timberland returns 2016 pop culture Halloween costumes

timberland earthkeepers sale 2016 pop culture Halloween costumes

We’ve lost beloved rock stars, watched a trashed gas station bathroom become the biggest story of the Olympics and lived through creepy clown hysteria. Smartphones exploded. Brangelina broke up. We had to keep hearing about Hulk Hogan’s sex tape. And we haven’t even mentioned the election yet.

But there is a bright side: it’s a banner year for Halloween costume inspiration. We’ve mined the lowlights and the highlights of the past 10 months to create this list.


615carebare on YouTube

YouTube channel 615carebare demonstrates how to recreate the Snapchat puppy filter in real life.

The costume: Snapchat’s puppy filter IRL

Why? If there was one social media app you reluctantly began using this year, it was Snapchat.

How? Recreate the puppy face filter with a printer and some decent quality photo paper. Searching the Internet for “Snapchat puppy filter overlay” will give you what you need to print. Cut out the ears and nose and attach them with liquid latex or spirit gum. The tongue can be attached to your bottom lip, or, for a less annoying night, tape it to a stick and hold it up to your face as needed (YouTube channel 615carebear has a good tutorial).

Bonus points: Have your friends dress as the Snapchat flower crown filter (available from several Etsy stores) and the rainbow puke filter (use body paint starting at the mouth and running down the front of their shirt).

Other meme costumes (if these don’t ring a bell with you, get to Google):

Angel Harambe: Gorilla suit, halo, wings.

Arthur’s balled fist: Yellow sweater, light blue jeans and your own hand.

Petty Sky Jackson: Blue dress and a condescending facial expression.

Crying Michael Jordan: Print it out, hold it over your face.

Chewbacca mom: Chewbacca mask, seatbelt, crazy laugh.

Damn, Daniel: White Vans, an enthusiastic friend with a phone.

ON THE CHARTSBeyonce from her “Lemonade” music video special.

The costume? Beyonc Lemonade

Why? Because Lemonade wasn’t an album, it was a cultural event.

How? Go as a group. For Beyonc wear a yellow dress and black lace up wedges or pumps. Carry a baseball bat. For Jay Z, wear a fresh Yankees cap, a black T shirt and Timberland boots. Make a diamond sign with your hands and look apologetic. For “Becky with the good hair,” wear a fabulous wig and a name tag reading “Becky.” Carry a phone, in case Jay wants to call you.

Bonus points: If you’re Beyonc have a friend follow you with a fan so your hair is constantly blowing in the breeze.

Other music costumes:

Hamilton: As a group, be Hamilton, Burr, Jefferson and Washington. Have Cabinet rap battles. Carry a Constitution and argue about it.

Drake’s Views cover: Shearling lined coat, pensive facial expression, sit on various things and let your legs dangle.
timberland returns 2016 pop culture Halloween costumes