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Many of us spend our lives looking at them, admiring them and talking about them but when we get the chance to touch them, a lot of guys treat them like the knobs on a sound desk or a piece of fruit at a roadside stand.

Not being in possession of a pair, I can’t claim to be an expert on boobs, but I have had opportunity to stroke (and mouth) the odd breast as well as some quite odd breasts and fancy I’ve discovered some universal dos and donts about handling them.

Whatever you feel about breasts good, bad or indifferent you probably have far more interest in them than the woman you’re with, who has bathed, soothed, covered or flaunted them daily for decades.

So what is the right way to touch (a consenting) woman’s boobs? There’s definitely a wrong way and in between these two extremes is where most men reside, robbing themselves and their partners of one of life’s great pleasures .

Two of the biggest errors men make when they first meet a woman is touching her breasts too soon, then, if they happen to get her naked they’ll forget all about her top half altogether, directing their attention to other parts of the female anatomy.

Many guys mistake the invitation for a sneaky pash in a club or the backseat of a cab for an all access backstage pass. They immediately begin to grope a woman clumsily (or creepily), leaving her feeling like she’s been strip searched at a third world border crossing.

As a rule of thumb, I suggest you pretend a woman doesn’t even have boobs the first time you kiss her; err on the side of caution, concentrate on her lips and hope you’ll be invited further next time you meet.

That said, sometimes things can move pretty quickly with a new flame, however, I still reckon it’s best to let her run the show and if she starts to massage various parts of your body, take that as the signal to reciprocate.

If this is the case, I would suggest you not hoik the woman out of her bra and bury yourself in her cleavage like you’re swine at a trough; rather brush her breasts with the front or backs of your hands, through her clothes.

Hopefully all of this is now happening at yours or her place because I would not suggest you try this in public.

Yes, some girls like groping on a dance floor but most do not, so, assuming you’re somewhere private and she’s not pushing your hand away or covering her breasts with folded arms, I think you may safely move forward.

One thing to consider at this point is that individual women’s breasts vary greatly in their sensitivity to touch and what may feel good for one gal, is just too much stimulation for another.

Many women’s sensitivity will also increase or decrease over the month, with soreness being a big issue before and during menstruation.

A good indicator of whether you’re doing the right thing is to look at a woman’s face and see what her expression is when you touch her and adjust what you’re doing accordingly.

If this seems a bit hit and miss, simply ask her “does that feel okay?”

This is not an exact science, so the more openly you can communicate with a woman, the better results you and she will experience.

If you’ve both been feeling each other’s bodies for a while, I think it’s safe to try a bit of undressing.

Again, this is all about context: how long have you been seeing each other, has she already expressed a desire to go further, does she appear into the interaction?

A good way forward is to pop a button of her top, see if she’s happy with that and begin to undress her further if she is.

Taking off your own shirt is also a good method to gauge where her head is at but leave it at the shirt.

As I’ve written in other posts, “never take more clothes off than the woman you are with. It is incredibly disconcerting for a woman to be kissing a man and look down to see he’s suddenly got his pants around his ankles and an erect penis blinking up at her.”

“Most women, indeed, most people are somewhat insecure about the way they look naked, so be expressive, be appreciative but not fawning.”

This is especially true of breasts: many women have a love/hate relationship with their boobs; some enjoy flaunting what they have got, while other women feel insecure about their shape, size or nipples . and then there are all the women in between.

Other women genuinely dislike their boobs and wish they’d just disappear because they can’t sleep on their stomach, they can’t run or do sports, they get back and shoulder pain and have to wear bras all the time or, because men are constantly talking at their chests or shouting stupid things from cars.

It’s a lot to consider, so remember that just because you think her tits are the greatest things on earth doesn’t mean she thinks so as well.

Once you’re naked with a woman, you have to play it by ear (or rather eye).

I suggest you do not focus all your attention on her breasts to the detriment of her other body parts, like her shoulders, neck, back, bum, legs, toes, the backs of her knees.

Occasionally shift your attention to her breasts, and always, always be gentle, watching her face to see how she’s reacting, every now and then asking her “how’s that feel?”

Many women might find direct touch to the nipple way too much, so don’t ignore the sides of the breasts and be very careful not to grab, squeeze or suck too forcefully.
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