timberland official website Edmonton school zones back on Tuesday

cheap timberlands uk Edmonton school zones back on Tuesday

When it comes time for Tuesday morning commute keep an extra eye on the roads, and be sure to take your time, as thousands of students will be making their return to the classroom.

Tuesday also marks the return of Edmonton new 30 km/h school zone speed limits.

The change in the limit was made to decrease the likelihood of pedestrian collisions particularly those involving young children. According to the City of Edmonton 30 campaign, children aged 10 to 14 years old have the highest incidence of pedestrian related injuries, and children aged five to 14 years old are at the greatest risk for pedestrian related deaths.

lack the cognitive ability to judge speeds and safe situations. By installing school zones around elementary schools, we are able to protect the most vulnerable road users in Edmonton. By slowing vehicles down, motorists have better opportunity to react when children are crossing the road, and students stand a better chance of surviving a pedestrian/vehicle collision should one occur. ideal conditions, a vehicle travelling at 50 km/h needs 24 28 meters to come to a complete stop, while a vehicle travelling at 30 km/hr only needs 11 13 meters to stop.
timberland official website Edmonton school zones back on Tuesday