timberland black boot Communion and Confirmation days are important for mums too

stussy timberland Communion and Confirmation days are important for mums too

By Annmarie O

Annmarie O thinks mothers should adopt a is more approach to their communion and confirmation outfits. So be careful with necklines, hemlines and anything strapless.

As sartorial conundrums go, the question of what mothers should wear to a communion or confirmation most definitely ranks somewhere in the Holy God category.

Unlike its church going peer to wear to a wedding the sartorial sacramental balance for smallies rites require a far more delicate balance. There are several extenuating factors to bear in mind: Formal church dress etiquette, protective covering for outside photographs, public image (they are watching you), playing host to family and friends let alone the prospect of enduring a bouncy castle experience. If you happen to be a sponsor, then a more pious effort is required on your part. Tough brief.

On these occasions, it would appear that caution is its own reward. The words and come to mind, as do and especially when applied to plunging necklines, abbreviated hems, and any attempted state of straplessness. Your feet and ego will also thank you if you leave vertiginous heels at home and forego the prospect of an errant speed wobble. As for hats, the only ones wearing headgear should be eight year old girls in veils; this is not the Galway Races.

Now that we covered the basics, let look at the options. Dresses boasting a mid hem, three quarter length sleeve, and comfy jersey fabric get my vote. Thanks to past and present progenitors from Victoria Beckham to Kate Middleton, this style solution has rolled out across high end and high street alike to great applause. Homegrown favourites include the likes of Luke Lovely, Fee G, and the eponymous duo Lennon Courtney at prices averaging from to Consider these your wardrobe heroes easy to wear, easy to wash, easy to wear again. If you a multi tasking mother who is duty bound to all and sundry, you want a g that get you through the day and a few more after that. the season, after all, and getting bang for your blessed buck is always a bonus.

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timberland black boot Communion and Confirmation days are important for mums too