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The first ingredient should be always be meat, without exception. In addition, the label should specify what kind of meat it is.

Once you covered the first two ingredients you clearly know the majority of the contents, since ingredients are listed in descending order of prominence. So the ingredient that makes up the greatest percentage of the contents is listed first.

All pet food should have a nutritional adequacy statement. It will read something similar to, food is complete and balanced for all life stages, or food is complete and balanced for adult maintenance. These statements reassure the buyer that your dog complete nutritional needs have been taken into consideration and will be met by the food.

There should also be a second statement which addresses how the manufacturer has verified that the food actually is and balanced It may be done through feeding trials with actual pets (preferred) or simply formulated to meet the desired blend of nutrients.

Johnson Bennett sees many feline depression cases caused by the hectic nature of today families. In a recent case, the depression was caused by the separation of the husband and wife. event was so traumatic for the human family, that they didn’t notice the cat was affected as well, says Johnson Bennett. She advised the family to create more opportunities for the cat to have fun and to divide up the responsibilities between family members so that everyone got one on one time with a now happier, cat.

When it comes to spotting feline depression, Johnson Bennett advises, attention to what your cat usual behavior is, so you be alerted to any change. When Dave and Christie noticed changes in Bear they sought out the advice of their veterinarian. vet recommended a new cat, as well as removing the other cats scents slowly and deliberately, recalls Christie. She wasn sure if her heart was ready to embrace another animal, but she considered Bear feelings. had never been alone and letting him grieve alone was too much, says Christie. After adding a kitten named to their family, she has seen positive changes in Bear and now feels good about following her veterinarian advice. is still having a hard time, but as we all get further away from the actual deaths and are spending more time together, it’s getting better day by day, says Christie.

If you even suspect your pet has ingested any medication not prescribed specifically for them, call your veterinarian right away. Many offices have a 24 hour emergency line, covering the hours when they are closed. You may also call a poison control center, focused on pets. A commonly used one is the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) at 888 426 4435. It is answered 24/7 and they promise to have a veterinarian or toxicologist always on duty. There are many other poison control centers for pets (found with a quick Google search). Each one does charge a fee for the call, ranging from $35 to as high as $75. Be sure you know a bit about the organization which operates the call center, so that the guidance can be trusted.

I hear over and over from shelters that black cats and dogs are often quickly passed over and sometimes remain in the shelter for twice as long as their non black companions. Petfinder, a matching service for adoptable pets and the lucky families that find them, also reports that black animals remain on their list four times as long as pets of other colors, or mixes of colors. All this data unfortunately means that the black dogs and cats are also the first to be euthanized in shelters, if they do not have a policy.

The reason for this phenomenon is as ridiculous as it is sad. Some shelters theorize that it because black pets don photograph as well as pets of other colors. Remember, we live in the age of Facebook, Instagram and more Selfies than I care to look at. Other shelters see visitor unwarranted fear of black dogs (we can thank Hollywood for that), or superstitions about black cats. Really? They also point out that the facial expressions of solid black pets are a bit harder to read and that the animal can seem less

I like to think that our colorful blankets help a bit, but realistically shelters need to face this very real problem and offer solutions. Thankfully most shelters do, and in very creative ways.

Every pet owner can also help. If you live with a black companion animal, be proud! Include them in Facebook posts and family photographs whenever possible. If you even smell a whiff of BDS (Black Dog Syndrome), talk to the person about their fears and show them they are unfounded. When most people interact with a lovable black ball of fur, any misgivings will evaporate. It also a good reminder to all of us to look past the shell that encompasses all life and to look for the beauty that lies inside!

The bond between humans and our companion animals happens at the most basic of all levels. They don love us because of the car we drive or whether we stuck to our last diet. We don love them because they clean up around the house or their coat is especially shiny. The bond goes beyond what can been seen and often even understood. Why do I never fail to smile, when my dog starts her loud snoring? Or my mice doze in a big heap in the corner of their enclosure? I think it God way of giving us a taste of the love He has for us, which also surpasses human understanding, even as we mess up each day.

The benefits to society are abundant as well. The cost to open a shelter, along with the monthly overhead, is often too great for people to take on. The foster care system offers a nice alternative, allowing many more animals to be rescued each year, many more families to find their perfect pet and many more people to get involved in saving these little lives. I love giving Comfort for Critters blankets to foster care systems, which will assign a blanket to each of their little ones. The blanket goes along when the pet is adopted, but I sure the great memories these families have of their foster pets, stick around for more than a little while!

Help a shelter out Most everyone who enters a shelter is looking for a puppy or young dog. By overlooking the residents who will be quickly scooped up, you can help the shelter with some of their older residents, equally deserving of love. You also be saving those that are closest to end unless the shelter is designated as 100%

Everyone deserves a fresh start If you at all concerned that an older dog won bond with you or won heal from past emotional traumas, don be! Dogs live in the moment and will bond unconditionally to a new pet parent who shows them the love they deserve. They have the wonderful ability to calm and move on which we can all learn from.

As the companion to a large dog, I know firsthand that a bored dog can quickly deteriorate into a naughty dog! The gold standard in dog care is a minimum of one long walk each day. This exercises their body to be sure, but it also exercises their mind. As they sniff their way along from mailbox, to bush, to fire hydrant, they are learning lots of interesting facts about all the pets who have walked those steps before them. Health status, size, sex and general condition are all conveyed. It pretty much your pooches chance to the morning paper, and see what new and exciting in their world.

If you anything like me, your dog has more toys than you have shoes. One way to keep things interesting is to pack away half the toys and every week or so bring some new ones out, and put some away. It be like giving them something new all over again.

Rotate the location of your dog toys. If they have a favorite toy, I leave that wherever the pup would like it, but other toys can be moved to other rooms, giving them something to discover.

Most dogs love car rides, so if there an errand which will keep you in the car (driving to a mailbox, going through a drive through) or when you visit a pet store, try to bring your dog along. They enjoy the ride and the shopping!

There are many interactive toys on the market, in which your dog has to a puzzle to open a flap for a treat. Dogs tend to learn these fairly quickly, but it still some nice mental exercise to add to their day.

Train your dog to play some simple games that you can do together. A favorite of mine is the It game where I hide treats (or just bits of leftover dry food) around the house and I tell my pup to It with a voice and gesture she recognizes. She occupied for 10 15 minutes hunting all around for those small treats!

When you do get out for a walk, change up the route you take, which side of the street you walk on, and the length of time you out. Each variation will stimulate their brain.

Invest in a Kong toy, and fill it with treats or food. If you concerned about weight gain, scoop out a bit of their breakfast and use it to fill the Kong. These toys can occupy dogs for quite a while as they work to dig out the treats and chew, chew, chew!

Don ever believe that can teach an old dog, a new trick. You surely can! Teach them a new trick or two, and then practice it periodically. Just running through a handful of tricks is a great way to keep them mentally alert.

Give your pet a spa day! A quiet time together, complete with a brushing from head to toe, a belly rub and whatever else your pooch enjoys, can translate to a relaxing bonding experience for both of you.

It also brings to mind a great message delivered by Andy Stanley of Northpoint Church. I try to never miss one of his messages, as they tend to both indict and liberate me, all in one fell swoop. He makes the point that often when we are trying to bring about change, there are enormous demands on our time. He is the pastor of the largest church in the US, so I guessing he gets more requests than I do. In any case, he has been counseled that if he does something for one parishioner, he to do it for everyone. So for this reason he should abstain.

I feel the same way about my books. I can help but give the hairy eyeball to someone who calls themselves reader, and has rows of pristine books. Mine have been curled around and drooled on, more times than I care to admit. Their bindings hold enough crumbs to keep a mouse fat and happy for the winter. Clearly they been used, loaned, and used again. My favorite book is my father Bible, which is riddled with notes, questions, underlines and arrows. The cover is disintegrating before my eyes, which just enhances that wonderful old book smell. Its messy sort of beauty reflects perfectly, a book that was alive in my father hands.
timberland polo shirts Comfort for Critters