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Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers from making deportation arrests and singled out elected officials for their actions. He had particularly strong words.

By Sadie Gurman and Don Thompson

The Associated Press1 day agoFacebook backtracks over images of kids survey

If Facebook wouldn allow pedophiles to solicit sexual images of children on its site, why would it ask users what they would do if it happened? As they struggle to contain abuse and objectionable content on their sites, tech giants are continually asking users and others for their opinions. But Facebook is backtracking after asking the following question during a survey of thousands of users over the weekend: thinking about an ideal world where you could set.

By Levi Sumagaysay

Bay Area News Group1 day agoOnce a rising star, Nashville ex mayor freefalls with affair

NASHIVILLE, Tenn. >> Before her sudden fall, former Nashville Mayor Megan Barry was a progressive, pro business rising star among Tennessee struggling Democrats in a firmly red state. She officiated the city first gay marriage before being elected in 2015. She pushed for tremendous growth, helping shape an ever changing skyline of construction cranes and new high rises. When the Barrys only son died of a drug overdose in July, people across the. companies added a healthy 235,000 jobs last month, led by solid gains in construction, hotels and restaurants, and education and health care, according to a private survey. The report Wednesday on February hiring from payroll provider ADP comes after businesses added 244,000 people in January and 249,000 in December. Those gains should be enough to reduce the unemployment rate, currently a low 4.1 percent, over time. With unemployment already so low,.

By Christopher Rugaber

The Associated Press1 day agoSyrian troops look to split rebel held enclave near capital

BEIRUT >> Government forces carried out punishing airstrikes against an opposition held suburb of Damascus Wednesday, seeking to divide the besieged enclave in two and further squeeze rebels and tens of thousands of civilians trapped inside, state run media and opposition activists reported. The government, determined to wrest the suburbs from the control of rebels after seven years of war, has resorted to extreme levels of shelling and bombardment to clear the way for its troops.

By Philip Issa

The Associated Press1 day agoFailed VA leadership put patients at risk, watchdog report finds

WASHINGTON >> As a top Veterans Administration official in the Obama administration, current Secretary David Shulkin took no action to fix longstanding problems of dirty syringes and equipment shortages that put patients at risk at a major veterans hospital, according to an investigation released Wednesday that finds leadership and of complacency at agency. The 150 page report by the VA internal watchdog offers new details to its.
white timberland boots Breaking Breaking news and More