brown timberlands Casual Or Professional Looks From Bass Shoes

timberland cargo pants Casual Or Professional Looks From Bass Shoes

One of this most important areas to travel green is the kitchen because so much that perform in the kitchen effects our environment. How to go green takes just a little imagination but is low and simple to accomplish. Below you will find some everyday green kitchen products assist with an eco friendly kitchen.

If you need to install an important screen towards the window tend to be unable to one the particular size, it is easy to make one yourself. The kits developed for screen replacement offer the ease of cutting accurate size frame, using cording to attach the screen and configuring it done in seconds. Although certain windows requite a certain screen, it is simple to put in external screen that MaximFit Test Booster all monitors.

The fabric you go for this project is essential. The choice must be a cloth that very stretchy and light weight. Heavy fabrics aren’t appropriate in this particular pattern. On the other hand, if alternative really flimsy fabric, or material much more really slick, you could run in few difficulty. Stretch knits are MaximFit Test Booster one of the several best selections you creates for brand new strain dress.

Most laptops refurbished, normally have the best conditions of security is guaranteed for 3 months or 2. However. There are other companies that offer a year warranty in accordance with the company which might be selling. You need to comprehend that the corporation refurbishes some cheap laptops.

4) Don’t make it hard! A sticker needs to state a message quickly, clearly, and often from a distance. Stay away from small details, intricate graphics, more than three colors, and better than one simple message/image. Stickers are not newspaper ads. View them as very little billboards stick along with a clear logo or a “headline”.

The resistance levels between about 1300 through 1314 shouldn’t be strong, only to find they will probably slow any run we are having and might provide a short time pullback. I do not see anything that should prevent going to the 1321.97 resistance after that time.

Then however actually all of them to prepare what they eat, it really is is not too much. Hence you have to get out your basal metabolic rate, get out just how many calories you need, to live on each morning ,. Then add an at least 500 calories to that quantity a day.

You’ll a little surprised at how easy for dinner gown might be to make specifically how beautiful it happens! Prepare to get associated with money questions, payday advances out for the evening, about where bought the elegant dress. Do not delay give away your secrets: let them know created it on your own own. Or, keep them wondering how way . afford this type of magnificent clothing. And, wait until they see the dress you wear for the other party!
brown timberlands Casual Or Professional Looks From Bass Shoes

timberland ossipee Care worker struck off for physically abusing vulnerable residents at East Kilbride care home

timberland ladies shoes Care worker struck off for physically abusing vulnerable residents at East Kilbride care home

Care worker struck off for physically abusing vulnerable residents at East Kilbride care homeAn investigation found the Lindsayfield Lodge care home worker restrained residents by their wrists and subjected them to foul mouthed slurs.15:56, 19 JUL 2017Updated15:59, 19 JUL 2017Ex care home worker Roselie Whitecross was sacked for abusing elderly residents

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A care worker has been sacked from a nursing home in East Kilbride for physically abusing vulnerable residents.

Roselie Whitecross was this week struck off by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) following an investigation into her misconduct at Lindsayfield Lodge care home .

The regulatory body rapped the East Kilbride mum after she placed three elderly residents at risk of harm during her course of employment as a care assistant at the home which houses frail, elderly people and dementia sufferers.

On November 3 the former Claremont High pupil, who is originally from the Philippines, struck out at a resident stating “fk sake” before restraining the resident by holding her wrists together and placing her hands around the resident’s wrists. Whitecross repeated the foul mouthed slur at another resident.

The following day she forcibly pushed a third resident into her shower chair and restrained her by her wrists.

When the resident reached for Whitecross’ arm, she shouted: “Are you kidding me? Don’t fg touch me! You’ve got st all over your hands”.

In response to the resident asking what st meant, Whitecross then stated to her: “The stuff all over the walls and in the carpet, look at the state of the place, look what you’ve done!

Whitecross then complained to a colleague: “I’ve got st all over my new shoes, she knows what she’s doing”.

She was sacked by her employers Northcare (Scotland) Ltd two weeks after the incident.

New child abuse legislation hailed as a victory for late East Kilbride survivor and campaigner Frank Docherty

The SSSC stated in their report that Whitecross’ behaviour demonstrated a ‘pattern of abuse towards vulnerable residents’.

It read: ‘Service users have the right to expect that they will be treated with dignity and respect and protected from harm by social service workers in whom they and the public have placed their trust and confidence.

‘The behaviour of restraining two residents, on separate occasions, by holding their wrists, and forcibly pushing one of those residents, amounts to physical abuse and demonstrates a complete misuse of your power and position.

‘Similarly, the behaviour in shouting and swearing at residents demonstrates a complete disregard for the dignity and well being of the individuals concerned, amounting to a failure in your duty of care and a breach of the trust and confidence placed in you.

The abuse happened at Lindsayfield Lodge care home in East Kilbride

‘Such behaviour was likely to cause injury, distress and fear to those at whom it was aimed, thereby placing residents at risk of harm. In addition, such behaviour occurred in Lindsayfield Lodge, where residents should, and were entitled to, feel safe and cared for at all times.

‘Your fitness to practise is currently impaired because the behaviour you have exhibited is serious and is such that it is not easily remediable. The behaviour demonstrates a pattern of abusive behaviour towards vulnerable residents, and violates fundamental values of the profession.

‘The behaviour shows a loss of self control and a poor attitude to dealing with vulnerable, challenging service users. The Council have deemed there is a high risk that the behaviour will be repeated as you have not undertaken any remediation and you have offered no insight into your behaviour. Any repetition of the behaviour would put people who use services at risk of harm.’
timberland ossipee Care worker struck off for physically abusing vulnerable residents at East Kilbride care home

timberland chukka boots men Catholic church in Kilmarnock set to close forcing parishioners to go elsewhere

timberland kids coats Catholic church in Kilmarnock set to close forcing parishioners to go elsewhere

Catholic church in Kilmarnock set to close forcing parishioners to go elsewhereSt Michael’s in Bellfield has been earmarked for closure by the diocese of Galloway.10:50, 27 APR 2017St Michael’s in Treeswoodhead Road

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Parishioners at one of Kilmarnock’s biggest Catholic churches will be shipped out to a new place of worship after it was announced that St Michael’s was to close.

The Bellfield church has been earmarked for closure by the diocese of Galloway, with church goers told about the news on April 9 by Bishop Nolan.

The church will now be demolished and the land sold, with parishioners moving to a nearby place of worship.

East Ayrshire Council recommend plans for ambitious Loudoun Castle project are rejected

A spokeswoman for the diocese said this week: “St Michael’s parish is going to close and will become part of St Joseph’s parish. The parishes will merge on Sunday, May 28, and a Mass of Thanksgiving will be celebrated on Thursday, June 1.

“The church, house and hall, all require maintenance and repairs beyond the financial means of the parish. The buildings are likely to be demolished and the land sold.

“The closure of St Michael’s is, of course, a deeply sad time for the parish, community and for the diocese of Galloway.”

The diocese urged parishioners to “reflect on the many great celebrations and occasions” that have taken place in St Michael’s over the years, and were asked to “bring their faith with renewed vigour to St Joseph’s”.

St Joseph’s has a bus which collects parishioners for Sunday Mass which will now also be used to collect St Michael’s parishioners.

And there was yet more shake up to the face of the Catholic church in the area, with the announcement that the current parish priest for St Sophia’s Galston and St Paul’s in Hurlford was to move on.

Shop in Kilmarnock’s Burns Mall guilty of selling alcohol to someone underage

The diocese said Fr Ben Lodge had effectively been ‘loaned out’ to the parish over the last eight years, however, the Passionist Order had now assigned other duties to him in London.

Fr Lodge will cease his responsibilities in the parish on July 2, with Fr Martin Chambers becoming the parish priest of St Sophia’s Galston. That is on top of his current responsibilities at St Matthew’s and Our Lady and Mount Carmel in Kilmarnock.

Meanwhile, Fr Stephen McGrattan will become parish priest of St Paul’s Hurlford in addition to his present duties as parish priest of St Joseph’s and St Michael’s in Kilmarnock.
timberland chukka boots men Catholic church in Kilmarnock set to close forcing parishioners to go elsewhere

timberland stores Carrie Bradshaw’s hoard of heels illustrated one

timberland city adventure Carrie Bradshaw’s hoard of heels illustrated one

Many a woman has hankered after Carrie Bradshaw’s infamous shoe collection which she revealed cost her $40,000 in the years since Sex and the City first hit our screens.

Sadly, not all of us are glamorous Manhattanites with the credit card limit to match, but fortunately design studio Pop Chart Lab has stepped in to bridge the gap with its new graphic print poster.

‘The Many Shoes of Carrie Bradshaw’s Closet’ features 50 hand illustrated images of Bradshaw’s most iconic pairs of stilettos well, including one flip flop from some of the character’s most memorable on screen moments.

Carrie Bradshaw once famously exclaimed during an episode of Sex and the City: ‘I’ve spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live? I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!’

While no heel was too high for Bradshaw, for her new real life collection Ms Parker decided to keep things a little more practical.

‘These heels are high,
timberland stores Carrie Bradshaw's hoard of heels illustrated one
but not like you’re on stilts,’ the mother of three told O Magazine, adding: ‘There’s nothing sexy about not being able to walk.’

‘I burst out crying’: ‘Heartbroken’ Mira Sorvino and. Save the date, world! Meghan and Harry to marry on. ‘I’m 53, separated and skint’: Nigel Farage reveals the. Britain is plunged back into the freezer with snow. Mother who gave birth outside lap dancing club ‘an hour. ‘An apology doesn’t cut it at all’: Innocent student. ‘God’s gift to women? He’s only had two girlfriends!’:. If the Ancient Greeks knew the Earth was round, why do so. EXCLUSIVE: Inside Omarosa’s last days at the White House. Dramatic moment armed police shot knifeman threatening. Protester with no legs is shot dead by Israeli troops. Tax cut bill goes public as GOP slashes rates for the. Closure at last? Michigan mother hopes remains of three. ‘I don’t regret shooting myself’: Depressed woman who. Battlestar Galactica star Nicki Clyne is the second. BREAKING NEWS: Police find toddler wandering the streets. ‘A bubble almost guaranteed to burst’: ‘Wolf of Wall. EXCLUSIVE: Daddy duty!
timberland stores Carrie Bradshaw's hoard of heels illustrated one
Mark Zuckerberg takes his. MOST READ NEWS Previous.

timberland shop london Casual Shoe

timberland new boots Casual Shoe

Since time immemorial, guys have been forced to take sides in that most polarizing of issues: Choose the hip sneaker, but look like a fool when donning a suit; or, opt for a more refined dress shoe and risk feeling old and stodgy. Besides going barefoot, the obvious answer that has eluded us is a hybrid semi formal sneaker that can be worn to the beach one day, and the office the next without looking silly at either. That miracle now has a name: Reef RESERV Spiniker.

Part of Reef more upscale RESERV collection, the Spiniker full grain, premium leather upper has a distressed vintage style that looks as good with a T shirt and pair of jeans as it does with a summer linen suit. Our favorite feature, though,
timberland shop london Casual Shoe
is the insole, a molded cushion footbed that feels remarkably (and intentionally) like the texture of a waxed surfboard. You almost obliged to wear them without socks, they so comfortable, and Reef has you covered in that eventuality, as the insole is made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), which is already odor resistant (and it easily removed and machine washable anyway, should your stinkfoot somehow manage to overpower its defenses). For us, Spinikers are the fashion equivalent of a secret getaway, letting you go from an early morning at the beach riding waves, straight to the office for the afternoon sales meeting or a business lunch in midtown,
timberland shop london Casual Shoe
without skipping a step or missing a beat.

timberland sandals mens career for Rockwall sheriff

baby timberland clothes career for Rockwall sheriff

history, based on data and documents from the fiscal year 2010 2012. history.

In this photo, Stanford Financial Group’s assets are pictured. There were auctioned in attempts to raise money to repay victims of imprisoned R. Allen’s Stanford on Sept. history, based on data

$1B: Pfizer Inc., Healthcare fraud

Pfizer Inc. and its subsidiary Pharmacia Upjohn Company Inc. pleaded guilty to a felony violation of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act for illegally promoting off label and unapproved uses of various drugs, including Bextra, an anti inflammatory, with the “intent to defraud or mislead” and agreed to record breaking settlements to resolve civil and criminal liability. In addition to the $1 billion civil settlement, the company agreed to a criminal fine of $1.195 billion. The case against Pfizer was based on evidence provided in lawsuits by six whistleblowers, including ex sales rep John Kopchinski, who worked for Pfizer in South Florida until he was fired after complaining about the company’s illegal promotion of Bextra. He later moved to San Antonio.$1B: Pfizer Inc.,
timberland sandals mens career for Rockwall sheriff
Healthcare fraud

Pfizer Inc. and its subsidiary Pharmacia Upjohn Company Inc. pleaded guilty to a felony violation of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act for illegally promoting off label andprescription drug consumers and

$330M: R. Allen Stanford, offshore accounts linked to Ponzi scam

Prosecutors and investigators in Houston and elsewhere so far have located 29 offshore bank accounts in the Caribbean and elsewhere linked to Stanford, an ex billionaire sentenced to 110 years in prison in Houston in 2010 and ordered to repay $5.9 billion to the investors he scammed via his offshore bank, Stanford International Bank, based in Antigua and Barbuda.

In this photo, Seth Worstell, of Seth Worstell Auction Co., relocates a bronze eagle statue belong to Allen Stanford on top of a Steinway Sons Baby Grand Piano manufactured in 1891 and valued between $10,000 14,000.$330M: R. Allen Stanford, offshore accounts linked to Ponzi scam

Prosecutors and investigators in Houston and elsewhere so far have located 29 offshore bank accounts in the Caribbean and elsewhere linked to
timberland sandals mens career for Rockwall sheriff

sale timberland boots Catholic comedy goes on a holy roll

timberland gore tex boots Catholic comedy goes on a holy roll

Morning deejays are playing pope songs on the radio, offering pope merchandise for sale, even broadcasting ads for tomorrow’s papal Mass at Oriole Park at Camden Yards that seem more geared to race car drivers than men and women raised on the Baltimore Catechism. Late night talk show hosts are working the pontiff into their monologues.

Even “Saturday Night Live’s” Father Guido Sarducci, longtime reporter and gossip columnist for the Vatican Inquirer and L’Obssevatore Romano, was offering his slant on the papal proceedings yesterday during an interview on 98 Rock’s morning show with Byrd, Mark & Lopez.

When a caller to the 98 Rock studio asked if there were any special competition connected with being chosen pope, Father Guido had this revealing piece of trivia: “They do arm wrestling. That’s why this guy won. He was young when he was made pope. All the other guys, they were like 80.”

The pope must be used to this stuff by now. He might even feel insulted if David Letterman didn’t give him a Top Ten List like the one offered last week.

Top 10 Things on the Pope’s ‘To Do’ List:

10. Get “The Club” put on the Popemobile.

9. Confirm Red Hot Chili Peppers as opening act in Central Park.

8. Call ahead to make sure the Ramada has magic fingers.

7. Get big hat blocked.

6. Think of diplomatic way to advise President Clinton to “Cool it with the broads, Bubba.”

5. Pitch idea of cameo appearance as Murphy Brown’s secretary.

4. Perform exorcism on Richard Simmons.

3. Forgive Letterman for hosting the Academy Awards.

2. Scotchgard the robes.

1. Pray for CBS.

You might wonder what’s so funny about a guy in a big hat who’s the spiritual leader of some 60 million American Catholics? You’d understand if you’d grown up Catholic and enjoyed few things more than having a good laugh at the expense of the nuns and priests who ruled your life with such an iron hand.

Plus, for some irreverent Catholics, it’s like belonging to a private club, or understanding a language that only a select few speak.

“For the truly dedicated and informed Catholics in the audience,” says Brian Wilson, morning deejay on 104.3 FM, The Colt, “I’m going to change the show’s name to ‘The Anthropomorphological Brian Wilson Morning Show,
sale timberland boots Catholic comedy goes on a holy roll
‘ where transubtantiation is not just a divine mystery, it’s a way of life.”

OK, so maybe a reference to transubstantiation the miracle by which bread and water is changed into the body and blood of Christ is too esoteric for most people. Still, anything Catholic, anything related to the pope, is proving fair game.

On radio, Stevie and the Satellites on WQSR have pitched in with “Let Me In Pope” (to the tune of John Fogerty’s “Centerfield,” the refrain goes, “Let me in pope, I’m ready to pray . . . today”), while the morning crew at 98 Rock has offered up a song to the tune of “Pinball Wizard” (“Even at my favorite altar/He sure is the best/His disciples lead him in . . ./Cardinal Keeler and the rest”).

Wednesday night, Conan O’Brien interviewed a cantankerous “pope” bent out of shape because he was just interviewed by the effervescent Kathie Lee Gifford (“That woman is a nightmare.”). Thursday, both Mr. Letterman and Jay Leno joked about the popemobile being outfitted with The Club, suggesting that the font of papal humor may be running a bit dry.

Is there an ultimate pope joke? Steve Rouse, spiritual leader of WQSR’s Rouse & Company morning show, offers this one,
sale timberland boots Catholic comedy goes on a holy roll
around almost as long as the Vatican:

timberland outlet shop Carrie Fisher celebrated with tears

timberland outlet shop Carrie Fisher celebrated with tears

Todd Fisher hugs Star Wars character R2 D2 at the Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds Memorial Service at The Forest Lawn on Saturday, March 25, 2017, in Los Angeles. Laughter, music and the tapping of dancing shoes reverberated throughout a public memorial to Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher, which loved ones say is just how the actresses would have wanted it.

By Matthew Carey

Movie memorabilia and music set the scene at Forest Lawn Memorial Park Hollywood Hills, where a public memorial was held for Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher, the famous mother and daughter who died one day apart in December.

Hollywood stars including Joely Fisher, who was Carrie Fisher half sister, Rene Russo, Beverly D and Dan Aykroyd filled the cemetery 1,200 seat theater, where the service for the late in the Rain legend and the Wars actress took place.

Photos: Family, friends and fans bid farewell to Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher at tribute

once saved her life, applying the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge a Brussels sprout, and if I had been with our beloved showboat, I might have been able to save her again, he said.

Aykroyd added that he looked forward to a day when he would be reunited with Carrie and her mother.

know both these magnificent women will have a song for us on our own arrival at the station, when our own crossings come, he said. all, we only seconds behind them.

Outside the venue, fans some from as far away as Arizona watched on large screens.

important because my mom raised me on Wars, said Heather Jackson, 24, who drove five hours from Bullhead City, Arizona, to attend the memorial.

Jackson made the journey with her two young children and her mom,
timberland outlet shop Carrie Fisher celebrated with tears
Crystal, who said Reynolds and Fisher bond was similar to the relationship she has with her own daughter.

Friends Gina Felix Goldman, 49, of Burbank and Francisca Garcia, 45, of Los Angeles brought butterfly decorations, which they planned to put on the graves of Fisher and Reynolds.

to send a message of peace and serenity to the family, Garcia explained.

Felix Goldman added that she left the house early to make sure she got a seat inside the auditorium, forgoing breakfast to the surprise of her husband.

said, going to skip breakfast, honey? I said, got that right, she said. As it got underway, Todd Fisher welcomed everyone to the that he had organized for his mother and sister.

calling it a show, not a memorial. (My mom) didn like funerals, he said, adding that his sister my princess. Ruta Lee delivered a touching eulogy about Reynolds and her philanthropy. As with much of the ceremony, humor was sprinkle throughout the remarks.

The memorial included musical and dance performances and the debut of a song written by British musician James Blunt, a friend of Fisher. Todd Fisher said Blunt composed his best known song, Beautiful, in a bathroom in his sister home.

There was also a video montage set to Wars music by composer John Williams, which highlighted moments from the late stars lives and careers.

At the end of the montage, a working R2 D2 unit mournfully beeped at a picture of Fisher and at an empty director chair with her name on it.

The afternoon was billed as a celebration, and included a memorabilia display featuring a dress worn by Fisher in the original Wars.

Two dresses that Reynolds wore on screen and her honorary Oscar were also on display.

After the memorial, actress Joan Van Ark was visibly moved.

at a loss for words, she told the Southern California News Group.

The service so profound and so funny and so unique as were the two of them, she added. think as a mother daughter love story, it the greatest love story ever told.

Other stars attending included actor producer director Griffin Dunne,
timberland outlet shop Carrie Fisher celebrated with tears
actress Morgan Brittany and Bunch star Susan Olsen.

timberland discount code Casual Wear for Cruise Trips

ladies timberland sandals Casual Wear for Cruise Trips

Going on a cruise can bring goose bumps on your skin cause it that vacation you looked forward to for such a long time. And lo! You are holding the tickets to your desired cruise. Now the daunting job to pack.

You only wish you could pack your entire wardrobe and take it with you. Alas you have to plan. The best way to make your checklist is to know the rules of the cruise, if there are any. Sometimes cruises do have rules like bow tie dinners or formal wears for ladies and gentlemen. In the yesteryears the captain dinner meant an extremely formal event to get your best dress out. But times have changed and so has the dressing sense.

Checking out the route of the cruise and the nature of it is also an important aspect before you get bag packing. If it is to the Mediterranean then floral dresses and two bathing suits are a must. If it is to warmer climates then carry a soft shawl or a trendy coat top so that you can walk the decks in the evening without the chilly breeze interrupting your rendezvous. It is important to know the climate and temperatures as you do not want to get stuck in warm clothes in a tropical climate and vice versa. So dig into routes information and then get shopping.

A wide rimmed hat is a saviour in a hot afternoon along with linen tops and pants. A sarong and a bikini or a full swimsuit is also a good take. Carry a thin muslin towel if you do not want those heavy Turkish towels on your head. And a halter top or dress is a must carry for the evenings. You can match it with any type of skirt or top. Two formal dresses are mandatory even if the schedule does not mention anything serious as surprise evening dinners or a supper at formal restaurants are quite occasional and you do not want to be caught in your beach attire.

Do not forget your accessories. For each and every dress, pack your earrings, necklace, bracelet, watch and of course your sandals. You can pack 2 to 3 pairs of sandals that will match most of your clothes. Usually black, brown and gold do the trick. If you are going on a shopping spree then buy lightweight red, silver and white pairs. They look eclectic on almost any dress.

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Latest Blouse Design Trend 2016

Most of the girls hardly wear sarees as they find it difficult to wear because it hinders the comfortable movement from one place to another. If you too fall in this category, you will shake off your notion and would love wearing sarees if you check out the latest blouse designs.

Movies That Show Off Greek Clothing

There are several movies that feature Greek apparel through the type of movies that they are. While not all these movies are not ones that everyone knows, they are movies that are popular amongst the comedy genre. These movies are very popular amongst younger people and have created a huge popularity in Greek clothing. Here are some of the most popular Sorority/ Fraternity movies that feature Greek clothing.

Facts About Greek Clothing

Greek clothing is not a force to reckon with. Greek clothing is becoming one of the most popular clothing apparel trends throughout the United States. Most all college campuses feature some sort of Greek campus, or their own made up Greek lettering for their school. Obviously, the Greek houses on campus know the importance of their Greek clothing, but not many others do.

Excellent, Larry. Thank you for taking the new article directory technology and making it work to the max. I encourage everyone to keep contributing and contributing regularly. I can attest to the fact that this site is already a strong directory in a field of many. Kudos to Larry!

Matthew C. It is full of nice little surprises that make the whole process of writing,

reading and publishing articles a complete delight. This is one that comes out tops and beats the rest hands down.

Eric Garner

I did a Google search and came across your site. It was exactly what I was looking for and was elated to find such a broad range of articles. As I am launching a free magazine in a small town in Florida, I wanted to be as resourceful as possible while still being able to provide some content that is interesting and well written. Your site has all the variables in the mix. Excellent Site hitting all the notes in the scale sort of speak.
timberland discount code Casual Wear for Cruise Trips

mens timberland sandals Career Services Center

toddler timberland boots Career Services Center

It is important to project a professional image. Employers may assume that this is the best you will ever look.

Unfortunately, making your way into the world of work means that you may be judged on the way you look and how you present yourself. This may not always be fair. There are a number of things you can do to feel confident about yourself in an interviewing situation. Because, as you know, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

ALWAYS wear a suit to an interview, even if the people who work at the organization are not wearing suits and the job for which you are interviewing doesn require it. Remember, the people there already have the job you don Hygiene

Always have fresh breath and clean body hygiene. This may seem obvious, but take a shower, use deodorant, and brush your teeth.

Wear perfume, cologne, or aftershave that is subtle, as some people may be allergic. Your scent should

leave the room when you do.

Cover visible tattoos with makeup.

Have clean, short nails without ragged edges. Women have unpolished nails or use clear polish or aTake out any piercings (nose, eyebrows,
mens timberland sandals Career Services Center
tongue, etc.). They can be put back in when you are not

A conservative suit (navy, gray, black). Pants suits are acceptable with many companies. Check out the office culture to find out for sure. When in doubt, wear a skirt suit.

Clothing that fits your body correctly. Clothing is too tight when it is pulling horizontally across your body or has

gaping buttons. Clothing is too big when tops are falling off the shoulders or pins are used to hold waistbands.

Appropriate undergarments at all times.

A slip, if your skirt is unlined. It should be light or dark according to the color of the skirt and length should

extend to hemline.

Accessories (necklaces, earrings, and bracelets) in keeping with the fashion trends of the season. Wear only

one ring per hand.

An ironed blouse or shell.

Clothing that is appropriate for the current season.

Neat, pressed, clean clothing without tears, rips, hanging threads or pills. All buttons, snaps, or hooks.
mens timberland sandals Career Services Center