timberland steel toe boots a big blob of blur

timberland boots for toddlers a big blob of blur

3. I now believe in point forms.

I used to think writing in point form is a literal (literally) suicide. I used to think how distasteful it was to break your beautiful sentences into snippets of constipated fragments. Now I use them so often. I got no time for punctuation anymore.

The boy has flown off to Taiwan. Last night. We were sitting at T1 viewing mall when I started to tear. Not the heartwrenching, painful crying. But something that came unexpectedly. I wasn feeling any intense emotion. But subconsciously, my system was telling me that this isn going to be easy. The previous time he went to India, for 2 weeks, I almost died. He going to spend 3 weeks over in Taiwan this time. I have no idea how I can continue to function when he gone. With my work driving me nuts, I depend heavily on Sugar for comfort. He is my frustration vent. Now I can only implode in silent screams. ARGHHHH.

Alright. It Friday evening. I just had a conference call just now. Am going to sleep early tonight. I hope I can sleep his absence away.

You might think it strange that I feeling all whiney about his departure. But we function like a retired couple. We one another lifeline.

I shall stop being so manja. I went to BKK on Tuesday and Wednesday for work, came back and went for wisdom tooth op on Thursday, and I be suffering from all the pain till tomorrow. I took out 3 teeth, of which, only one was a normal extraction. The other two needed some serious slicing open, drilling, and stitching up. It seems that the area around those severed enamels are very traumatized. Because they aching for now reason. God I hate it. And my face still swells and hurts.

Well, the BKK trip awakened the wanderlust in me, again. Well, I really wish for a hardcore, shopping packed trip there with the boy but my work schedule doesn allow that kinda luxury, neither can I do it financially. Having bought that w960i, which I have been growing to detest, I am broke, kinda. Set me back on some savings that making me sore till now. Godammit. I should never have bought that phone. Texting is a major pain deep in the ass.

Anyways, I been having so much fun making my boy look gay on photoshop. I be leaving for BKK bright early tomorrow morning. My parents are sweet enough to fetch me there, though I have to check in at like. 6.30am Well. They the best. I know. And my boy is the best to me to. Sometimes I just need to channel all my energy to thinking about the positive things in my life. How I still have loads of positivity surrounding me amidst the grueling fksht. Yeah.

I be having my graduation ceremony soon. Also, I be collected my degree (and you thought they were the same thing on the same day at another place. Dang. Okay la. My second upper honours piece of paper.

It came to my shocking realization that next week, I only be working for 3 days because of my potential wisdom tooth op MC and also, good friday. I never planned it out to be that way, though it looks too much like a convenient case of Chao Keng.

So many things happening huh I have more to tell. But not much energy to. Oh by the way, I think I can manage a 100 wpm now, after I started working here. Haha. Super typist.

Okay goodnight now. I have to wake up in 4 hours. Dangggg.

My babe managed to pass his driving test on his first attempt. Impressive, considering how nervous he sounded, and how insomniac he got the night before (and dare he accuse me of waking him up for my innumerous toilet breaks. i think i losing my bladder.)

Well, the working life is really taking its toll on me. And yet again, I not dissatisfied by my job, but I dissatisfied by myself. I want to be faster, quicker minded. Maybe I should get myself a qualitative job. Maybe I should just put to use what I always liked. But then, we all have to start somewhere. And inertia comes in the form of ignorance.

My life is so stagnant these days, it scares me. I appreciate peace, I do. But all this deafening silence is making me extremely irritable, and Sugar incidentally bears the brunt of it all. I am so demoralised these days that I yell at him for nothing, and I have conveniently stopped making sweet things for him.

I BOUGHT him a birthday card (I used to insist on making them) and I haven thought of what to get for him for Valentine and so I conveniently offered to get him a pair of jeans. No brain activity needed. I think, that it. When your pocket allows for materialism, your mind loses creativity. Damn.
timberland steel toe boots a big blob of blur