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“Baby Driver” is quite possibly the perfect just for grown ups summer movie.

Eccentric and goofy at times, hard edged when necessary, and inventive throughout, it pulses with an undeniable energy born of its groovy soundtrack and compelling story.

And if those don’t grab you, there are the heists and all those car chases, every one as thrilling to watch as any superhero yarn or sequel this year has trotted out so far.

What’s it about?

Ansel Elgort (“The Fault in our Stars”) plays Baby, a sweet faced kid who also happens to have unnerving skills behind the wheel as a getaway driver. Awhile back, Baby got himself in trouble with Doc (Kevin Spacey), a no nonsense crime boss with an eye for talent.

Since then, Baby’s been working off his debt to Doc as a driver for the latter’s numerous scores, each completed with a different crew. Working all those jobs, the kid comes in contact with criminals of all sorts, including brutish Griff (Jon Bernthal), Bonnie and Clyde esque Buddy and Darling (Jon Hamm and Eiza Gonzalez) and trigger happy Bats (Jamie Foxx).

The hardcases all eye Baby sitting apart from them with earbuds in his ears and sunglasses on with suspicion and doubt. His talents, however, are all that matter to the man calling the shots, and so Baby keeps driving, working for the day he finally squares things up and can walk away.

With his goal in sight, Baby meets diner waitress Debora (Lily James). Their connection becomes just one more motivation for the kid to leave the criminal world behind and start a new chapter in life.

Of course, as all seasoned criminals know, that world and people like Doc do not let go easily,
timberland euro sprint black 'Baby Driver'
especially if you have talent. When faced with that reality, Baby tries to plot one last getaway, knowing full well his pursuers will be more than just police, and the stakes will be far higher than just jail time. Characters, car chases, gun battles, and even just simple strolls all revolve around classic rock, alternative and R tracks, creating a virtuoso mix tape of romantic charm and mayhem.

The weaving of the music into every aspect of the film adds an extra layer to the experience for viewers to enjoy. Just how in sync the film’s plot beats are with each carefully selected song is a joy unto itself.

Not a music connoisseur? Don’t worry “Baby Driver” is still very enjoyable even if you don’t recognize songs from acts such as The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and The Damned. You’re sure to know at least two or three songs, and those will be enough to get you groovin’ while watching all the visual fun unfold on screen.

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One question audiences might have going into “Baby Driver” is just how do young performers such as Elgort and James hold their own alongside powerhouse performers such as Spacey, Foxx and Jon Hamm?

The answer lies in both the talent of the cast and the script, which makes certain to keep things focused on Baby and his story. With his talents and heart, Baby’s easy to root for from the start, especially surrounded by all those shady characters, as colorful as some of them might be.

Elgort’s turn as Baby is sure to get casting directors looking his way for bigger, flashier projects. His on screen chemistry with James, who has yet in her film career to not deliver a strong performance, fills their scenes with charm and energy, arguably enough to fill a film all its own.

That’s not to say that the other parts are underwritten or underutilized. Wright builds into “Baby Driver” plenty of scenery for the veteran performers to chew on, and they all deliver delightful turns. But it is exquisite date night fare, and it’s the kind of film that will stand up to repeating viewing,
timberland euro sprint black 'Baby Driver'
if only to better appreciate how well it’s all put together.