timberland shoe sale Easy Cooking Activities With Kids

timberland kids jackets Easy Cooking Activities With Kids

Looking for some healthy, delicious food to make which won’t take all night? Well, Supernanny’s expert nutritionist Yvonne Wake has a treat for you. Here are some fantastic quick dishes, which are so easy, you could cook them with your children

Seeing my three year old granddaughter cooking scones with her mummy and also rushing to help me cut up the carrots for her ten month old baby brother soup, suddenly flashed me back to my own childhood, when although our food was pretty basic (soups, stews, apple pie, roast chicken and vegetables for Sunday lunch), it was always food that had to be prepared and cooked for the next meal.

Life was not so rushed then and we were lucky enough to sit as a family eating the very meal that we had all prepared together. I thought I might recreate a couple of those recipes, and see if you can encourage your children to take part in some preparation too.

There nothing like good home cooking to educate children in what a healthy meal consists of. These dishes require lots of cutting up of really important vegetables and fruit and even if they might not want to eat the food, they will still learn from the experience as I did!

I thought about the one and only dish that my own father would cook (back then,
timberland shoe sale Easy Cooking Activities With Kids
men didn cook anything, so this was a family secret!). A Spanish Omelette or a as he called it. We would also eat it cold the next day as an after school snack, so it was always kept in a Tupperware box near the bread bin.

Spanish Omelette or Tortilla

Things you need

A large non stick frying pan around 8 inches in diameter. Not a heavy pan though lightweight as your child needs to flip the omelette over.

A chopping board

Good small sharp knife but one that won’t cut off your child fingers!6 medium free range eggs

One medium sized onion

One medium sized potato

Small sprig of parsley finely chopped

Four tablespoons of olive oil

What to do next?

Peel and cut up the onion into the smallest pieces possible. Do the same with the potato. Tiny cubes are good.

Pour three tablespoons of oil into the pan and heat it until it starts to sizzle at you

Toss in all the onion and all the potato

Make sure those ingredients get covered with the oil and then turn the heat right down until the sizzling stops. Shake the pan around a few times to make sure the food is cooking right through add extra oil if necessary and use a really good non stick pan as the potato will want to stick to the bottom.

Once the onions and potatoes are cooked (they need to be soft). Turn the heat off and tip the cooked ingredients onto some kitchen paper to remove the oil. They should not be brown though, just lightly cooked.

Crack all six eggs together in a bowl and whisk them up with a fork or a whisk. Fluffy is not good, just lightly mixed.

Pour the cooked food into the bowl of whisked eggs, yes right in!

Add the parsley to that bowl

Place the pan back on the lowest heat and pour in the third spoonful of oil.

Pour the bowl of cooked ingredients and eggs into the pan. Give them a small slow stir before you pour them into the pan

Allow this to cook slowly for about 15 minutes. Be patient and don keep touching the ingredients with a spoon! It needs to cook through so that there are no soggy bits of egg inside. Keep the egg away from the sides of the pan by using a plastic palette knife, but once the omelette naturally shows signs of creeping away from the edge of the pan, you will need to turn it over. Here where all the fun starts!

Move the pan away from the heat. Take a plate that is bigger than the pan, and lay it on top of the pan. Control the plate by putting one hand underneath it and use the other hand to hold the pan handle.
timberland shoe sale Easy Cooking Activities With Kids