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A friend who is about to endure her first Chicago winter after a lifetime in Florida asked my advice on boots and I told her that the ONLY way to go is UGG.

Yes, they’re ugly and clunky and many of my fashionable gal pals think UGG is way passe and wouldn’t be caught dead in them. Well, let ’em freeze. Because of their durability, warmth and easy on and off, I will go UGG until I winter someplace that’s not a frozen hellscape like this one. I’m talking about the classics with the rubber soles, lamby soft inside and durable sueded exterior.

I bring this topic up when the temperature (hooray) is still 80 degrees because the new UGG store has its official grand opening next week on Rush Street 909 N. Rush St., to be exact

So, if you’re unconvinced as you search for a Chicago winter boot, stop in and learn of what I speak. Just today I saw a woman trying on some UGGs at Nordstrom. I had to bite my tongue to stop from telling her race to the cash register.

The press release I got about the Chicago store’s grand opening says “UGG Australia continues to grow as a lifestyle brand and deliver its promise of luxury and comfort.” That’s silly and overblown. How about this: They’re simply the best boot for cold, miserable weather Chicago. Period.

And, if you think I’m wrong, please tell me youre favorite winter boot. I want to hear from you.

Depends on what you need the boots for. If you running from your house to your car, Uggs are fine. However, if you be walking around the city (even for a few blocks), I wouldn recommend Uggs. The have no support, and in my experience, they leak. Consider going for a more traditional, weatherproofed boot like North Face or Timberland they offer lined pairs that keep your feet toasty even on the sub zero days in January.

Ellen replies: Mine have never leaked (and I waded in plenty of gutters full of slush!) Plus, I hate all that struggling with laces that North Face, Timberland etc. require. What can I say? I lazy. Also, my Uggs are so cozy that I don have to wear heavy socks and can slip them on my baref eet to run out for the paper, walk the dogs etc. The inside is exactly the same lambswool. Do I love them? Yes! Are they comfortable? Definitely. Warmest boots I have ever had? Yes. Do I like that they are to be worn without socks and that my feet don perspire when wearing them? You bet. Do I wear them in the house instead of slippers, all winter long.

After moving to Chi town, my boyfried bought me a pair of La Canadienne boots: Fur lined sole throughout, zipper sides for getting on off easily, waterproofed leather upper, best of all, a sole that is designed to provide grip when walking on ice.

I walk a lot (to work home) these are definitely a class above UGGs in terms of style and safety I think. They also incredibly durable. I going into my third winter with them they look new.

Those Canucks sure know a thing or two about dealing with icy conditions. By wearing them, you are basically condoning factory farming and these animals cruel and inhumane deaths.

Even Pamela Anderson, who helped start this trend, has begun to rethink her ways and has become a very public spokesperson against Uggs.

In this day and age, technology has made it unnecessary for us to exploit animals for our own use, but yet we continue to do so for the sake of fashion. Isn it time for us to evolve past this behavior? Before you decide to purchase and wear these things, please make an effort to do some research online as to how they are made so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not you can condone this type of unnecessary cruelty.

“We pretty much buy up all the sheepskin for footwear in the world,” said Connie Rishwain, president of Ugg Australia.

“Most animals, including sheep, that are slaughtered for their skin, endure the horror of factory farming,” said Matt Rice, a PETA spokesman. I would never wear Uggs in Chicago, and not just because I don like the way they look. They just aren up to the weather. We Chicagoans need boots with serious traction, and Uggs just don cut it. Furthermore, I would never wear a suede or leather boot here; it seems silly to wear something like that in a city that chronically oversalts every possible surface. When I go boot shopping, I look for the ugliest, clunkiest boots in the store something with rubber to at least the ankle. My (gloriously hideous) boots have kept my feet warm and dry for almost 10 years now, and I seriously doubt that a pair of Uggs would withstand a comparable number of Chicago winters. Bean “Insulated Comfort Boots” are a much better choice than Uggs. They every bit as warm, comfortable, and bare feet friendly, with a single zipper on the inside of the ankle (no “struggling with laces” needed).

They also have the following advantages over Uggs:

1) They offer arch support, etc.

2) They priced to sell at $44.95.

3) They wear very well. Mine have been through 3 Chicago winters and look like they did when I took them out of the box.
timberland kids clothes Browsing for trends and hidden gems