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3. I now believe in point forms.

I used to think writing in point form is a literal (literally) suicide. I used to think how distasteful it was to break your beautiful sentences into snippets of constipated fragments. Now I use them so often. I got no time for punctuation anymore.

The boy has flown off to Taiwan. Last night. We were sitting at T1 viewing mall when I started to tear. Not the heartwrenching, painful crying. But something that came unexpectedly. I wasn feeling any intense emotion. But subconsciously, my system was telling me that this isn going to be easy. The previous time he went to India, for 2 weeks, I almost died. He going to spend 3 weeks over in Taiwan this time. I have no idea how I can continue to function when he gone. With my work driving me nuts, I depend heavily on Sugar for comfort. He is my frustration vent. Now I can only implode in silent screams. ARGHHHH.

Alright. It Friday evening. I just had a conference call just now. Am going to sleep early tonight. I hope I can sleep his absence away.

You might think it strange that I feeling all whiney about his departure. But we function like a retired couple. We one another lifeline.

I shall stop being so manja. I went to BKK on Tuesday and Wednesday for work, came back and went for wisdom tooth op on Thursday, and I be suffering from all the pain till tomorrow. I took out 3 teeth, of which, only one was a normal extraction. The other two needed some serious slicing open, drilling, and stitching up. It seems that the area around those severed enamels are very traumatized. Because they aching for now reason. God I hate it. And my face still swells and hurts.

Well, the BKK trip awakened the wanderlust in me, again. Well, I really wish for a hardcore, shopping packed trip there with the boy but my work schedule doesn allow that kinda luxury, neither can I do it financially. Having bought that w960i, which I have been growing to detest, I am broke, kinda. Set me back on some savings that making me sore till now. Godammit. I should never have bought that phone. Texting is a major pain deep in the ass.

Anyways, I been having so much fun making my boy look gay on photoshop. I be leaving for BKK bright early tomorrow morning. My parents are sweet enough to fetch me there, though I have to check in at like. 6.30am Well. They the best. I know. And my boy is the best to me to. Sometimes I just need to channel all my energy to thinking about the positive things in my life. How I still have loads of positivity surrounding me amidst the grueling fksht. Yeah.

I be having my graduation ceremony soon. Also, I be collected my degree (and you thought they were the same thing on the same day at another place. Dang. Okay la. My second upper honours piece of paper.

It came to my shocking realization that next week, I only be working for 3 days because of my potential wisdom tooth op MC and also, good friday. I never planned it out to be that way, though it looks too much like a convenient case of Chao Keng.

So many things happening huh I have more to tell. But not much energy to. Oh by the way, I think I can manage a 100 wpm now, after I started working here. Haha. Super typist.

Okay goodnight now. I have to wake up in 4 hours. Dangggg.

My babe managed to pass his driving test on his first attempt. Impressive, considering how nervous he sounded, and how insomniac he got the night before (and dare he accuse me of waking him up for my innumerous toilet breaks. i think i losing my bladder.)

Well, the working life is really taking its toll on me. And yet again, I not dissatisfied by my job, but I dissatisfied by myself. I want to be faster, quicker minded. Maybe I should get myself a qualitative job. Maybe I should just put to use what I always liked. But then, we all have to start somewhere. And inertia comes in the form of ignorance.

My life is so stagnant these days, it scares me. I appreciate peace, I do. But all this deafening silence is making me extremely irritable, and Sugar incidentally bears the brunt of it all. I am so demoralised these days that I yell at him for nothing, and I have conveniently stopped making sweet things for him.

I BOUGHT him a birthday card (I used to insist on making them) and I haven thought of what to get for him for Valentine and so I conveniently offered to get him a pair of jeans. No brain activity needed. I think, that it. When your pocket allows for materialism, your mind loses creativity. Damn.
timberland steel toe boots a big blob of blur

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green timberland boots a beginner’s guide

Q: So what’s the big attraction?A: Nature, my friend. Lakeland might be a mere pocket handkerchief compared with national parks in the US, but in that small circle, roughly 30 miles across, you have all God’s wonders streams, pastures, waterfalls, lakes, mountains, awesome crags. Wordsworth said there was nowhere, in so narrow a compass, with such a variety of the sublime and the beautiful .

Q: I wondered when you’d get round to him.

A: Well he is one of our main attractions. Three of his homes are open to the public. His chums Coleridge and Southey, who married sisters, moved to Keswick. There’s also Beatrix Potter’s home, plus those of Ruskin, Arthur Ransome, John Cunliffe .

A Such ignorance. He wrote Postman Pat while living in Lakeland. You can see a room devoted to him at Abbot Hall in Kendal, just one of more than 30 fascinating and unique Lakeland museums.

Q: Unique, that’s going it a bit.

A: Right, tell me where there’s a pencil museum, with the world’s largest pencil? Only in Keswick. Or a Laurel and Hardy museum? In Ulverston where Stan was born. Or a museum devoted to motor cars made famous in films and TV? Also in Keswick.

Q: Is there anything up to date?

A: But of course. We now have several multi million pound, hands on audio visual experiences, such as the Dock Museum in Barrow and the Beacon at Whitehaven. There’s also Sellafield.

A: More than 200,000 last year. Good for school projects. And it’s free. Or how about watching a live sheep show?

A: It opened recently in Cockermouth. Four times a day, 19 breeds of sheep pose on stage in a 300 seat theatre in the Lakeland Sheep Centre. It’s a bit like Miss World, apart from the sheepy pong but they’re all naked.

Q: What about the Lakes themselves? How many are there?

A: Sixteen bits of water are designated as the Lakes everything else is called a tarn. The biggest is Windermere, which is 10 miles long, followed by Ullswater, Coniston, Bassenthwaite, Haweswater, Thirlmere, Derwentwater, Wastwater, Crummock, Ennerdale, Esthwaite, Buttermere, Loweswater, Grasmere, Rydal Water and Elterwater.

Q: Which is your favourite then, clever clogs?

A: Ullswater for its sheer, stunning beauty, yet it is has amenities like lake steamers. Windermere is a bit busy.

A: Too many to count, and some have no names. One of the best known is Innominate Tarn which means no name, if you follow me. Wainwright’s ashes are scattered there.

Q: I’ve heard of him. Grumpy bloke with a pipe, wasn’t he?

A: Wash your mouth out. The Blessed Wainwright is God in Lakeland. Everyone must have his seven Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells works of art, not just excellent guides.

A: There are four over 3,000 feet Scafell Pike, England’s highest mountain, its twin peak Scafell, Helvellyn and Skiddaw. Scafell and Scafell Pike require quite a long walk before you start climbing. Helvellyn has some hairy bits. Easiest for beginners is Skiddaw. For a really easy peasy family fell walk try Catbells.

A: Clothes. You don’t want to frighten the sheep. I wear trainers in summer and wellies in winter, but that drives the experts mad. Lightweight boots are the sensible solution, plus some sort of rainwear. But remember, comfort is all.

A: There are masses of B places to choose from. Tourist information centres will give you lists. On a first visit, I’d find a cheap B or farmhouse for five nights, then lash out for two nights somewhere luxurious, such as Sharrow Bay at Ullswater.

Q: Doesn’t the Lakes District get too crowded?

A: In the height of the school holidays, it might be best to steer clear of Keswick, Windermere, Ambleside and Grasmere. They get chocker. So try the Western Lakes. But wherever you are, even on a bank holiday, you can set off on foot and be totally on your own in an hour.

A: Not essential. You can have a week of different walks from almost anywhere you stay. Or use the Mountain Goat. No, it’s not an animal. It’s a little local bus company.

Q: Apart from walking, what else is there to do?

A: Try to fit in a Cumbrian show and see things you’ll see nowhere else, such as Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling and hound trailing.

A: A tan is unlikely, but bars of Kendal mint cake are very cheap. Your dentist will be pleased.

‘The Good Guide to the Lakes’ is published by Forster Davies and costs pounds 5.99.

The Cumbria Tourist Board is based at Holly Road, Windermere, LA23 2AQ, (tel: 015394 44444).

Is That all it is, that little hilly region up in the top left hand corner of the map of England? How can so much fuss have been made for the past 200 years over such a small area? Ah, but in that tiny district are all nature’s delights, plus quite a few man made wonders as you will quickly discover.
timberland snow boots women a beginner's guide

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timberland custom boots A Beauty Bound

> A beautiful feline walks past you. Her shirt stops at her mid section showing her rose tatoo on her stomach, and her capri show her tatoo of the butterfly on her ankle. She smiles at you and kindly says”Hello”[iHRTloveHRTpirates][straight][single,looking] [mood: HRTvery sweetHRT][Orlando Bloom is a HOTTIE!!!!!!][Johnny Depp is so cool!][Is a part of the Infamous Five][if im alone, talk to me im bored to death!! and i dont want to die!][best friend(s):Koyo]cookez >

> A smalll eather backpack is slung over her right shoulder. In it contains a book and writing things. She wears a pure white tabk top and a normal pair of flares. No shoes bare her feet paws. Around her neck sways a silver chain, with a shiney hanging from it. Piercing blue eyes tell waht she thinking, most of the time. [Mute by choice][Only talks to those she trusts][Looking for an artist]

Look what I picked up on gaydar! HA Another poor newfurre.

> Vibrant whisps of a beautiful October morning glistened and curled over thin, peachy visage. Red tresses were all left in a mess and half of it was restrained back with an obnoxious, tasteless bandana; a yellow one. Sapphire painted irises were then narrowed into mischevious slits and a delicious, yet devious ever present smirk quirked upon soft, moist lips. A form fitting peacoat snugged muscular physique and gray slacks tightly hugged hips. .::Telepathic::.[Well Manored Fool] C6

Look at how sexy my description is compared to the other n00bs.

reflectionsofdeath growls playfully and says watch it i bite:P

Wow, I like how Lizzy dream is coming along. There so many nifty commands! Like, when you say poops or pees, you can leave a nice yellow puddle on the floor, or smear chocolate thingies on the ground. When you say it will transport you to a place to sleep! It so neat! And great if you too lazy to go for a walk by tapping the arrow keys five times. recalls Alicia, shakes her head, and sighs in dissapointment. If only those commands were available back then. 🙁

But besides that, our beloved mascot ended up getting caught on the black floortile of doom and he couldn move!!! What happened He pissed his pants and no one would save him because they were too busy having sex. THEN. NORAH NOTICED HIM STUCK AND SUMMONED HIM OUT! However. the piss puddle is still there. Ewwies. :p

There isn much to really mention here. Alicia, you a crazy bitch if you reading this. Yeah, I know you are. With those twitchy eyes of yours. You must do something about those demented eyes. :[ I mean, it always one eye is bigger than the other. WHY, WOMAN, WHY cough.

Oh, and Sabah dizzy. Someone needs to snatch that beer away from her. ponders. AND GIVE IT TO MEEE!!! BEER! IT IS FUN TO GET DRUNK AND WOBBLE AROUND LIKE A COMPLETE IDIOT!! Maybe it those drugs. those japanese drugs that Alicia has. I WANT YOUR POCKY!!! I WANT YOUR MEN POCKY!!
timberland boots size guide A Beauty Bound
! Kthxbye.

Grab the Summoning because I said so! Haha.

I have been debating whether or not I should change the look of my blog because it all blergh. I mean, I still love Reno because he such a sweetheart, but. you know. Ah, screw it. Reno baby is so staying on my blog. I mean, those chains. that chest. Mmm. Speaking of Reno in chains, I wonder where Emily is. Probably sleeping in bed. XD I bet she looks really cute when she sleeps. One of these days when she over, I sneaking into my room at night and I going to cuddle her. Maybe kiss her while she asleep. Ehehehe.

I wonder if I could access the Furcadia patches website. Dunno. I really need some new yummy patches. I have also seen some pretty kickass patches out there. oO; Er. besides Sabah work of course. XD! thinks. Oh, and Furcadia is still being owned by Schwarz. Ohhhhno. 🙁

What a cute L song. Eeee. Carress of Venus is so cheerful. Kind of bouncy. It makes me happy.

and now, time for a romance story.

omg so tehn she leend in and kissd hre l0vrs lipz and it all felt hot and good and eet was mating seesin so then thay fuxed on mommyes bed and had babiez out the azzSunday, August 3, 2003

timberlands sale A Basic Guide to Period Gypsy Costuming for Renaissance Faires

timberland boots size 10 A Basic Guide to Period Gypsy Costuming for Renaissance Faires

A Basic Guide to Period Gypsy Costuming for Renaissance FairesThis is meant to be a helpful introduction to the wild and wacky world of Gypsy costuming for those of you new to it. It comes frommany years of accumulated research experience at Faire and is as culturally historically accurate a guide as you’re likely to find.

One of the most important things about the Gypsies is that we are quite different from everyone else in just about every way westand out because we are so foreign and exotic. Romany customs, speech and beliefs have little in common with those of our English”hosts”. This guideis all about those differences. And the suggestions contained herein are valid for both Tudor and Elizabethan era Gypsies, as Romanyclothing didn’t change much at all during the interim.

Also, if you are also creating a Gypsy character to play at faire definitely keep in mind as you createyour characterthat yourcostume should reflect his/her personality and his/her profession within Gypsy society. For example, if you are a poacher you mightwear some fur or feathers on your costume, or if your character is a little more grumpy than most, you might favor darker shades of color than other Gypsy characters. Personalize your costume and make it your own. Decide where your character got all thesegarments accessories a great story and thus a great bit can revolve around something as simple as a pouch or a ring.

Certain differences in our costuming apply to both genders. This is due to the fact that we have traveled to so manydistant lands where these dyes are plentiful or at least cheaper, or we have learned how to make them. Also, don’t overdo it with color, the rule of thumb is to have a couple of really brightly colored costume pieces, and one or twoin darker colors to give contrast. Oh, and don’t be afraid to clash!

One final note on color that applies only to Gypsy characters: primary, basic, fire engine red is never worn by Gypsies because it isclosely associated with blood, which in Romany belief is connected with the worst kind of bad luck. Other shades of red are fine,though.

Jewelry is worn profusely by both genders. Accessories like amulets, beads, exotic earrings, rings and anklets greatly add to ourGypsy look. Gypsies are so well traveled that we may wear jewelry from a variety of cultures, although most of what we wear atScarborough has a Middle Eastern, Indian or Russian look to it. no class rings, Native American jewelry, etc.), it should be OK. We suggest you leavevaluable pieces at home where they’re safe, though. As the old saying goes, if you can’t afford to lose it, don’t take it to Faire. Faux jewelry works well for something showy.

Also, at most faires all participants must carry their own period eating utensils: wooden bowls, mugs (use wood or pewter ones glass and ceramics WILL break), utensils, etc. This is especially important to us as Gypsies because in Romany belief it is consideredvery unlucky for men and women to eat and drink after one another. You can usually find good bowls, mugs and such at thriftstores like Salvation Army for really cheap. Make sure when buying anything pewter that it’s lead free, though.

A final note that applies to both Gypsy men and women: because the Rom are sometimes forced by necessity and oppression toengage in illegal activities (thievery, swindling, etc.), we can wear in small amounts pieces of fancy fabrics that only Nobles aresupposed to wear. A patch of velvet here, a piece of fur or gold ribbon there, is encouraged for it adds to our look. Such things areassumed to have been stolen or scavenged and thus can lead to great bits with other characters as you are forced to explain whyyou have something so fancy. Don’t go too far with this, though, and make a velvet bodice or brocade jerkin. If you’re a castmember, more than likely your Costume Guild won’t allow it if you do.

Female Gypsy costuming presents a lot of challenges, but when it all comes together these are some of the most stunning costumesat any faire. All of the basic pieces are the same as for peasant women: bloomers, bodice (no, you can’t get out of wearing a bodicebecause you’re a Gypsy! Nice try, though), chemise (blouse), skirts, and hat. The main differences are in color and presentation. Bellydance costuming is NOT appropriate for Gypsy women Middle Eastern dance and the clothes that go with it come from acompletely different culture.

The normal patterns for female peasant clothing work well for these pieces. Our bloomers are pretty much the same as everyoneelse’s, usually lacy and made of cotton, though they are often of a bright color. Gypsy bodices can be made of tapestry material, of aheavy embroidered fabric or out of leather (keep in mind that leather’s a royal pain to sew, though). They are embroidered withpatterns done in bright colors and/or decorated with ribbons or bells either sewn or tied on. Feel free to get creative with thedecoration.

Chemises are made in the standard way, except for the bright colors used (you could even have sleeves of a differently coloredfabric(s) than the body of the garment). The appropriate one for amarried Gypsy woman (or Romni ) is a diklo, a square bandanna like cloth that is tied on the head. Non married Gypsy women andgirls can wear a diklo, a Gypsy looking hat (as many of us do) or even just a scarf used to tie the hair back. Garlands, snoods andmuffin style hats are NOT appropriate for Gypsy characters. By the way, if you want to buy or make a diklo, solids work best unlessyou can find or make an embroidered one with an exotic and interesting pattern. Remember that printed fabrics are not Period.

Gypsy women are known for braiding their beautiful hair and wearing lots of jewelry. Accessories that really work well includessashes (they’re more Gypsy than belts), shawls, bracelets, anklets (chain or mail jewelry is also NOT appropriate), strands of bells (notthe cowbell or jingle bell types, though), trinkets pinned or tied on the bodice, amulets, beads, pouches, etc. The best thing to doabout footwear is to get the kind that the peasant women are wearing or maybe a pair of period looking sandals. Remember, also,that wild colors of hair, makeup and nail polish are not appropriate.

Being a man myself I have more expertise in this area than with female costuming. All of your basic costume pieces are the same aspeasant men: chemise (shirt), jerkin (vest), pants and hat. Ours mostly differ from everyone else’s in color and form. The normalpatterns used in making peasant clothing will work well for your major garments.

The chemise is often made of a brightly colored fabric but is otherwise pretty much the same as peasant shirts, though you shouldkeep in mind that some designs are far more Gypsy than others. Gypsy shirts are usually full to the point of being baggy. Buttoned ortied collars are much more appropriate than ones with big lapels or laced open fronts. Gypsy jerkins are made of a thicker materialthan the chemise and pants. They can be made out of a solid material (which may then be embroidered with thread and beads),colorful embroidered cloth or even leather (stick with the more natural looking leathers and keep in mind that leather’s a royal painto sew). Jerkins are buttoned closed. Pants are baggy with elastic at the waist and ankles, and may also be made of a colorful fabric,although usually not as bright a shade as the chemise is. Gypsy men do not wear codpieces, though a front triangular piece of clothlike the ones commoners often wear isn’t inappropriate.

We suggest you wear a hat or head covering of some sort. You have a variety of styles to choose from. You can wear a diklo, abandanna like piece of square cloth that is tied on the head. A plain bandanna will work as long as it’s the right color and doesn’thave any sort of printed design (no printed roses, Harley bandannas or anything like that), but just using a fairly large piece of solidcolorful cloth works better. You can embroider your diklo as well to give it a more authentic look. Or instead like many of us youcould wear a round skullcap with exotic designs on it (similar in shape to the ones that Jewish men wear, but larger look at ourphotos pages) or a short Middle Eastern fez style hat (not a long one with a tassel like they wear in Turkey, though). Remember thatthe sort of hats English characters wear are NOT appropriate for us. Gypsy men are known for wearing a variety of accessoriesincluding rings, amulets, pouches, sashes (they’re much more Gypsy than belts) and weapons (usually daggers and swords, especiallyscimitars). Stick with Middle Eastern, Indian and Russian blade designs. A loop earring (either pierced or clip on) adds to that Gypsylook as well. Boots are fine (as long as they don’t have that Tandy Leather Native American moccasin look with fringe on them), andso are many kinds of period shoes (except for the ones Nobles wear) and rope sandals. Gypsy men usually have some kind of facialhair, particularly a mustache and goatee. Keep in mind that bizarre hair colors aren’t Period.

I hope this has been helpful in aiding you to achieve that perfect Gypsy look. If you have any further questions on Period Gypsycostuming, send us an email and we’ll be happy to help you. Matthew Duvall (aka Nikolai) 2003. Fourth Edition

Patchwork Merchant Mercenaries had its humble beginnings as an idea of a few artisans and craftsmen who enjoy performing with live steel fighting. As well as a patchwork quilt tent canvas. Most had prior military experience hence the name.

that brought many things to a show and are know for helping out where ever they can.

As well as being a place where the older hand made items could be found made by them and enjoyed by all.

We expanded over the years to become well known at what we do. Now we represent over 100 artisans and craftsman that are well known in their venues and some just starting out. Some of their works have been premiered in TV, stage and movies on a regular basis.

Specializing in Medieval, Goth , Stage Film, BDFSM and Practitioner.

Patchwork Merchant Mercenaries a Dept of, Ask For IT was started by artists and former military veterans, and sword fighters, representing over 100 artisans, one who made his living traveling from fair to festival vending medieval wares. The majority of his customers are re enactors, SCAdians and the like, looking to build their kit with period clothing, feast gear, adornments, etc.

Likewise, it is typical for these history lovers to peruse the tent (aka mobile store front) and, upon finding something that pleases the eye, ask “Is this period?”

After a festival’s time of answering weighty questions such as these, I’d sleep like a log! Only a mad man could possibly remember the place and time for each piece of kitchen ware, weaponry, cloth, and chain within a span of 1,000 years!! Surely there must be an easier way, a place where he could post all this knowledge.

Traveling Within The World is meant to be such a place. A place for all of these artists to keep in touch and directly interact with their fellow geeks and re enactment hobbyists,
timberlands sale A Basic Guide to Period Gypsy Costuming for Renaissance Faires
their clientele.

timberland tackhead boots a a fillip for SA

timberland boots a a fillip for SA

The emergence of a weak La Ni event, the dreaded warmer than average weather pattern that was El Ni which caused a devastating drought in South Africa is giving hope for better rainfall and climate in the months ahead, and could result in a multibillion rand boost for the economy.

El Ni events are associated with a warming of the central and eastern tropical Pacific. La Ni events are the reverse, with a sustained cooling of these same areas.

Wandile Sihlobo of the Agricultural Business Chamber said there were early indications that a La Ni event could happen soon and this could result in above average rainfall.

above normal rainfall will replenish the soil and result in an improvement after the harsh that have resulted from the drought, he said.

In addition to agricultural crops, livestock and dairy farmers would also benefit from the improved rainfall, he said.

As other experts forecast the onset of better rainfall for the country, this bodes well for the local agricultural sector, agribusinesses and food companies, which will realise improved profit.

Along with increased food supply comes a drop in food prices. This will have a positive effect on food and, ultimately, consumer inflation a key measure used by the SA Reserve Bank to determine interest rates.

Lower food prices will also benefit the ordinary and those mired in poverty at a time of high unemployment.

The improved weather conditions being cited should the size of key agricultural crops, especially mealies, sugar and wheat. The knock on effect will be in South Africa not needing to import as much wheat.

The country will also switch from maize imports to maize exports and increase its sugar exports, resulting in billions of rands in extra export revenue, which should help to reduce the trade deficit.

Red Meat Producers Organisation CEO Gerhard Schutte said that news of a La Ni event was welcome after two seasons of drought or dry conditions.

Schutte said that a recent survey showed the local female herd contracted by up to 13% because of the drought and emerging red meat farmers had sustained even greater losses.

Sihlobo said a key issue had to do with the financial status of farmers following the drought, as there were concerns that the funds available to farmers could limit plantings in the coming season.

He said food prices were likely to stay high until at least July 2017, which would be the main month when the next maize harvest would take place.

prices are going to stay elevated, he said.

South Africa exports billions of rands worth of maize, but because of the drought,
timberland tackhead boots a a fillip for SA
this has reversed the country has had to import about

R14 billion worth.

better maize harvest will provide relief to the economy as a whole and will reduce capital outflows to pay for Sihlobo said.

He added that suppliers to the agricultural sector of goods such as fertiliser, and seed producers, as well as agricultural cooperatives and food companies, had all been hit hard by this season drought.

companies such as Pioneer Foods and Tiger Brands have been under pressure because of the drought and its resultant higher input costs, and because they had to import more foodstuff, Sihlobo said.

Richard Nicholson, economic research manager at the SA Cane Growers Association, confirmed that the La Ni event was expected to bring high rainfall.

a prolonged drought, rainfall will be . The right amount of summer rainfall will have a positive effect on the crops, bearing in mind that floods can be detrimental too, he said.

Tongaat Hulett CEO Peter Staude said that, with the weakening El Ni and the strengthening La Ni the company was hoping for a wet summer. It grows sugar cane in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

South Africa produced 1.63 million tons of sugar in the year to March 2016 the lowest since 1994/95, and down 22% on the previous year 2.1 million tons because of the drought.

For the year to March 2017, local sugar production is set to decline by a further 6% to 1.54 million tons which would be the lowest crop since the 1992/93 season.

In its latest seasonal climate watch, the SA Weather Service said that El Ni was slowing down, fast.

is a possibility for the development of a weak La Ni towards late spring through to the coming summer season. Despite the fact that current climate conditions and most of the forecast models are indicating the tendency of a warmer and drier winter season, the confidence in the forecasting systems is marginal, it added.

are chances for above normal rainfall conditions over the western and northeastern parts of the country for the winter season, said the SA Weather Service.

and maximum temperature forecasts show a tendency of warmer than usual temperatures over the particularly over the northeastern part during the midwinter season,
timberland tackhead boots a a fillip for SA
it said.

timberland jackets uk A ‘heart’ful of art

timberland outdoor performance A ‘heart’ful of art

Paddy, as he is better known, in a freewheeling chat about advertising, his mentors and the agency he plans to set up with Aggie

Talking BANNER1 to him, you can’t help but notice how his eyes escape your constant gaze. His soft spoken, shy demeanour comes as a surprise. If you didn’t know him better, you’d never guess that this man, Santosh Padhi, 34, better known as Paddy, is in fact the outgoing executive creative director and national head of art at Leo Burnett, one of the finest creative agencies in the country. But when he shoots you a quick look, his eyes speak for him of his passion and unbridled enthusiasm for his work.

In a relatively short span of 12 years, Paddy has had an eventful run in advertising, with a long list of wins. He says he feels humbled by the recent award bestowed on him by the Zee 24 Taas Ananya Sanman Awards for his contribution to the field of advertising. He holds the record for the most number of Cannes lions nine by an individual Indian creative. He was the first Indian to win a Cyber Cannes Lion (2008).

He has won close to 40 international awards at The One Show, Spikes and the New York Festivals, among others, and more than 150 Indian advertising awards. In 2007, he was featured in The Week magazine as one of the emerging Indians in the field of communication. Last year, his Luxor Highlighter campaign won 42 awards across the world and was the most awarded print campaign, not only from India, but also from Asia.

And to think that if it weren’t for advertising, Paddy would have been a cricketer or serving in the army or navy. In fact, he has made his next move in the ad world by putting in his papers at Leo Burnett and teaming up with his long time colleague and friend, Agnello Dias, aka Aggie, to start their own venture.

Paddy was initially inclined towards cricket while studying at Shardashram Vidya Mandir School in Dadar, Mumbai, which has produced many popular cricketers such as Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli. In fact, Kambli was his batch mate. Since his father served in the army, the army or the navy were next on his list of career options. But after one of his school teachers saw his paintings and urged him to take up art, he joined the five year graduation course at the JJ School of Art in Mumbai. He got his first break when he joined Mudra in 1996 as a trainee visualiser.

He has come a long way since he took his first steps in advertising at Mudra. While there, he worked closely with people such as Gangadharan Menon and Nalesh Patil, aka Ganga Nalesh. He later worked with Ramesh Rabindranath and then with Gopal Ramnathkar. Spending three and a half years at Mudra with these geniuses, he believes, grounded him well in the basics of the trade and he attributes his successes to them.

He says, “I interacted with three very different kinds of creative heads. Ganga Nalesh were known for their visual art. Ramesh was a copy guy and creative director then and I interacted with him at a very early stage, which really helped me a lot in understanding brands and brand values. Gopal Ramnathkar is a fantastic modern design cum art director, I learnt a lot from him, too. So, in those three and a half years, my basics became very strong.”

At Mudra, he dealt with brands such as Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp., Reliance, Godrej Office Automations, Kinetic Engineering, Indian Oil Corp. and L Cement.

In 1999, when Mudra saw a churn of talent, Paddy quit as art director and joined Leo Burnett, which was a ‘happening’ agency then, as senior art director. He has spent close to a decade now at Leo Burnett, and grown to group head to creative director to executive creative director and head of art. He has worked on numerous brands here, such as Bajaj Caliber, Bajaj Chetak, Heinz, Glucon D, Complan, Tide, McDonald’s, Fiat Palio, Mumbai Mirror, ICICI Credit Cards, Hitachi and the Diageo brands.

Staring at nothing specific, Paddy thinks of his experiences at Leo Burnett and says that he has relished every day at the agency. “I think I gelled well from day one and my working style matched perfectly with that of the agency. The kind of creative freedom you have to work here is amazing. And each day, each brand has been exciting. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

He talks of how in advertising, you get to put yourself in the shoes and mindset of a kid, a youth, a mother, depending on the brand.

It was at Leo Burnett that he met Aggie, with whom he worked for six years and closely for about three years, before Aggie moved on to JWT in 2005. He says, “When the industry was going through a bad phase in 2002 03, Aggie and I would applaud each other’s work and push each other to do better.”

The duo’s association was evidently strong for they now aim to have their new agency up and running by January 2009. How did the decision happen?

Paddy says, “It was either retire or start a new venture, but leaving Leo Burnett to join another agency would have been unfair on my part, and Aggie felt the same about JWT. We wanted to work with each other and had thought about this eight months ago, but after our Cannes wins, we thought we’d hold off for a bit longer and enjoy that phase.”

Witnessing the success of other creative guys who quit their jobs to start their own agencies further boosted their morale.

Since both of them are from creative backgrounds, “our aim will be to create cutting edge creatives”, he says.

But for now, they are serving out their respective notice periods and looking for office space and, more importantly, people to associate with.

Looking back, Paddy says a highlight in his career was when he won the AAAI’s Art Director of the Year award in 2002. There were 13 judges, among them Aggie, too. “After seeing my work, they talked about the importance of art for about 40 minutes, which made me feel really good,” he says.

He says, “It’s not like we’ve never had great art. Arun Kale did some great work for Raymond’s. Likewise, Elsie Nanji created some great work for Lakm and Garden. But later, the television commercial became the main focus and marketing people never took art seriously, with the print campaign being just the last frame of the TVC. But now, a lot of clients are demanding good art once again.”

Paddy went on to win the Art Director award at the Abbys in 2003 and 2004, but the first win remains closest to his heart.

He shares a quirky story of how he came to be called Paddy. “When I was in my first year of art college, my classmate and friend, Sandeep Sawant, who had worked in the ad industry earlier and was known as Sandy, told me that this was a very glamorous field, so I would need a cool name. He first thought of Santy from my first name, Santosh, but that didn’t sound cool enough, so he coined Paddy,” he laughs.

While advertising and art grab most of his attention, Paddy still manages to indulge in some ‘gali’ cricket once in a while. He enjoys painting and, instead of canvases, wants to use new mediums to depict nature and humans in his art. He is fond of collecting old things, especially old books, and enjoys photography, too.

Paddy and his wife have a five year old daughter and a five month old son. Playing with his kids, he says, is his biggest stress buster and he hopes to spend more time with them once he is running his own show.

(Profile is a regular column which peeps into the career path of senior advertising, media and marketing professionals, who are currently in the news.)
timberland jackets uk A 'heart'ful of art

timberland boots sale uk A ‘germ’ of an idea

timberland uk jobs A ‘germ’ of an idea

Sony has launched a digital campaign to apprise users about ‘germs’ on their mobile phones and to introduce its latest washable phone called Xperia M4 Aqua.

While toilet seats, kitchen sinks and garbage bins will definitely figure among the top dirtiest places around us, what comes as a surprise is that we carry filth in our pockets every day. This worrisome and disgusting revelation is what Sony’s new product from the Xperia range is built on.

Research shows that our mobile phones are filthy and house a lot of germs. To address the problem, Sony, the mobile phone and electronic appliances brand, has launched a washable phone in its Xperia range called the M4 Aqua.

“With the launch of M4 Aqua, we wanted to create an awareness campaign around ‘washable phones’ and were keen to create a digital engagement programme around hygiene factors attached to the phones. Our brief to ITSA, our agency, was to create a digital engagement campaign for Sony M4 Aqua. Leveraging the extraordinary and unique waterproof feature of Sony M4 Aqua, the digital agency recommended an awareness campaign on bringing to fore the real vector and germ infection threat that phones represent these days,” explains Ryusuke Fukushima, head, marketing communications, Sony India.

The site shares startling research findings. One of which is that an average phone is dirtier than (hold your breath) public toilets, doorknobs, the soles of shoes, a bundle of notes and a pet’s eating bowl. Moreover, phones are known to carry 82 per cent of the most common bacteria which have also been identified on people’s fingers. These include Streptococcus, Staphylococcus and Corynebacterium. The site features a Germ O Meter which allows users to calculate the number of germs that are breeding on their phones. It demonstrates the “real truth” that there are about 25,000 germs in every square inch of a mobile phone.

Fukushima adds, “Under the Dirtyphones campaign, we have taken a missionary and cause based approach to educate smartphone users that the phones they are using on a daily basis are dirty and, while we end up cleaning things of utility around us, we tend to ignore our smartphone.”

The microsite further lists opinions shared by doctors on the same topic, as also different methods of cleaning a dirty phone. These include alcohol wipes,
timberland boots sale uk A 'germ' of an idea
tissues and UV light cleaners. While the first two may damage the screen’s surface, the third alternative is quite expensive and not easily available either. So, the easiest and most pocket friendly solution is to wash the phone in clean water. And if your phone isn’t water proof, it would unwise to do so.

The brand and the agency collected information from reports and independent research studies available in the public domain and came up with the campaign idea. The phone M4Aqua is not the only water proof phone from Xperia. The brand also has Xperia TM Z3, Xperia TM Z3 Compact, Xperia TM Z2, Xperia TM Z1, Xperia TM Z1 Compact and Xperia TM Z Ultra in the washable series. However, the M4Aqua is positioned as a mid segment phone which makes it affordable for the largest consumer segment of the smartphone market the youth.

“We think it’s a lot more relevant to youngsters who are moving around and using a lot of public transport, spending time together, passing each other’s phones around and sharing content regularly. However, it can also include people across age groups depending on the usage,” Fukushima states.

Does the digital campaign deliver?

FoxyMoron’s creative head, Neville Bharucha, doesn’t think so, although he appreciates the website design.

“We are a generation that is obsessed with mobile technology and the premise of ‘germs on your phone’ isn’t quite convincing. If my phone is dirty, I’ll wipe it, but wouldn’t want to wash it! The campaign does enlighten me to the fact that my phone has germs but the thought doesn’t hit me like I was expecting it to,” Bharucha says.

On the other hand, Shekhar Suri, head, DigitasLbi, Delhi has higher hopes from the initiative.

Suri says, “The microsite is designed with very potent insight and a great initiative to spread the awareness. Health hazards of radio waves by the phones have been in discussion for some time now but now being cautious of keeping the phone clean will be another add on for better health. It will be interesting to see how the audience will be engaged further,
timberland boots sale uk A 'germ' of an idea
other than sharing the germ content in the phone.”

timberland boot company uk ‘I’m piling on the pounds due to lack of sex with strangers’

kids timberland shoes ‘I’m piling on the pounds due to lack of sex with strangers’

Robbie Williams: ‘I’m piling on the pounds due to lack of sex with strangers’The former Take That singer admits he has swapped his wild party lifestyle for gorging on food at night in his sleep00:14, 5 AUG 2017Updated11:37, 5 AUG 2017

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Robbie Williams says marriage has made him pile on the pounds because instead of around, he now spends his time eating junk food with his wife.

The former Take That star, 43, married to US actress Ayda Field , 38, says he has swapped wild partying and having “sex with strangers” for staying in and gorging on food.

Robbie, dad to Theodora, four, and two year old Charlton, said: “It’s interesting, having a wife now and being the guy that I was.

“The sort of faders you have to turn up and down.

Amir Khan insists he and Faryal Makhdoom HAVEN’T been hacked and confirms they are splitting up: ‘Everything I posted on social media was true’

Robbie, who joined Take That at the age of 16, in 1990, also defended singer and teen idol Justin Bieber , 23, who has been criticised for cancelling dates on his world tour.

He said: “I just want to give Justin Bieber some love. I was that soldier.

“I know what it feels like to be 22 and 23 and the world pointing fingers at you, telling you that you’re a bad person.”

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timberland boot company uk 'I'm piling on the pounds due to lack of sex with strangers'

timberland laptop bag ‘I’m nearly 70 but I still want to be a sexy siren’

waterproof timberland boots ‘I’m nearly 70 but I still want to be a sexy siren’

Brenda Blethyn: ‘I’m nearly 70 but I still want to be a sexy siren’As the fifth series of Vera returns to our screens, lead actress Brenda Blethyn, 69, talks shoe fetishes, gorgeous leading men and what keeps her up all night08:00, 5 APR 2015Brenda says she’s not retiring yet

Brenda Blethyn proudly sticks out her feet, which are clad in a rather nifty pair of black, white and grey brogues. “They’re from Paris,” she says reverently. “Aren’t they lovely? I’m obsessed with shoes. I’m a Piscean apparently we have foot fetishes!”

Giving into gales of throaty laughter, the 69 year old, twice Oscar nominated actress with an OBE to boot comes across as surprisingly down to earth, punctuating our conversation with giggles, chuckles and the occasional accent (at one point she does a perfect Aussie impression when talking about her cousin who lives near Sydney).

And for someone so fond of shoes, she confesses that’s exactly where she started when it came to getting into character as bluntly spoken DCI Vera Stanhope. Kent born Brenda explains the origins of Vera’s rather eccentric wardrobe.

(Image: ITV)

“I bought a pair of boots for in a sale in Birmingham about 20 years ago,” she says. “Mainly because they were a bargain. But I remember thinking, ‘They’ll come in really handy one day.’ They’re the ones I wear now as Vera. They sum her up well; they’re practical, no nonsense, easy to put on and kick off.”

Brenda’s been playing Vera since 2011, but her career spans over 30 years, working with A list names like Brad Pitt and Robert Redford (on A River Runs Through It, 1992, which Redford directed) and Michael Caine (in Little Voice, 1998, where her role as LV’s mouthy mother garnered her a second Oscar nod her first was for Secrets And Lies in 1996).

But she admits such success never entered her head when she was a child one of nine siblings from a staunchly working class background. Her father was a chauffeur and her mother a parlour maid.

“My dad used to take me to the cinema once a week when I was a kid,” she recounts. “I never in a million years dreamed that one day I was going to be up on the screen. It’s just bizarre.”

Mention Robert Redford and she turns a little, well, giddy, as she describes working with him. “I was fine the whole time we were filming,” she says. “But then we met up for dinner, with several other people,
timberland laptop bag 'I'm nearly 70 but I still want to be a sexy siren'
in London after we’d finished shooting. For some reason I just went all silly I was all bashful and giggly around him.”

The main man in her life, however, is her partner of 35 years and husband of nearly five, Michael Mayhew. “We didn’t want to rush things,” she jokes of her long engagement to the former art director at the National Theatre. He’s now retired and spends a lot of time writing music. “He writes me songs,” smiles Brenda, who clearly adores him.

The pair chose not to have children, a decision she firmly says she’s never regretted. But one of her main indulgences is watching DVD box sets.

“I love Game of Thrones,” she says excitedly, “I can’t believe series five is about to start. I even wrote a letter to them; I said I wanted to play a sexy siren!” She dissolves into more hearty chuckles at the thought.

“And I was addicted to Breaking Bad. One morning Michael actually confiscated my car keys. He said, ‘You’re not having them, you’ve been up all night watching that programme.’ He thought I’d be too exhausted to drive as a result of staying up glued to the TV.”

It looks like Michael might have to hide the keys again, as Brenda admits she’s already hooked on spin off, Better Call Saul

Despite the late nights, for someone who’ll be 70 next year, she looks considerably younger than her years, and puts it down to “walking every day, avoiding the sun and drinking lots of water”.

Does she ever think about slowing down? “Well, I announced 10 years ago that I was about to retire, and I’ve had all my best work since then. So, no, not for a while.”

And how does she plan to celebrate her birthday? “I don’t fancy going away anywhere, so perhaps I’ll have a party. If I could invite anyone, I’d have Charles Dickens and Doris Day.”

She’s currently off the booze, in order to prepare for filming the next series of Vera, but Brenda admits to enjoying a party or two, and once stayed up all night with a pre Bond Daniel Craig, balancing a pint of beer on her head.

“I don’t know if I could do that now,” she smiles. “You have to be quite lithe, but I like a challenge;
timberland laptop bag 'I'm nearly 70 but I still want to be a sexy siren'
maybe I’ll go home tonight and try it in the kitchen.”

timberland hiking boots ‘I’m lucky to be here now’

timberland euro hiker boots ‘I’m lucky to be here now’

Seb Gardner’s return to the TRU men’s soccer team has the WolfPack’s coaches and players excited.

No one and we mean, no one is more excited than Gardner himself.

Gardner, a 24 year old midfielder from Vernon, will lead the WolfPack into its PacWest regular season this weekend. The WolfPack is scheduled to play host to the Douglas College Royals on Saturday and the Kwantlen Eagles on Sunday at Hillside Stadium.

Gardner has been with the WolfPack since the 2008 season, but hasn’t played at TRU since 2009. Part of his time off was due to a shoulder injury, which required surgery.

But this will be his biggest comeback, and it has nothing to do with an injury.

Gardner is set to make his return after battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, with which he was diagnosed in December. He underwent six months of chemotherapy, and the cancer was determined to be in remission in July.

“I didn’t expect to be back this soon,” Gardner said Thursday at a WolfPack news conference. “My doctors all told me that it would take a while to get back. I’m still recovering my body’s not there yet, and I tire a bit easily. But I want to be here.

“My body is still in repair mode, but I’m getting there. I should be ready to go.”

This won’t be Gardner’s first time back on the soccer pitch, however. Even while undergoing treatment, he was playing with the Pacific Coast Soccer League’s Kamloops Heat.

“I played while I was going through chemo . . . when I could,” he said. “I picked up my fitness at the end of July, and kept carrying on with it.”

Gardner’s life changing journey began around Christmas, when he was found to have two tumours in the lymph nodes in his neck. Further examination revealed the problem was far greater.

“They found a large mass, bigger than my fist, right above my heart,” he said. “It was a shock.”

The diagnosis was Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancer in the white blood cells. It is the same type of cancer that Mario Lemieux, then a superstar with the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins, was diagnosed with in 1993.

Gardner started chemotherapy on Jan. 16, and went through weekly treatments until June. 20.

“I didn’t know what to expect going into it, but you have about five rough days after (the treatment) . . . then you’re back in there the next week,” he said. “It takes its toll on you, but I had great people around me and I was able to stay focused.

“I accepted it at an early stage, kept my head up and went through with it.”

That’s the thing about Gardner, who has three semesters left before completing a degree in social work he has seemingly unwavering confidence.

He’s the type of guy the WolfPack will want to help anchor its midfield, especially with Braeden Burrows facing the possibility of a lost season due to a knee injury suffered while playing with the Heat.

“Braeden may be gone for the season,” said Sean Wallace, who coaches the WolfPack with John Antulov. “But Seb Gardner . . . he’s back and he’s a good veteran to have back. He’ll help us.”

He might be one of the keys to TRU’s success this season, but Gardner, like the old clich would indicate, is simply happy to be here.

He admits that he has gained something of a new perspective after everything he has gone through.

“I try to live in the moment more,” he said. “It put everything in perspective for me, and I want to make an impact on the moment and cherish everything.

“I’m looking forward to this weekend and I’ve enjoyed every training session since I’ve been back. It’s made everything a bit more fun.

“It’s been a ride,” he continued. . . . The WolfPack women will play Douglas on Saturday and Kwantlen on Sunday, with both games starting at noon.
timberland hiking boots 'I'm lucky to be here now'