timberland winter jackets Comic lends humor to hot topics

womens black timberland boots Comic lends humor to hot topics

During the college’s Black History Month program at the college’s Farinon Center, Moss poked fun at his short height and Catholic school students, and joked about a holiday for white people called “Cracker Appreciation Day.”

The Lafayette Activities Forum, a student group who organized Tuesday’s event, asked Moss four months ago to appear after seeing a show in Lancaster.

Moss, whose goes by Bryant Reginald Moss off stage, based his one hour performance on his annual “The End of Racism” comedy/lecture tour which began Jan. 9 and ends next month.

The 39 year old black Muslim began touring more than nine years ago, speaking mainly at colleges.

“These are the ones [college students] seven or eight years later who will affect your life,” Moss said 10 minutes before the show. “The most knowledge you can get is out of the classroom.”

Moss created a comedy circuit called “Allah Made Me Funny, The Official Muslim Comedy Tour” that debuted in Toronto in May 2004.

Besides doing stand up comedy, Moss has written for popular comedians including Damon Wayans and George Lopez.

On Tuesday, Moss talked about current events such as Muslims criticizing a Danish newspaper for publishing a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad wearing a turban shaped as a bomb.

The laughter came again when Moss depicted a member of Ku Klux Klan who wanted to burn a cross in front a house occupied by Chinese Americans in New Orleans immediately after Hurricane Katrina.

But a fellow Klan member said with a Southern drawl, “You know how much gasoline cost? You better send them an e mail or something.”

Students’ comments on Moss’ show ranged from “keeping it real” to “telling the truth.”

Moss ended Tuesday’s routine by asking the students to stand up and stretch out their right hand. He said each finger represents letters of powerful words: truth, faith, human and peace.
timberland winter jackets Comic lends humor to hot topics