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As what The New York Times labels a typical uneducated blue collar Trump supporter, I gladly admit that when I button down my blue collar on my $180 Ralph Lauren shirt and tie my Armani silk cravat I bought in a chic boutique in Paris to offset my Brooks Brothers Navy blue blazer (that goes so well with my DuluthFlex Sweatstop Fire Hose utility pants and Timberland Pro soft toe work boots), I lament that despite my prep and Ivy League schooling and advanced degree from a state university not to mention my military schooling and attainment of high rank due to combat experience I am just another of the ignorati supporting Trump as cited by the liberal cognoscenti.

Out of my lack of education, according to the media, somehow I learned the politically incorrect history of the USA, it’s incomparable and unchanging Constitution and God given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Coupled with those nefarious notions were the marvel of free enterprise and patriotic service to the nation and its defense, when that used to be necessary. It was fortuitous, too, that my adulthood spanned the nation’s zenith from the Depression of the 1930s through the end of the 20th century, witnessing the emergence of the aviation, television, space, digital, internet, technology, communication and satellite ages .

Until at the beginning of this century it all began to unravel in a downward spiral toward the demise of the greatness of our former institutions, the general ignorance of the populace (including us blue collar dimwits), loss of basic freedoms,
timberland uk store locator collar Trump supporter
thought control and monstrous corruption in high places, all effecting the erosion of basic rights and institutions and military impotence in the rise of a new threat from a heretofore dormant theocratic ideological Islam that portends to be more dangerous than former communism, nazism and fascism.

Fortunately, we poor uneducated blue collar types can join an able visionary and entrepreneur who can steer the country back on the right road to its former greatness now lost under the Obama Clinton debacle. Those who continue to support this latter duo bray like the Lib Dem party’s icon a Jackass as they fail to see the present trend toward the creeping demise of our once great country by Big Government socialism. Nor are these liberal socialist donkeys cognizant that Western Civilization is cowering to a very real, demented movement that will undo what progress the world has made thus far; they watch benightedly as all that has been good is swirling down the drain.

I doubt that anyone can challenge the assertion that of all groups it is the liberal Democrats who are the uneducated class, and it is in their air headed ignorance that they would inflict upon this country the presidency of Hillary Clinton: the Supreme Court would be stacked and remaining liberties would be in jeopardy; the Department of Justice already well on its way would become like Hitler’s Waffen Schutzstaffel (the dreaded “SS”), the Defense Department, which is the tail wagging the dog, and all down the line of bungling government departments, with the enslaved populace with their outstretched hands begging for more government freebies paid by taxes from the rich. That would confirm the mass ignorance of the electorate.

If I have learned anything in my nine decades on this earth it is that one cannot reason against ignorance. You’ll lose every time. Thank God a man like Donald Trump, who to the contrary of every other presidential contender has a proven leadership record, achievements unmatched in the field of free enterprise, education beyond those of most (and, thankfully not a lawyer as lawyers generally are followers not leaders, which explains a lot), and has the right vision for getting this country back on track. Does anyone think Hillary has the ability to reduce the $20 trillion national debt? Or any demonstrable ability to do anything but con, conceal,
timberland uk store locator collar Trump supporter
lie and steal?