timberland children Edmonton police to enforce school zone speed limits

timberland shop london Edmonton police to enforce school zone speed limits

City cops are gearing up to bust motorists flouting Edmonton new 30 km/h school zone speed limits when classes resume next Tuesday.

“This is long overdue,” said Edmonton Police Association head, Sgt. Tony Simioni. “We the only municipality that I aware of that hasn had that ability.”

Drivers until now were legally allowed to whip through school zones at 50 km/h. Simioni says, and police were forced to “get creative” when it came to slowing down drivers.

“When enforcing it at 50km/h, officers were lowering their tolerance level even more extremely than they normally would, or they would have to charge alternative sections of the Traffic Safety Act, such as speeding too fast for road conditions or other things,” said Simioni.

“The reality is if you hit someone at 50 km/h, especially a child, their chance of survival is very small,” said Henderson. “Oftentimes it the parents, ironically, who are trying to rush off to work.”

The new 30 km/h signs are currently being installed in close to 200 schools across the city. The cost is roughly $500,000 and includes expenses incurred for a public awareness campaign, which will kick off later this week.

Not all changes in speed are met with open arms, however. In the Ottewell community, the neighbourhood speed was recently dropped from 50 km/h to 40 km/h. Ottewell Community League president Bob Hutchison has said the new speed limits, “didn lower accidents, it didn lower the amount of speeders which were targeted. All that has been accomplished is the money grab from law abiding citizens.”But for Henderson, who presides over the ward, the changes are necessary.

“There are some people who don like it all, and there are some people who argue that it confusing and that if we going to do it we should do it city wide and I not adverse to that. The trouble is, if you hit someone at that speed (50 km/h), you done for,” said Henderson. “But we have another couple years to go and we have a look at it again.”
timberland children Edmonton police to enforce school zone speed limits