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ROCHESTER We all know the importance of cancer screenings yet a number of local counties are of concern to medical experts and breast cancer researchers when it comes to the number of women getting mammograms and late stage diagnosis. A new Susan G. Komen study of New York State shows Monroe, Seneca and Wyoming counties are struggling to meet targeted rates and likely will not hit the goals for at least another decade.

“We running some focus groups to find out why and I looking forward to more clarity around it, certainly one of the things we know is Wyoming County has low population density. We have 16 towns, eight villages, no cities and so our population is pretty dispersed,” explains Laura Paolucci, the Wyoming Co. Public Health Administrator.

Which makes getting to the one health care center that offers mammograms in the county difficult. “Once you get past that screening, if you do require some additional testing or treatment you going to have to travel for that going to have to seek services outside the county in those cases, Paolucci says.

In Wyoming County, they started offering gas cards to those who need them to get back and forth to treatment hoping that will help to eliminate one barrier that has prevented women and men from getting screened and when necessary getting further treatment. Paolucci is hoping early screenings will help lower the increased number of late stage diagnosis the county has been facing.

In Monroe County, temporary and traveling clinics have been setup to bring screening services directly to neighborhoods where women are most in need.

New York State recently mandated that insurance companies expand coverage of mammograms and other cancer screenings, including 3D mammograms. Insurance companies should pay for costs associated with the screens for those who are age appropriate or have early indicators. State law also requires providers to offer extended hours and facilities where the tests can be done.
timberland discounts Breast cancer study