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It’s my job to keep them straight, so they’re mostly wandering around among my little gray cells. One of my readers has recently created a family tree that sorts out all the complex family relationships in the Walker books. That will be included as a page in the paperback edition of Dance of the Bones. For some strange reason, however, I have an obvious affinity for the name Highsmith. There’s no good reason for this, but a reader recently pointed out that several minor characters have had that name. And, sure enough, I had put another one in the current book, Clawback. That name will be changed however, sometime today. Jance 10/6/2015 5:48:08 PM

Just want to say hello and tell you Ted I love your books! Especially since we live in Tucson and know the places you write about and have traveled Arizona extensively, so your books come alive for us. It’s a warm cozy feeling. Love learning about the lore and history of the Papago Indians. We also like Linda Fairstein’s books about New York since we both were born and raised in NYC. Sorry we couldn’t meet up at one of your signings/readings. Ted has been quite ill. Please know we love you and look forward to many, many more of your books! Hello to Ted’s double Bill!

by Valerie Golembiewski 10/6/2015 5:48:52 PM

When I started writing Dance of the Bones, DOTB, I soon realized that Beau obviously never attended kindergarten and had no idea of how to play well with others. He kept walking into the story and trying to take over. The only way I could get him to sit down and shut up was to tell part of his story the part that had become a roadblock for DOBT first. That’s available as a novella Stand Down. It’s out in e book format and also as a mass market paperback, but that will probably have to be ordered since most bookstores won’t have it in stock. Once that part of the story was out of the way, I was able to get Beau to do what I needed him to do in DOTB. In other words, I’m disappointed there wasn’t more Beau in DOTB as well. And yes, I may do it again, but I can’t say for sure.

The miracle of folklore is that it crosses all borders of ethnicity. I’m constantly amazed at how the ancient stories of the Desert People weave themselves into the modern day stories I’m telling. Some of these are the stories I learned while working on the reservation and others I’ve learned since, often with the help of Harold Bell Wright’s collection of Tohono O’odham lore, Long Ago Told. Much of the research was done in Special Collections at the University of Arizona library. By the way, there is no word for “librarian” in Tohono O’ogham. Yes, these “winter telling tales” may not be told any other time but between the middle of November and the middle of March, but as far as I know there is no prohibition about READING them.
timberland school shoes Arizona Daily Star