timberland euro hiker safety boots Are you a backpacker or a ‘flashpacker’

timberland womens snow boots Are you a backpacker or a ‘flashpacker’

Backpacking around the globe on a budget has evolved into ‘flashpacking’ as working professionals live it up on holiday, suggests new research.

A poll of 1,000 working professionals aged from 35 to 54 found that more than three quarters (78 per cent) would define their travelling style as that of a ‘flashpacker’ an adventure traveller that desires style and comfort.

With improvements in the state of the UK economy during 2014 and forecasts seemingly showing further progress into 2015, those working professionals that have advanced up the career ladder are now wanting to enjoy their hard earned cash by travelling abroad in style.

The majority of those who took part in the survey commissioned by The Flash Pack group travel company noted that they felt they had grown out of the ‘backpacker’ way of life denouncing noisy dormitories and cheap eats for trendy boutique hotels, wine tasting and authentic ‘foodie’ experiences.

Travel experts say the changes are reflective of a backpacking generation that has grown up championing responsible tourism, supporting local business and authentic travel to the backdrop of a technological revolution.

Drinks: Prefers wine tasting + BBQ in Mendoza

Parties at: Coachella Festival in California

Eats: Local street food for lunch and a gorgeous restaurant for dinner

Travels via: Two hour plane journey

Hikes in: Timberland Boots

Photography: Canon SLR with trimmings

Travel Bag: Osprey Hybrid

Preferred travel destination: South American

Usually found: Checking out the Galapagos, appreciating precious time off

Radha Vyas, co founder of The Flash Pack, said: ‘We are seeing more and more people opting for a smarter, experience led and more stylish travel option.

‘Flashpacking is not just a travel trend, but more significantly it’s a travel lifestyle that takes all the bits you loved about backpacking in your twenties and gives it a grown up, luxurious edge. Those that assimilate themselves with this trend are the modern day backpackers with new priorities’

She said when contrasted against the other 22 per cent that defined their travel style as that of a backpacker, it highlights an important evolution in attitude within this age range.

The flashpacker may be more at home relaxing around the Galapagos,
timberland euro hiker safety boots Are you a backpacker or a 'flashpacker'
and not as part of a tour group

Miss Vyas added: ‘For those busy working professionals that travelled in their 20s as a backpacker, they want their travel with that same flavour of adventure but with added style and culture.

‘However, these professional travellers face logistical issues such as a potential lack of travelling companions and restricted travel time due to annual leave that make it a lot more difficult to squeeze an authentic travel experience as compared to the freedom of twenty something on a gap year.

‘The Flash Pack is designed with these restrictions of the working professional in mind. For example, our ‘three week gapper’ packs a gap year style experience into a realistic time frame, eliminating the necessity of taking a sabbatical, career break or even quitting work altogether.’

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timberland euro hiker safety boots Are you a backpacker or a 'flashpacker'