mens timberland boots uk Home of the Borgi Puppy

childrens timberlands Home of the Borgi Puppy

unexpectantly died in his sleep, from health issues associated with his”Paris has retired”It is a cross between a Border Collie (Adds intelligence and a couple a new colors and coat types) and a Pembroke Corgi (Adds small size, short and sturdy body). They have extreme intelligence, most of them are small, love people, love adventure, and for the most part are very clean and obedient. Great house dogs. Great traveling dogs. Good dogs with kids.

Can be obsessive ball players. Usually love water. Love to interact with people.

What are the colors and How big are they?

Colors vary. Most common colors are the Corgi colors of Sable, red and white, tri colored, and brindle. Many of them have a black and white color pattern common to the Border Collie.

Some are party colored or blonde and white color patterns of the Border Collie.

Coat types vary from a silky Border coat to a heavier Corgi coat. The coat is clean.

The heavier coats “blow their coat” twice a year, which is controlled by brushing them.

Females usually 18 to 35 lbs / Males usually 20 to 35 lbs. Most borgies are taller than a Corgi and smaller than a Border Collie. Most have the corgi shorter legs and longer body. A few pups are slightly taller legged,
mens timberland boots uk Home of the Borgi Puppy
favoring the Border Collie with taller legs, they are still small dogs, and highly intelligent.

The ears can be up or down or 3/4’s up.

Are they recognized by AKC?

At the present time they are not a registered breed. However, they have been in exsistence for a very long time because both the Corgi and the Border Collie are ranch stock workingdogs and a popular and predictable combination. Currently, they fall under the “designer” group of dogs. I would add that ALL dogs were “mutts” until, dedicated breeders decided that a breed had traits worth repeating and breeding for. All dogs originated from the wolf; all breeds started out as not registered. A Borgi is neither a corgi or a border collie. He’s been my baby!!! Thank you so much, I look forward to the next time I get a pup from you. for now I have to hold myself back!
mens timberland boots uk Home of the Borgi Puppy
LOL I drive by your place all the time, I’d love to bring Woodrow by one day so you can see him. Let me know if you’d like me to stop in some time!