despite retirement of two octogenarians
she said, noting that several of the Forever Young troupe s dancers studied dancing when they were younger.

It helps keep the weight off and has definitely helped me stay healthy, said Ruth Nevins, who assumed the task of booking the group after Calabrase s retirement. I have osteoporosis and need regular exercise to stay fit.

The women accompanied by a mistress of ceremonies, Jeanne Lyman, and a singer, Rocco Scarpetto, both of whom live in Wickliffe put on a 45 minute show with six different costume changes, one for each number.

The dancers make their own costumes, usually building on dresses, tops and shorts they ve purchased.

You can t believe what tight quarters we sometimes have for changing, observed Nevins.

It s really rewarding to see them smile and clap for us, Corsaro said. At the end of the show when the audience thanks us, it s sometimes overwhelming.

The Forever Young Tappers, sponsored by the Willoughby and Wickliffe senior centers, charge $75 to $100 for a booking,
timberland polo shirts Forever Young Tappers dance on despite retirement of two octogenarians
usually dealing with activities directors.

timberland uk stores forensics close in on footwear analysis

timberland work boots forensics close in on footwear analysis

Chief Economist from the Bank of England to give public lectureCreating the new national tissue directoryCrowd sourcing software could help us move house and stay where we areExperts in rights and justice speak out during LGBT History MonthGet into tech this Saturday and be inspired to work in technologyGet your Frink onGPs call for more specialist knowledge to manage suicide risk in young peopleHappy Birthday ClaudiaHow does your garden grow? Traditional planting of fruit trees promotes animal diversity in the Malaysian rainforestMirror mirror Snail shells offer clue in unravelling common origins of body asymmetryNew MRI technique offers faster diagnosis of multiple sclerosisNew report calls for improvements to UK cattle vaccinationNottingham launches a new route into the Arts and HumanitiesStress can activate brown fat

Watch your step forensics close in on footwear analysisFirst it was your fingerprint that gave the game away and then DNA analysis transformed forensic science. But your step because an expert in the School of Physics and Astronomy at The University of Nottingham has developed a new technique which could lead to a change in forensic footwear imaging.

Based on a technique known as Frustrated Total Internal Reflection (FTIR) imaging, Dr James Sharp, an expert in physical properties of thin films of polymers and biopolymers, has been able to extract additional information and create a digital picture of the personal footprint we leave behind when we stand or walk on a hard surface.

His research your step! A frustrated total internal reflection approach to forensic footwear imaging has been published in the open access journal Scientific Reports.

This new footwear analysis technique could also pave the way for other applications such as clinical studies of gait analysis or measuring how athletes interact with surfaces during high impact activities such as jumping, running or changing direction.

We all have our own individual footprint

Government policy, increasing crime rates and budget controls are increasing the pressure on forensics to speed up and make evidence gathering more efficient. So demand for low cost imaging technology is increasing.

Much like fingerprints we all leave behind our own individual footprint. Our gait determines weight distribution as we walk. This, in turn, leads to specific wear and tear on the soles of our shoes.

Conventional FTIR maps the imprint of bare feet on a hard surface by shedding light through a transparent sheet of material as the foot hits the ground and reflecting it back at an angle. Using the same technique Dr Sharp research group has created more detailed images of the ridges on the sole of a shoe and how these contact a hard surface.

Although specific wear patterns would not necessarily be able to identify a person as the perpetrator of a crime as readily as a fingerprint of DNA it could be used to link them, or at least their shoes, to a particular location information that could be vital to those involved in law enforcement.

Dr Sharp said: technique uses ideas taken from A level physics to form images of regions where shoes contact surfaces. The low cost and ease of implementation of the technique make it particularly appealing for forensic applications. We are currently in the process of working with local police forensic laboratories and the Home Office to try to develop this work further. applications for forensic services

your step! A frustrated total internal reflection approach to forensic footwear imaging was carried out in collaboration with the East Midlands Special Operations Unit Forensic Services (EMSOU FS).

The EMSOU FS were looking for a device that would allow them to collect images of contact regions of shoes to compare them with footprints at crime scenes in much the same way as they compare fingerprints.

Charlotte Chester, Footwear Service Delivery Manager, EMSOU Forensic Services said: EMSOU FS Footwear Unit is excited to be working in partnership with The University of Nottingham to develop an innovative solution to a very practical problem. Between us there is real potential to develop a footwear imaging device that would have huge impact on the forensic footwear service EMSOU FS can provide to the five East Midlands Police Forces, an impact which ultimately affects the outcomes of criminal investigations. As a partnership we hope to work closely in the coming months to produce and test a finished product within a criminal justice setting and leading innovation in the area at a national level. Sharp is one of a number of academics at The University of Nottingham providing criminal justice expertise. The team offers a wide range of services and expertise in all aspects of the UK criminal justice sector.
timberland uk stores forensics close in on footwear analysis

timberland lansley boots Foreign drivers hit the road

timberland fleece Foreign drivers hit the road

Your news how you want it.

On the go and no time to finish that story right now? Your News is the place for you to save content to read later from any device. Register with us and content you save will appear here so you can access them to read later.

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At first you couldn’t tell what it was across the road. Beyond the queue of cars and flashing lights, a large white object blocked the tourist highway between Akaroa and Christchurch.

We got closer. The object was the sheath of what until a short time ago was a caravan. Torn apart, its contents were strewn about like confetti. Then we saw the cars, the front of both smashed in.

A middle aged couple from the car that towed the caravan sat in shock 10 metres away, blankets around their shoulders. Those in the other vehicle, a dark coloured people mover, were on the way to hospital, the driver with grave injuries.

“Five Chinese people on the wrong side of the road,” a police officer told us at the scene. They were coming from Akaroa and,
timberland lansley boots Foreign drivers hit the road
he said, people in a following car had reported that the vehicle was drifting across the centre line regularly, as though the driver was falling asleep.”You want to hear the [police] radio traffic from Twizel and Taupo and Fairlie about [reports of] tourists on the wrong side of the road. It’s not just from Asia, it’s Germans .”

All police could do, he said, was caution the driver unless the rental company gave permission for police to take the keys.

There have periodically been calls for tourists to have to sit a test before taking charge of a rental vehicle but these are considered impractical.

Tauranga woman Judy Richards, whose son Rhys Middleton was killed by a foreign driver delivered a petition with 9000 signatures to Parliament in February calling for tourist drivers who stay in the country for more than three months to sit a driving test.

“[I got] a phone call that no mum wants to hear,” she told Newshub, “Rhys is dead . foreign driver. your stomach,
timberland lansley boots Foreign drivers hit the road
your life just drains. Unless you’ve walked in these shoes you’ll never understand”.

timberland womans boots Fordham Road full of deals

timberland womens snow boots Fordham Road full of deals

is a little more manageable, with a smaller collection of clothing stores, bakeries and jewelry shops offering some great deals.

DELI/RESTAURANT, Billy’s Deli, 83 W. Fordham Road; (718) 584 7095

Billy Gonzalez, the owner of this delicatessen and Spanish food restaurant, serves large mango, papaya and strawberry shakes for $5.

You can either pick out a sandwich from the deli counter or get a full meal of rice, beans, chicken, beef or pork and soda for only $4.99. Gonzalez offers sale prices on different items in his shop. For example, a gallon of milk is only $2.99. Monday through Sunday.

FURNITURE: Ryan Furniture, 2 W. Fordham Road; (347) 597 8903

Find great deals on all types of furniture and home decoration items at Ryan Furniture.

There is a mattress sale going on, as well as 20% to 50% off on select items. You can buy a two piece sofa and loveseat set for $788 or an elegant wood framed queen sized bed for $349. A five piece casual dining set is $699; a leather two piece sectional with three recliners is $1,499.

For more information on financing options call the store.

Ryan’s is open seven days a week.

MOVIE RENTAL: Blockbuster, 53 55 W. Fordham Road; (718) 733 9239

Yup, Blockbuster still exists. to midnight.

BAKERY/ICE CREAM: JB Bakery Corp. Cakes for all Occasions, 97 W. Fordham Road; (718) 220 3386

Delicious homemade ice cream can be difficult to find. Juan Borja, the owner of this corner bakery and ice cream shop, has a tempting selection of fresh made ice cream right by the door. He also makes a variety of tiered and flat cakes to order.

The countertops are stocked with fresh baked apple turnovers for $1.25, slices of cheesecake for $2 and biscuits, at two for $1. on Sunday.

DRESSES AND TUXEDO RENTAL 6 9 Fashion Inc.39 W. Fordham Road; (718) 220 6969

This shop offers great deals on everything from dress shoes to accessories and dresses for all types of occasions.

They have a great selection of wedding dresses in the store, but you can also have a gown ordered in from one of their catalogues. If you are celebrating a Quinceanera or a Sweet Sixteen, you can pick from several different styles and colors available both in stock or through a catalogue. The shop is offering a 50% discount on out of stock items. Tuxedo rentals start at $110 and include a vest, tie and shoes. Formal gowns start at $55 and range up to $120; dress shoes average around $30.

JEWELRY: Venezia Accessories, 23 W. Fordham Road; (718) 933 0012

Shop owner Daniel Ha opened this colorful jewelry and accessories shop four years ago. He also owns a Venezia Accessories shop on Kingsbridge Road.

The place has a great selection of costume jewelry, including rhinestone encrusted rings and earrings, beaded necklaces of all lengths and colors, and bracelets as well. Ha also has a selection of sunglasses, hats, scarves and cosmetics. Now you can buy earrings from $2 to $7 or buy a belly ring and get 50% off on a second pair. Sales items change each month.
timberland womans boots Fordham Road full of deals

toddlers timberland boots Ford’s messenger for the millennials

timberland returns Ford’s messenger for the millennials

One sunny day last summer, star rally driver Ken Block donned his racing helmet, strapped into his 600 hp Ford Fiesta rally car and rocketed west from Oakland across the Bay Bridge into San Francisco.

Driving on closed off streets, he proceeded to burn up the pavement in a gravity defying 21st century reprise of the tire squealing car chase in the movie Bullitt, in which Steve McQueen raced through the city in a 1968 Ford Mustang GT.

Video cameras followed Block’s every hair raising stunt from inside the car and out. Since Block posted it on YouTube July 9, more than 42 million people have viewed his “DC Shoes: Ken Block’s Gymkhana Five: Ultimate Urban Playground; San Francisco” video featuring his tire smoking doughnuts, extreme drifting and soaring jumps.

That number is music to the ears of Ford marketer Scott Denby. So is this one: More than 3.1 million people like Block on Facebook. That compares with more than 362,000 people who like NASCAR driver Danica Patrick on Facebook.

Ken Block takes his Ford Fiesta airborne through the streets of San Francisco in his Shoes: Ken Block Gymkhana Five video.

The Ford brand these days offers a new generation of smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles including the Fiesta, Focus and C Max. But many customers hang onto a far different image of the company, seeing it as a maker of gas guzzling pickups, SUVs and muscle cars. It’s an image Ford wants to change.

Fiesta sales fell 17 percent in 2012, to 56,775, before rebounding 3 percent in the first two months of this year. With a refreshed 2014 Fiesta and performance Fiesta ST arriving in dealerships this spring, Ford wants to bring new energy to its smallest car.

“We needed somebody to help get more focus on small cars,” says Denby, marketing and strategy manager for Ford Racing.

Jim Farley, executive vice president of global marketing, sales, service and Lincoln, has made Ford one of the most aggressive carmakers in using social media to reach new customers. The Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, Escape and C Max were launched with social media campaigns. And Block is a celebrity tailor made for the age of social media.

He keeps his Facebook page fresh and mentions his sponsors by name at every opportunity. Ford is Block’s second biggest sponsor, behind Monster Energy Drink.

Block appeared at Ford’s Los Angeles Auto Show press conference, spinning doughnuts as Ford introduced the 2014 Fiesta. He followed that with an appearance at the Chicago Auto Show in February.

During press days at the Chicago show,
toddlers timberland boots Ford's messenger for the millennials
Block was besieged by groups of 20 something fans wanting to get his autograph and to be photographed with him.

Market surveys show a 40 percent higher favorable awareness of Ford among car buyers who follow so called action motor sports vs. buyers who don’t, Denby says. “We view Ken as much being a race car driver as being a marketer. Ken’s one of those unique individuals. He can do both incredibly successfully.”

In person, Block is soft spoken with an aw shucks manner. In an interview, he says that he made the now famous “DC Shoes: Ken Block’s Gymkhana Five” video “just for fun” and was as shocked as anyone by its popularity.

“It blew up,” Block says. “It’s just amazing. I’m so happy.”

Block signs autographs for young fans last month at the Chicago Auto Show. Photo credit: BRADFORD WERNLE

‘Slide and jump’

Block, 45, a native of Long Beach, Calif., says he grew up with an unconventional taste in motorsports for an American. He followed the World Rally Championship and drivers such as the late Colin McRae.

Says Block: “I was never as enamored with American motorsports,” which tend to favor oval tracks and high speeds on the straightaways. “When I got my hands on my own set of keys, I wanted to slide and jump.”

Block started his career as a rally driver in 2006. He also has done a form of stunt driving, called gymkhana, as well as snowboarding and skateboarding. He has participated in the X Games, a kind of alternate Olympics for extreme sports. Block was co founder of DC Shoes, a company that makes shoes for action sports such as skateboarding.

He has appeared on “Octane Academy,” a Ford backed motorsports show that gives aspiring young drivers a chance to win an opportunity to train with Block or one of his co drivers in Ford’s stable: Brian Deegan, Tanner Foust and Vaughn Gittin Jr. The show, which promotes cars such as the Fiesta, Focus ST, F 150 SVT Raptor and Mustang, launches its second season on NBC Sports on June 17. He’s becoming one of the faces of the next generation of automotive enthusiasts these people who like smaller cars” such as the Fiesta and Focus.

Despite Ford’s emphasis on drivers such as Block, the company also is sticking with its more traditional marketing outlets such as NASCAR and its pony car, the Mustang.

‘A great opportunity’

“Mustang is something that has been and always will be,” Denby says. But he adds, “This is a great opportunity to reach an import centric consumer.”

Block “really kind of defines the next generation of what it is to be a fan of motorsports. A lot of what he does you wouldn’t define as traditional motorsports where there’s a starting line and finishing line,” Denby says. “He’s bringing the fun back into the automobile industry.”

ATTENTION COMMENTERS: Over the last few months, Automotive News has monitored a significant increase in the number of personal attacks and abusive comments on our site. We encourage our readers to voice their opinions and argue their points. We expect disagreement. We do not expect our readers to turn on each other. If we see repeated behavior, we will ban the commenter. Please help us maintain a civil level of discourse.
toddlers timberland boots Ford's messenger for the millennials

timberland deck shoes Ford’s farewell to Mazda

buy timberland Ford’s farewell to Mazda

TOKYO Reports that Ford Motor Co. plans to sell off nearly all of its remaining shares in its longtime Japanese partner Mazda Motor Corp. come as little surprise.

Ford’s eventual pullout was more a question of when, than if.

But the bigger question is what it means for Mazda, a tiny player on the international scene. Its overseas factories in the United States, Thailand and China, in fact, are operated in conjunction with Ford. And pundits say it simply lacks the size and money to successfully go it alone.

More reports began emerging today from Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc. The Japanese financial giant will become Mazda’s largest shareholder, the bank’s chairman said, according to Bloomberg News.

For the record,
timberland deck shoes Ford's farewell to Mazda
neither Ford nor Mazda has denied the weekend report by Japan’s Nikkei newspaper. Both danced around that by calling it

Ford and Mazda have been drifting apart for years. Ford most recently cut its stake in Mazda in 2008. Today, the companies aim to break up their three way joint venture in China with Chonqing Changan Automobile Co. and form their own partnerships with the local automaker.

Ford recently even called back the public relations officer it had stationed at Mazda as a fixture and symbol of their bond over the years. There’s still no word on a replacement.

The rumor mill in Hiroshima, where Mazda is based, runs rife with speculation that an up and coming, cash rich Chinese auto manufacturer could even step in to fill Ford’s shoes.

And Mazda’s overtures to Toyota Motor Corp., through its recent licensing of Toyota’s hybrid technology, are no doubt part of a scramble to align with a fellow Japanese company instead.

But not everyone sees hard times ahead.

capital independence would help Mazda expand its business with companies outside the Ford group, Takahashi says. would view this as somewhat positive for Mazda. We encourage our readers to voice their opinions and argue their points. We expect disagreement. We do not expect our readers to turn on each other. If we see repeated behavior,
timberland deck shoes Ford's farewell to Mazda
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timberland chelsea boot Ford Q3 profit jumps 63

girls timberland boots Ford Q3 profit jumps 63

UPDATED: 10/26/17 4:16 pm ET adds stock close

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story overstated Ford’s year ago profit in Europe. The correct profit figure was $138 million.

DETROIT Ford Motor Co. on Thursday said its third quarter net income rose 63 percent to $1.6 billion, helped by foreign tax credits and strong light truck sales in North America.

Ford’s revenue, pretax profit and operating margin all increased in what CFO Bob Shanks called a more balanced performance than recent quarters. Ford’s adjusted pre tax profit climbed 40 percent from a year ago to $2 billion, while revenue inched up 1 percent to $36.5 billion.

Its earnings were equivalent to 39 cents per share, 6 cents better than analysts’ estimates in Jim Hackett’s first full quarter as the company’s CEO.

“This quarter demonstrates that our team’s focus on fitness is showing early promise,” Hackett said in a statement. “But we also know that we must accelerate that progress in the near term.”

Ford’s profits were driven by North America, where it made a $1.7 billion pretax profit, up 31 percent from the same period in 2016.

Ford attributed an $86 million loss in Europe, down from a $138 million profit previously, to the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union and costs related to launching a redesigned Fiesta sedan. It was Ford first quarterly loss there since the first quarter of 2015, although the company said it still expects Europe to be profitable both in the fourth quarter and for the full year.

Ford lost $158 million in South America, about half as much as it did a year ago, and $60 million in its Middle East and Africa region, a $92 million improvement.

Pretax profits in Asia Pacific more doubled to $289 million. Most of that growth was in areas outside of China.

Ford Credit contributed $600 million in profits, a 5.8 percent increase.

The automaker said it expects full year earnings to come in between $1.75 and $1.85 per share. That is the top half of the range it had given previously. balance sheet, continuing a planning practice it started in the second quarter.

Wall Street apathy

Ford stock continues to be met largely with apathy on Wall Street. The shares rose 1.9 percent to close the day at $12.27. Hackett on Oct. 3 met with Wall Street investors promising to redirect a third of the company’s internal combustion engine expenditures to vehicle electrification and cut costs by $14 billion.

CFO Bob Shanks said the results show the company is very healthy.

is a company that has delivered value and created value over the last seven years, Shanks told reporters at Ford headquarters. delivered consistently strong results, we delivered healthy margins and we delivered a lot of positive cash flow and we given back by the end of this year over $15 billion dollars to shareholders. As we move forward, we driven to create value and we going to strengthen and make more fit the traditional part of the biz and we have a really good plan around autonomous vehicles and EVs. sales rose 14 percent in the quarter, and Ford was able to post strong numbers despite selling fewer than 1,000 Expeditions and Lincoln Navigators in the quarter as it prepares to launch redesigned models of both high profit SUVs. It sold more than 19,000 of the two nameplates in the same period last year.

The F series average transaction price rose $2,500 in the quarter to $45,400.

one of those gifts that keeps on giving for us, Hackett said.

2018 outlook

Hackett and Shanks declined to offer any financial guidance on 2018, although Hackett insinuated that the company would soon give more specifics on some planned cost cutting measures and mobility ventures.

are a number of things working really hard to conceptualize and imagine the implications of, he said. are real things coming from us about that strategy. said Ford would bring autonomous vehicles to a test market next year but didn say where or how many vehicles would be involved.

Hackett, when asked if Ford might try to raise its valuation by spinning off its Smart Mobility subsidiary, which he led before being named CEO, said Ford was not ready to even consider such a move.

“It’s got to deliver on its promise, he said. had a lot of good things started, but it isn’t at that scale yet.”

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timberland chelsea boot Ford Q3 profit jumps 63