best timberland boots Homeowners lack protections

timberland walking boots uk Homeowners lack protections

I am writing as a landlord in response to the Jan. 9 piece about protections for Vermont renters.

The problem is, in fact, that renters have too many protections and homeowners too few.

Pest infestations are the result of poor hygiene by the occupants of the dwelling. In the case of renters, this is especially problematic in multi unit dwellings in which the poor hygiene (improper food storage,
best timberland boots Homeowners lack protections
removal of refuse, dirty living conditions) of an occupant or occupants in one unit affects the whole dwelling.

Plumbing issues may be the result of misuse of mechanical systems by the renters.

Home ownership and home maintenance are expensive, and the cost of mitigating the damage caused by irresponsible and reckless tenants is an enormous burden to the homeowner who has no recourse in the courts.

The threat of eviction is totally bogus. Tenants fearlessly hold over their dwellings well past the initiation of an eviction notice, and at a huge financial loss to the homeowner.
best timberland boots Homeowners lack protections