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Heel pain is a very common problem in present era. A number of patients knock at the door of Doctors daily for heel pain only. There are so many drugs under Homoeopathy for the same and very frequent failures are there in treating heel pain, and consequently the patient turn towards another sort of treatments. This is our lack of knowledge, nothing else. To over come these problems, we must first know the basic causes for heel pain.

First, we must know the anatomy of heel. I am not going to take space here for this point, as this is easily available in various textbooks on anatomy. I am coming to causes of heel pain directly.1 Attenuation of Achilles tendon.2 Achilles tendon bursitis.3 Stress fractures of bones in heel. Almost all the patients feel unable to explain their sufferings so clearly as to make distinction easy to the physician.

I am giving here a work on short repertorizations based upon various repertories. Only particular rubrics are used here to understand role of various remedies related to pain in heels. However, during prescribing Homoeopathically, all the rules must strictly be followed. Main rubrics pertaining to Heel Pain:1. EXTREMITIES PAIN Foot heel2. EXTREMITIES INFLAMMATION Ankle3. EXTREMITIES PAIN Ankle tendo achillis4. EXTREMITIES PAIN Ankle malleolus internal5. EXTREMITIES PAIN Ankle malleolus outer6. EXTREMITIES PAIN Ankle malleolus outer walking7. EXTREMITIES PAIN Ankle jarring8. EXTREMITIES PAIN Ankle stepping, on9. EXTREMITIES PAIN Ankle walking, while10. EXTREMITIES PAIN Ankle motion11. EXTREMITIES PAIN Ankle pulsating12. EXTREMITIES PAIN Ankle rheumatic13. EXTREMITIES PAIN Ankle sitting14. EXTREMITIES PAIN Ankle standing15. EXTREMITIES PAIN Ankle step, from a false16. EXTREMITIES PAIN Ankle touch17. EXTREMITIES PAIN Ankle walking amel.18. EXTREMITIES PAIN Ankle warmth agg.19. EXTREMITIES PAIN Foot heel ascending stairs20. EXTREMITIES PAIN Foot heel bone21. EXTREMITIES PAIN Foot heel elevating the feet amel.22. EXTREMITIES PAIN Foot heel gouty23. EXTREMITIES PAIN Foot heel nails under the skin; like24. EXTREMITIES PAIN Foot heel pressure agg.; least25. EXTREMITIES PAIN Foot heel resting, with boot off, amel.26. EXTREMITIES PAIN Foot heel pulsating27. EXTREMITIES PAIN Foot heel rheumatic28. EXTREMITIES PAIN Foot heel rising from a seat29. EXTREMITIES PAIN Foot heel rubbing amel.30. EXTREMITIES PAIN Foot heel sitting31. EXTREMITIES PAIN Foot heel splinter; as from a32. EXTREMITIES PAIN Foot heel standing33. EXTREMITIES PAIN Foot heel ulcerative34. EXTREMITIES PAIN Foot heel walking35. EXTREMITIES PAIN Foot heel walking amel.36. EXTREMITIES PAIN Foot heel warmth amel.37. EXTREMITIES INFLAMMATION Foot heel38. EXTREMITIES INFLAMMATION Foot heel rheumatic39. EXTREMITIES INFLAMMATION Foot periosteum40. EXTREMITIES INFLAMMATION Foot bone41. EXTREMITIES INFLAMMATION Joints synovitis42. EXTREMITIES INFLAMMATION Tendons43. EXTREMITIES INFLAMMATION Foot sole44. GENERALS INFLAMMATION aponeurosis45. GENERALS INFLAMMATION bones;
womans timberland boots Homeopathy World Community
of46. GENERALS INFLAMMATION bones; of periosteum; of47. GENERALS INFLAMMATION bones; of bone marrow; of48. GENERALS INFLAMMATION bursae; of49. GENERALS INFLAMMATION cartilages; of50. GENERALS INFLAMMATION cellulitis51. GENERALS INFLAMMATION joints; of arthritis deformans52. GENERALS INFLAMMATION muscles; of53. GENERALS INFLAMMATION nerves; of54. GENERALS INFLAMMATION synovial membranes; of55. GENERALS INFLAMMATION tendons; of

These are the rubrics available in various repertories, which are related to heel pain. However many among them can be related to numerous other problems, the synthesis of a particular rubric for heel pain may need single or combination of one or many of these. A doctor can now reach to the point of illness and may diagnose and ascertain the real site or structures of involvement and use the given rubrics in making the similimum.

A Homoeopath, after very keen observation and very careful evaluation of the signs and symptoms taken, can most precisely make the similimum picture of the suffering and thenceforth can heal the ailments best.
womans timberland boots Homeopathy World Community