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I recently went on line to see if there is a photo showing what the Scott Radio Laboratories building at 4450 Ravenswood Avenue in Chicago looks like today. No image was posted although but it was described as having been built in 1895 and that it has annual property taxes of $61,233. Does someone have a recent photo or photos of it that could be posted here? What is it currently being used for?

Has anyone ever determined the address of E. H. Scott’s ChicagoHello, I just joined the group. An old friend and avid collector of Scott radios gave me a Philharmonic rig (speaker, amp, wooden face plate with the all the indicators) the only things missing are knobs, tuning eyes and the metal bezel that supports the dial indicator glass. My friend had a piece of glass custom cut for it. Anyway, I need a bezel. Anyone know where i can get one or something that would work or ideas on how to fabricate one?

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timberland bethel boot EH Scott Radio Enthusiasts
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I’ve spent several days working on a particularly difficult chassis and learned something I thought I’d share. First, here is what I had to start with: A nice single chassis Super XII. The IF aligned beautifully, and the 3 SW bands also aligned “by the book”. The set sounded great on any SW band, AM was basically dead. There are only 3 things that are AM only, so I verified each coil. While checking continuity on the oscillator coil, I happened to notice that the 1K resistor seemed to move aAdded by Kent King on July 10, 2017 at 8:04am

Hi Kent: I am working on a Shield Grid 9 now that is in very good shape. I have dismounted the SGA (shield grid assembly) because of low filament voltage on the three 22s max I can get is 2 volts with 5 volts on the entry bus. Taking that SGA off and opening it was much more of a chore than necessary because the designer apparently didn’t think it would ever be required. The paperwork discusses the short wave ability of the SG 9 and the need to change the coil in the 630 Antenna.
timberland bethel boot EH Scott Radio Enthusiasts