timberland workwear uk ‘Drunk’ woman causes chaos on Ryanair flight when she ‘hits a man’

timberland high heels ‘Drunk’ woman causes chaos on Ryanair flight when she ‘hits a man’

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A “drunk” woman who allegedly hit a man and caused chaos on a Ryanair flight carried on her violent rampage with another passenger in the airport terminal.

The video shows two female passengers rolling around and screaming on the floor while pulling at each other’s hair at baggage reclaim at Alicante Airport, Spain.

The fight appears to hit deadlock with both women refusing to give in, leading to them being prised apart by a man while other passengers look on.

Footage of the same woman who allegedly threw punches at a male passenger on the 10.55am Ryanair flight from Newcastle to Alicante Airport on Aug 31 surfaced online last weekend.


According to witness Rachel Burns, who had been on the same flight, the woman wearing a yellow top was ‘intoxicated’ and had already hit a man and verbally abused several passengers on the place.

When the flight landed at around 4pm, police were apparently there to meet the rowdy woman from the aircraft, according to Rachel, 35.

However, the mum of three claims the ‘very drunk’ passenger was merely allowed to continue through the airport and promptly unleashed an attack on another woman who had been on the flight.


Rachel, from Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, said: “It was unbelievable. At the airport the police had already seen her and let her go.

“When we got into the baggage collection area that’s when the violence started. I was with my family, we’d got our bags and had been walking away and then they got stuck into it.

“I saw her just go up to a lady who had been one of the people telling her to sit down. Then they were going at it on the floor.

“It went on for a couple of minutes. She just seemed intoxicated. She was very, very drunk. “Some man tried to pull her off, then she started again.

“It was an absolute shambles, the security was shocking. She just left. She was with two friends, they seemed mortified and were crying.

“Then we left, we just needed to get the children away from it.

“It’s shocking that she’d even been able to get on the plane in the first place, let alone get to that point in the airport.”

Rachel claims the woman was clearly very drunk while they were on the plane, and had been aggressive towards her fellow passengers for around an hour and a half in the air.

And she had been outraged when the woman allegedly even directed her slurs at her mum, who was travelling with her, calling her an ‘old hag’.

Rachel, who was who was taking her flight one way to move out to Spain with her family, said: “On the flight she was leathered.

“The staff and other people on the plane kept telling her to sit down. The plane staff said they hadn’t served her alcohol.

“She was sat two rows behind me, and she started getting really aggressive with people in front of her, fing and blinding and saying ‘What you looking at?’

“Then she started fighting with the man in front, and started getting aggressive with the lady asking her to move. The plane staff couldn’t control her.

“The people she was attacking got moved to the front of the plane.

“She called my mum an ‘old hag’ so that’s when I started shouting at her as well, saying ‘Don’t call my mum that.’

“It was all going on for about an hour and a half.”

And Rachel says she is appalled that this sort of behaviour can be allowed to take place in an airport.

She added: “It’s just something you don’t expect to see there. And especially in mid air on the plane too. It could have been much worse, and you don’t want the children to see it.
timberland workwear uk 'Drunk' woman causes chaos on Ryanair flight when she 'hits a man'

timberlands sale A Basic Guide to Period Gypsy Costuming for Renaissance Faires

timberland boots size 10 A Basic Guide to Period Gypsy Costuming for Renaissance Faires

A Basic Guide to Period Gypsy Costuming for Renaissance FairesThis is meant to be a helpful introduction to the wild and wacky world of Gypsy costuming for those of you new to it. It comes frommany years of accumulated research experience at Faire and is as culturally historically accurate a guide as you’re likely to find.

One of the most important things about the Gypsies is that we are quite different from everyone else in just about every way westand out because we are so foreign and exotic. Romany customs, speech and beliefs have little in common with those of our English”hosts”. This guideis all about those differences. And the suggestions contained herein are valid for both Tudor and Elizabethan era Gypsies, as Romanyclothing didn’t change much at all during the interim.

Also, if you are also creating a Gypsy character to play at faire definitely keep in mind as you createyour characterthat yourcostume should reflect his/her personality and his/her profession within Gypsy society. For example, if you are a poacher you mightwear some fur or feathers on your costume, or if your character is a little more grumpy than most, you might favor darker shades of color than other Gypsy characters. Personalize your costume and make it your own. Decide where your character got all thesegarments accessories a great story and thus a great bit can revolve around something as simple as a pouch or a ring.

Certain differences in our costuming apply to both genders. This is due to the fact that we have traveled to so manydistant lands where these dyes are plentiful or at least cheaper, or we have learned how to make them. Also, don’t overdo it with color, the rule of thumb is to have a couple of really brightly colored costume pieces, and one or twoin darker colors to give contrast. Oh, and don’t be afraid to clash!

One final note on color that applies only to Gypsy characters: primary, basic, fire engine red is never worn by Gypsies because it isclosely associated with blood, which in Romany belief is connected with the worst kind of bad luck. Other shades of red are fine,though.

Jewelry is worn profusely by both genders. Accessories like amulets, beads, exotic earrings, rings and anklets greatly add to ourGypsy look. Gypsies are so well traveled that we may wear jewelry from a variety of cultures, although most of what we wear atScarborough has a Middle Eastern, Indian or Russian look to it. no class rings, Native American jewelry, etc.), it should be OK. We suggest you leavevaluable pieces at home where they’re safe, though. As the old saying goes, if you can’t afford to lose it, don’t take it to Faire. Faux jewelry works well for something showy.

Also, at most faires all participants must carry their own period eating utensils: wooden bowls, mugs (use wood or pewter ones glass and ceramics WILL break), utensils, etc. This is especially important to us as Gypsies because in Romany belief it is consideredvery unlucky for men and women to eat and drink after one another. You can usually find good bowls, mugs and such at thriftstores like Salvation Army for really cheap. Make sure when buying anything pewter that it’s lead free, though.

A final note that applies to both Gypsy men and women: because the Rom are sometimes forced by necessity and oppression toengage in illegal activities (thievery, swindling, etc.), we can wear in small amounts pieces of fancy fabrics that only Nobles aresupposed to wear. A patch of velvet here, a piece of fur or gold ribbon there, is encouraged for it adds to our look. Such things areassumed to have been stolen or scavenged and thus can lead to great bits with other characters as you are forced to explain whyyou have something so fancy. Don’t go too far with this, though, and make a velvet bodice or brocade jerkin. If you’re a castmember, more than likely your Costume Guild won’t allow it if you do.

Female Gypsy costuming presents a lot of challenges, but when it all comes together these are some of the most stunning costumesat any faire. All of the basic pieces are the same as for peasant women: bloomers, bodice (no, you can’t get out of wearing a bodicebecause you’re a Gypsy! Nice try, though), chemise (blouse), skirts, and hat. The main differences are in color and presentation. Bellydance costuming is NOT appropriate for Gypsy women Middle Eastern dance and the clothes that go with it come from acompletely different culture.

The normal patterns for female peasant clothing work well for these pieces. Our bloomers are pretty much the same as everyoneelse’s, usually lacy and made of cotton, though they are often of a bright color. Gypsy bodices can be made of tapestry material, of aheavy embroidered fabric or out of leather (keep in mind that leather’s a royal pain to sew, though). They are embroidered withpatterns done in bright colors and/or decorated with ribbons or bells either sewn or tied on. Feel free to get creative with thedecoration.

Chemises are made in the standard way, except for the bright colors used (you could even have sleeves of a differently coloredfabric(s) than the body of the garment). The appropriate one for amarried Gypsy woman (or Romni ) is a diklo, a square bandanna like cloth that is tied on the head. Non married Gypsy women andgirls can wear a diklo, a Gypsy looking hat (as many of us do) or even just a scarf used to tie the hair back. Garlands, snoods andmuffin style hats are NOT appropriate for Gypsy characters. By the way, if you want to buy or make a diklo, solids work best unlessyou can find or make an embroidered one with an exotic and interesting pattern. Remember that printed fabrics are not Period.

Gypsy women are known for braiding their beautiful hair and wearing lots of jewelry. Accessories that really work well includessashes (they’re more Gypsy than belts), shawls, bracelets, anklets (chain or mail jewelry is also NOT appropriate), strands of bells (notthe cowbell or jingle bell types, though), trinkets pinned or tied on the bodice, amulets, beads, pouches, etc. The best thing to doabout footwear is to get the kind that the peasant women are wearing or maybe a pair of period looking sandals. Remember, also,that wild colors of hair, makeup and nail polish are not appropriate.

Being a man myself I have more expertise in this area than with female costuming. All of your basic costume pieces are the same aspeasant men: chemise (shirt), jerkin (vest), pants and hat. Ours mostly differ from everyone else’s in color and form. The normalpatterns used in making peasant clothing will work well for your major garments.

The chemise is often made of a brightly colored fabric but is otherwise pretty much the same as peasant shirts, though you shouldkeep in mind that some designs are far more Gypsy than others. Gypsy shirts are usually full to the point of being baggy. Buttoned ortied collars are much more appropriate than ones with big lapels or laced open fronts. Gypsy jerkins are made of a thicker materialthan the chemise and pants. They can be made out of a solid material (which may then be embroidered with thread and beads),colorful embroidered cloth or even leather (stick with the more natural looking leathers and keep in mind that leather’s a royal painto sew). Jerkins are buttoned closed. Pants are baggy with elastic at the waist and ankles, and may also be made of a colorful fabric,although usually not as bright a shade as the chemise is. Gypsy men do not wear codpieces, though a front triangular piece of clothlike the ones commoners often wear isn’t inappropriate.

We suggest you wear a hat or head covering of some sort. You have a variety of styles to choose from. You can wear a diklo, abandanna like piece of square cloth that is tied on the head. A plain bandanna will work as long as it’s the right color and doesn’thave any sort of printed design (no printed roses, Harley bandannas or anything like that), but just using a fairly large piece of solidcolorful cloth works better. You can embroider your diklo as well to give it a more authentic look. Or instead like many of us youcould wear a round skullcap with exotic designs on it (similar in shape to the ones that Jewish men wear, but larger look at ourphotos pages) or a short Middle Eastern fez style hat (not a long one with a tassel like they wear in Turkey, though). Remember thatthe sort of hats English characters wear are NOT appropriate for us. Gypsy men are known for wearing a variety of accessoriesincluding rings, amulets, pouches, sashes (they’re much more Gypsy than belts) and weapons (usually daggers and swords, especiallyscimitars). Stick with Middle Eastern, Indian and Russian blade designs. A loop earring (either pierced or clip on) adds to that Gypsylook as well. Boots are fine (as long as they don’t have that Tandy Leather Native American moccasin look with fringe on them), andso are many kinds of period shoes (except for the ones Nobles wear) and rope sandals. Gypsy men usually have some kind of facialhair, particularly a mustache and goatee. Keep in mind that bizarre hair colors aren’t Period.

I hope this has been helpful in aiding you to achieve that perfect Gypsy look. If you have any further questions on Period Gypsycostuming, send us an email and we’ll be happy to help you. Matthew Duvall (aka Nikolai) 2003. Fourth Edition

Patchwork Merchant Mercenaries had its humble beginnings as an idea of a few artisans and craftsmen who enjoy performing with live steel fighting. As well as a patchwork quilt tent canvas. Most had prior military experience hence the name.

that brought many things to a show and are know for helping out where ever they can.

As well as being a place where the older hand made items could be found made by them and enjoyed by all.

We expanded over the years to become well known at what we do. Now we represent over 100 artisans and craftsman that are well known in their venues and some just starting out. Some of their works have been premiered in TV, stage and movies on a regular basis.

Specializing in Medieval, Goth , Stage Film, BDFSM and Practitioner.

Patchwork Merchant Mercenaries a Dept of, Ask For IT was started by artists and former military veterans, and sword fighters, representing over 100 artisans, one who made his living traveling from fair to festival vending medieval wares. The majority of his customers are re enactors, SCAdians and the like, looking to build their kit with period clothing, feast gear, adornments, etc.

Likewise, it is typical for these history lovers to peruse the tent (aka mobile store front) and, upon finding something that pleases the eye, ask “Is this period?”

After a festival’s time of answering weighty questions such as these, I’d sleep like a log! Only a mad man could possibly remember the place and time for each piece of kitchen ware, weaponry, cloth, and chain within a span of 1,000 years!! Surely there must be an easier way, a place where he could post all this knowledge.

Traveling Within The World is meant to be such a place. A place for all of these artists to keep in touch and directly interact with their fellow geeks and re enactment hobbyists,
timberlands sale A Basic Guide to Period Gypsy Costuming for Renaissance Faires
their clientele.

timberland london ‘Home Again’ movie review

children s timberland boots ‘Home Again’ movie review

Back in the old days you know, like, five years or so ago, when films were shown on actual film movies were broken down and shipped to theaters on multiple smallish, shipping friendly reels. Upon their arrival, they were then reassembled by a projectionist (remember those?) onto one huge reel the size of a dinner table before being shown to audiences.

The downside of that system, aside from the labor intensive nature of it all, was that it wasn’t unheard of for an inattentive projectionist to mix up the reels during reassembly and show them out of order. Sometimes, heaven forbid, they would even forget a reel altogether, which meant a movie ended abruptly about 10 or 20 minutes earlier than it should have.

In this digital age, those days are behind us for the most part, but you can be forgiven if you have a sort of projectionist era flashback upon seeing the sprawling, rambling “Home Again,” which feels as if it’s about 10 minutes short of at least partially redeeming its earlier missteps with a decent ending. But a movie needs more than sweetness to work. Otherwise we’d have long since gotten a “Candy Crush” movie.

To really work as a satisfying viewing experience, a movie needs a full story arc, a resolution to the conflicts it introduces and, perhaps most importantly, some sort of emotional endpoint for the personal journey of the main character.

By and large, “Home Again” is missing all of those things.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its assets. That starts with high production value, built around glossy, made for HGTV sets that don’t quite feel lived in but which are undeniably beautiful. (“Take your shoes off,” Witherspoon’s character, Alice, is admonished before entering a house in one scene, in what may or may not be a self referential dig at movies that feature such impossibly idealized living spaces.)

Even more importantly, it’s got an appealing cast. villa. (The “why” part of that arrangement is a little too convoluted to get into here, but suffice it to say that the whole scenario creates romantic entanglements.) All three young actors inhabit their roles with ease and charm.

And speaking of young actors, if somebody doesn’t soon make a star out of 12 year old Lola Flanery, who plays one of Witherspoon’s on screen daughters, then they’re either not really trying or she’s just not interested.

Those assets aside, the big problem with “Home Again” is with the story, which is decidedly messy but not in a good, “life is messy” kind of way. Similarly, its attempts at humor rarely land squarely.

It was written by first time director Meyers Shyer, whose personal experiences clearly worked their way into the story. Like Witherspoon’s character, Meyers Shyer is the daughter of a beloved Hollywood veteran, in this case director Nancy Meyers, whose impact on the romantic comedy genre is noteworthy enough that her films (“What Women Want,” “Something’s Gotta Give,” “It’s Complicated”) are something of a sub genre to themselves.

Given that real life genetic connection, and the fact that Nancy Meyers is a producer of “Home Again,” it’s perhaps inevitable that her daughter’s first film features any number of Meyers trademarks: strong female characters, those stylish sets, unconventional plots that are hard to summarize in a single sentence.

Still, while it wouldn’t be correct to characterize “Home Again” as a formula film, it’s generic enough that it somehow feels formulaic. Consequently, “Home Again” never distinguishes itself as anything but a predictable and thoroughly ordinary film, just with lots of fancy window dressing.

That’s particularly true when it hits the home stretch. That’s when a filmmaker gets a chance to pull together all the threads of her story, to drive home her message, to make it clear to audiences why she set out to tell this particular story in the first place.

In the case of “Home Again,” it’s also where Meyers Shyer fumbles the ball, delivering a perfunctory half ending that feels as if she didn’t quite know how to end her film if she indeed knew where it was going in the first place. Like the rest of “Home Again,” that ending is sweet and glossy but less than satisfying, as if its missing something.

And this time, there’s no blaming the projectionist.


2 stars, out of 5

Snapshot: Reese Witherspoon stars in a romantic comedy about a 40 year old woman who, after separating from her husband and in a fit of spontaneity agrees to let three aspiring filmmakers (the young, handsome type) move into her guesthouse.

What works: It features a solid cast, and it gets points for its beautiful, made for HGTV sets.

What doesn’t: The story itself is rambling and messy, and it lacks a satisfying ending.

Cast: Witherspoon, Nat Wolff, Jon Rudnitsky, Pico Alexander, Lola Flanery, Michael Sheen, Candice Bergen, Lake Bell, Eden Grace Redfield. Director: Hallie Meyers Shyer. MPAA rating: PG 13, for some thematic and sexual material. Running time: 1 hour 37 minutes. Where: Find New Orleans showtimes.
timberland london 'Home Again' movie review

white timberland boots for men ‘Ambitious’ Trimble Looks To The Future

timberland clothing uk ‘Ambitious’ Trimble Looks To The Future

With experienced duo Shane Horgan and Denis Hickie having a stranglehold on the wing berths and centres O’Driscoll and Gordon D’Arcy seemingly immovable, Trimble’s international development was slightly stunted despite a lightning start to his Test career.

The wider Irish rugby public first caught sight of the Coleraine man when he debuted at centre against Australia in November 2005. With three tries in his first three internationals, Trimble certainly made his mark.

Voted Ulster Rugby Player of the Year in 2006 a year in which he scored Test tries against France, New Zealand and South Africa he continued to look the part but Hickie won back the left wing berth for the 2007 Six Nations.

Despite his undeniable form with Ulster he scored 10 tries in 19 games for the province last season Trimble only started one Six Nations game, the opening 19 9 win over Wales, as Horgan and Hickie filled the wing slots.

Trimble fought his way back to start Ireland’s World Cup opener last September scoring a try in the 32 17 victory over Namibia.

Roll on six months and the Ballymena clubman has literally taken centre stage, joining O’Driscoll in a new look centre partnership after D’Arcy’s untimely arm injury against Italy last month.

Speaking at the team hotel in Killiney this week, Trimble outlined his goals for Ireland winning the Six Nations and World Cup titles was mentioned. In the short term, he is determined to soak up every bit of information he can from the squad’s more experienced players.

“I’d be very ambitious. I know Rob (Kearney) is and Tommy (Bowe) is, and Lukey Fitz (Luke Fitzgerald) as well. We’re all guys that want to learn and develop and become leaders like the rest of the guys,” he explained.

“We want to eventually get to the point where we’re in their shoes and hopefully we can pass something on to younger guys as well.

“But we’re not there yet,
white timberland boots for men 'Ambitious' Trimble Looks To The Future
we’re still learning and still developing and that’s something that’s been brought through and is becoming more apparent throughout the tournament and this year.

“Hopefully this is a transition point for us. I think the transition points are often the best points because you get that good blend of youth and experience I know that’s a bit of a cliche but I think that’s very important that you get that.

“I think we’re starting to get that about right and not just in the backs, but in the forwards as well.”

Saturday’s game will be Trimble’s third Test match against Wales and having reviewed their recent games since Warren Gatland has come on board, he has been impressed by their form.

“England were exceptional in the first half against Wales. It takes a really good side to get out of that position and as much as the Welsh made a few mistakes, they made up for it and they did enough work to get out of it and especially away from home, that’s very difficult to do.

“You’ve got to take your hat off to them. They did a really good job that day and have done very well since against Scotland and Italy,” he added.

“They’ve changed their defence this year and they’re still extremely effective in defence. They put their opposition under a lot of pressure on the ball and that’s really good.

“With a new coach and everything changing they are still really, really effective in defence. We can admire that and take something from it but at the same time, look at it and analyse and exploit the weaknesses in it.”

Wales are a team that thrive on confidence, there is no doubt about that, but that fact will not make a difference to Ireland’s approach to the game according to Trimble.

“They can see how their confidence has grown (over the course of the tournament). I don’t think that that would change our approach to the game whoever we’re playing against, whether they’re building confidence or not,
white timberland boots for men 'Ambitious' Trimble Looks To The Future
we want to get stuck into them very early.

“Any team’s going to start doubting themselves if they’re going backwards for the first 20 minutes. That’s what we’re going to look to do (to Wales) and hopefully we’ll be able to set the tone for the rest of the game at that stage.”

timberland 6 inch ‘I went through hell’ Revenge porn victim speaks out about ordeal as creep is sentenced

timberland shirts uk ‘I went through hell’ Revenge porn victim speaks out about ordeal as creep is sentenced

First person convicted under new ‘revenge porn’ laws after creep threatened to post sex video of ex onlineKelly, a beauty therapy student from Erskine, Renfrewshire, waived her right to anonymity to speak out about her ordeal and the sentence dished out to Leitch.She said: “I’m delighted he got the biggest sentence he could have got without being jailed.”It shows that I was telling the truth all the way through and he was lying.”He was telling people he had been charged with breach of the peace, not sending images of me. This just proves he did and I’m happy about that.”Kelly, 29, said she was devastated when Leitch passed on the images.She added: “I went through hell and took all sorts of abuse.”There were several images. One of them was a full naked picture of me.”I was with the guy for four years I didn’t think he would do something like that.”The mum of one urged other victims of revenge porn to go to police.Revenge porn creep threatened to leak x rated video of Tinder date if she didn’t apologise for ‘being cheeky’She added: “This doesn’t just happen outside relationships it can happen in a trusted relationship. If it ever happens to you, don’t be intimidated.”Don’t be scared by personal threats. Come forward, go to the police and get them charged for it.”Call centre worker Leitch of Clydebank, near Glasgow, pleaded guilty to a charge of behaving in a threatening and abusive manner likely to cause a reasonable person to suffer fear or alarm by electronically sharing sexually explicit photographs.His lawyer said the accused was “embarrassed” and aware of “the stress he had caused the victim”.Sheriff David Pender told Leitch he could have sent him to jail but decided against it as he had only sent the images of Kelly to one person.Read MoreTop news stories todayCourtsBritain First chief Jayda Fransen shouts ‘No Surrender’ after leaving dock in BelfastFransen made global headlines last month after US President Donald Trump retweeted some of her videos and she is back in the limelight again for allegedly using anti Islamic hate speech.Craig WhyteRangers’ liquidators locked in 2.8m legal battle with firm once linked to Craig WhyteLawyers for Wavetower want a chunk of the 30m that liquidators BDO are believed to have recovered after the Ibrox club’s financial collapse.Knife crimeKnife murderer who killed young dad is left fighting for his own life after prison stabbingViolent thug John Blake, who stabbed young dad of two Sean Stark to death, was attacked in Glenochil prison last weekend.Glasgow’This guy has nothing’ Thousands raised for Glasgow homeless hero who guarded car with 450 insideJohn McMonagle wants to give James John McGeown 5000 to say thanks after he went out of his way to stop the cash being taken.Kyle Falconer’Is that right ya p?’ Scots rocker Kyle Falconer ‘penniless’ after 25k bill for boozy air rageThe View frontman has been fined 1000, with another 24,000 in costs after squaring up to a fellow passenger and hurling a homophobic insult at a cabin crew member in June last year.Bad WeatherNew weather warnings issued for ice with big freeze creating dangerous driving conditionsThe bad weather has led to a number of road collisions and a spike in the amount of injuries caused by people slipping.BabiesBaby born with bowels outside his body gets all clear in time for ChristmasAlbie Daley developed Gastroschisis which affects one in 3000 babies and had to have life saving surgery at four hours old.
timberland 6 inch 'I went through hell' Revenge porn victim speaks out about ordeal as creep is sentenced

timberland 6 boot ‘Everything I needed to know I learned in McDonald’s’

timberland caps ‘Everything I needed to know I learned in McDonald’s’

News that McDonald’s will offer “A level grade” training courses has been met with jibes about “McDiplomas” and “McQualifications”. But for journalist John Hand, learning the ropes in a fast food restaurant was a grounding for life.

It’s easy to be flippant about flipping burgers at the world’s biggest fast food chain. Health aficionados dismiss the food you prepare, conditions in the industry are far from glamorous and the uniform is guaranteed to deter anyone with an ounce of sartorial sense.

But as a teenager trying to scrape my way through sixth form and then journalism college, my three years as a part timer at McDonald’s in Luton taught me many valuable lessons about life.

It is notable that those who have positive things to say about the McDonald’s working experience are those who threw themselves into it, without any cynicism.

That means caring deeply about the company’s four central tenets quality, service, cleanliness and value.

I understood the sound business principles behind asking “Is that a large?” or “Do you want fries with that?”, so didn’t feel at all self conscious about chanting the then obligatory mantras at every customer.

I’ve since learned I was in good company. Andrew H Card, otherwise known as President Bush’s chief of staff between 2001 and 2006, has spoken glowingly of his time at the Golden Arches.

“I enjoyed the challenge of adding up the bill before it could be punched on the cash register buttons,” he wrote in an article for the Wall Street Journal. “It wasn’t long before I became a shift leader and then the night manager. Boy, did I learn how to manage!”

The comfortably salaried may sneer but I found there was always something very honest about a job with an hourly rate where you had to clock in and out, even for (unpaid) breaks.

Timing was everything. There was a premium rate on offer for working beyond 2300 but under 18s had to stop at midnight, so there was an acquired art to getting that all important “00:00” stamp on your timecard.

As the hours clocked up, they brought a very useful part time wage. When the time came to leave for a “proper job” in journalism,
timberland 6 boot 'Everything I needed to know I learned in McDonald's'
it actually brought with it a cut in pay.


While I spurned the offer to progress my McDonald’s career full time with a place at its “Hamburger University” formally known as an intensive 18 week Management Development programme the company says it is possible to have a fulfilling career in fast food.

Certainly, its ceaseless global expansion gives adventurous employees a chance to see the world. Shortly before my A levels, I was given the chance to temporarily decamp to Russia to help train staff at the company’s first store in Moscow. The catch was that I would have had to take intensive Russian lessons. I managed to learn a shameful three words before realising my ambitions lay this side of the Baltic sea.

Another key lesson I’ve taken with me from those teenage years at the hot grill is to ensure you take your lead from more than one person.

I had an ever enthusiastic trainer who just told me to “follow what I do”. The fact that she was left handed and I was impressionable enough to heed her words exactly was a deadly combination. It was only after a fortnight of agonisingly slow burger flipping and bun dressing that I worked alongside another colleague who put me right, in more ways than one.

Since then, I’ve always had the nous when trained how to do something to check whether there is a better or quicker way of completing the job.

Our store in Luton was in an area with a very large Muslim population, and was one of the first McDonald’s outlets to experiment (albeit briefly) with offering halal meat. I was also on a workforce made up of colleagues of various races, religions and ages. I first learned about the observance of Ramadan through colleagues who had to time their meal breaks accordingly.

And as a 16 year old occasionally managing the work of people sometimes two generations older, I learned that mutual respect is the most important tactic to get the best work from any colleague.


A regular role for me was as production caller, the rather shouty person you see and hear at every busy McDonald’s situated between the tills and the kitchen, communicating in strange codes such as “6,4 on the turn” and calculating how many burgers have been cooked at any time to avoid having customers waiting.

Food which then went unsold for more than 10 minutes had to be thrown away so anyone who panicked and overestimated how many Big Macs the post football crowd would consume risked the wrath of a target aware manager. A salutary lesson in household management if ever there was one.


Some things never change and McDonald’s, like many employers of a similar nature, has always had to contend with high staff turnover.

At least that always meant we had a newly gullible victim who could be instructed to polish the traffic lights outside the store or count the ice cubes in the ice machine.

The high staff turnover is often used by critics as an indication of low staff morale at McDonald’s but the feeling among many of my colleagues was that we were on our way to other careers I can count a tax inspector and a detective among my former co workers.

Health and Safety might frown on such behaviour in these more enlightened times, but I kept a pair of shoes with especially slippery soles for my shifts behind the McDonald’s counter.

With them, I could glide at speed around the restaurant floor and deliver orders at (near) breakneck speed. They became my secret weapon as I whizzed into the final of Till Person of the Year (held at the country’s busiest store on the busiest Saturday before Christmas).

I didn’t win but I’m sure those shoes are still around somewhere any time I need to react to some fast breaking news.
timberland 6 boot 'Everything I needed to know I learned in McDonald's'

timberland boots size guide A Beauty Bound

timberland custom boots A Beauty Bound

> A beautiful feline walks past you. Her shirt stops at her mid section showing her rose tatoo on her stomach, and her capri show her tatoo of the butterfly on her ankle. She smiles at you and kindly says”Hello”[iHRTloveHRTpirates][straight][single,looking] [mood: HRTvery sweetHRT][Orlando Bloom is a HOTTIE!!!!!!][Johnny Depp is so cool!][Is a part of the Infamous Five][if im alone, talk to me im bored to death!! and i dont want to die!][best friend(s):Koyo]cookez >

> A smalll eather backpack is slung over her right shoulder. In it contains a book and writing things. She wears a pure white tabk top and a normal pair of flares. No shoes bare her feet paws. Around her neck sways a silver chain, with a shiney hanging from it. Piercing blue eyes tell waht she thinking, most of the time. [Mute by choice][Only talks to those she trusts][Looking for an artist]

Look what I picked up on gaydar! HA Another poor newfurre.

> Vibrant whisps of a beautiful October morning glistened and curled over thin, peachy visage. Red tresses were all left in a mess and half of it was restrained back with an obnoxious, tasteless bandana; a yellow one. Sapphire painted irises were then narrowed into mischevious slits and a delicious, yet devious ever present smirk quirked upon soft, moist lips. A form fitting peacoat snugged muscular physique and gray slacks tightly hugged hips. .::Telepathic::.[Well Manored Fool] C6

Look at how sexy my description is compared to the other n00bs.

reflectionsofdeath growls playfully and says watch it i bite:P

Wow, I like how Lizzy dream is coming along. There so many nifty commands! Like, when you say poops or pees, you can leave a nice yellow puddle on the floor, or smear chocolate thingies on the ground. When you say it will transport you to a place to sleep! It so neat! And great if you too lazy to go for a walk by tapping the arrow keys five times. recalls Alicia, shakes her head, and sighs in dissapointment. If only those commands were available back then. 🙁

But besides that, our beloved mascot ended up getting caught on the black floortile of doom and he couldn move!!! What happened He pissed his pants and no one would save him because they were too busy having sex. THEN. NORAH NOTICED HIM STUCK AND SUMMONED HIM OUT! However. the piss puddle is still there. Ewwies. :p

There isn much to really mention here. Alicia, you a crazy bitch if you reading this. Yeah, I know you are. With those twitchy eyes of yours. You must do something about those demented eyes. :[ I mean, it always one eye is bigger than the other. WHY, WOMAN, WHY cough.

Oh, and Sabah dizzy. Someone needs to snatch that beer away from her. ponders. AND GIVE IT TO MEEE!!! BEER! IT IS FUN TO GET DRUNK AND WOBBLE AROUND LIKE A COMPLETE IDIOT!! Maybe it those drugs. those japanese drugs that Alicia has. I WANT YOUR POCKY!!! I WANT YOUR MEN POCKY!!
timberland boots size guide A Beauty Bound
! Kthxbye.

Grab the Summoning because I said so! Haha.

I have been debating whether or not I should change the look of my blog because it all blergh. I mean, I still love Reno because he such a sweetheart, but. you know. Ah, screw it. Reno baby is so staying on my blog. I mean, those chains. that chest. Mmm. Speaking of Reno in chains, I wonder where Emily is. Probably sleeping in bed. XD I bet she looks really cute when she sleeps. One of these days when she over, I sneaking into my room at night and I going to cuddle her. Maybe kiss her while she asleep. Ehehehe.

I wonder if I could access the Furcadia patches website. Dunno. I really need some new yummy patches. I have also seen some pretty kickass patches out there. oO; Er. besides Sabah work of course. XD! thinks. Oh, and Furcadia is still being owned by Schwarz. Ohhhhno. 🙁

What a cute L song. Eeee. Carress of Venus is so cheerful. Kind of bouncy. It makes me happy.

and now, time for a romance story.

omg so tehn she leend in and kissd hre l0vrs lipz and it all felt hot and good and eet was mating seesin so then thay fuxed on mommyes bed and had babiez out the azzSunday, August 3, 2003

timberland boots for men ‘Humiliated’ woman banned from her own pool because of her ‘inappropriate’ swim suit

timberland mukluk boots ‘Humiliated’ woman banned from her own pool because of her ‘inappropriate’ swim suit

This, in theory, should grant them access whenever they like.Yet on Wednesday Tori was turned away from the pool and left humiliated by the scrutiny she had been subjected to.The reason for this scrutiny was her bathing suit.Tori was accused of wearing a thong style costume and that within three minutes of her arrival several complaints had been made.Here’s what she wore. A furious Tyler took to Facebook to express his anger at the way his partner had been treated.”Today my fianc was faced with either changing her bathing suit, covering up with shorts, or leaving the pool that we paid a $300 fee to maintain on top of a monthly rent of nearly $1000.The couple and their friends were in a state of disbelief. “So, Tori decided to go to the apartment office, which I regret not accompanying her on, and address the issue politely and in a more private setting.”The leasing consultant in the office then insisted Tori have her picture taken ‘to show “how inappropriate” her bathing suit was, and instructed her to look into a mirror at her own body.”When my fianc replied with ‘I know what I look like, I bought this myself, it’s not a thong’ the consultant told Tori that if she didn’t have kids herself, she wouldn’t understand.”The situation went from bad to worse.Tori was then told a “‘normal bathing suit covers your entire butt’ and “was told that her body, because it’s built more curvy than others is ‘too inappropriate’ for children to be around.”She was told ‘there are a lot of teenage boys in this complex, and you don’t need to excite them.’Mum in backless top ordered to leave garden shop after staff call her outfit ‘inappropriate'”I’ve never seen my fianc embarrassed to the point where she can’t even look her best friends in the face.”I’ve never seen her cry like she did in our apartment today. Never seen her want to be isolated like that.”All because some ignorant aholes think they can police the size and shape of her body. I’ve never seen a woman so disrespected.”
timberland boots for men 'Humiliated' woman banned from her own pool because of her 'inappropriate' swim suit

timberland watch ‘At least I can wear heels now’ Katie Holmes back in heels post Tom Cruise split but has she taken tips from Nicole Kidman

uk timberland boots cheap ‘At least I can wear heels now’ Katie Holmes back in heels post Tom Cruise split but has she taken tips from Nicole Kidman

“At least I can wear heels now”: Is Katie Holmes taking tips from Nicole Kidman? Shop 20 hot heels here (sorry Tom)Nicole Kidman hit new heel highs following her split from Tom Cruise and now Katie Holmes has followed suit too. Coincidence?18:12, 3 JUL 2012Updated15:31, 25 SEP 2012Katie Holmes is back in her heels. let’s celebrate with a hot heel shop Katie Holmes may be going through a tough high profile divorce but every cloud has as it’s silver lining and hers? Well, she gets to wear heels again. huzzah!Okay, she probably has more pressing things to deal with right now like being stalked but it doesn’t mean Ms Holmes can’t treat herself to some feel good footwear.Remember when Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise spilt up in 2001? Nicole was back on the red carpet in a flash, and in the flashiest most statuesque heels we’d seen in a long time and admitted, “At least I can wear heels now!”.Nicole Kidster more like.So this is 3am’s call to Katie, make like Kidman and treat you’re newly single feet to a pair of the towering heels below. and if you don’t fancy it? Mind if we all do?Katie isn’t just letting her heels do the talking this week, her closet’s been spilling some secrets too, see.CELEBRITY SOLE SEARCHINGAt least we can all wear heels now.Shopping adviceSavvy shopper reveals best times of day to visit Primark, Zara, Mango and Topshop to beat crowds and get new itemsIf you time it well, you could have an advantage over other shoppersDarren DayJustice to go! Darren Day OWNS Twitter troll who accused him of attention seeking in Costa coffeeThe performer, who’s currently starring in Peter Pan at Hull’s New Theatre, took no nonsenseLove IslandLove Island’s Jamie Jewitt rages at weeping Camilla Thurlow as body language expert dismisses his explanation for rowThe pair were seen arguing outside The Charge II boxing fundraiser at The Lindley HallLauren GoodgerLauren Goodger’s startling new look has shocked fans hinting she has reconciled with jailbird loverThe TOWIE star, who has split from jailbird boyfriend Joey MorrisonTeachersLecturer slammed after getting down on her knees and demonstrating on student how to put condom on with your mouthThe lecturer was filmed putting a condom onto a plastic penis being held by a shell shocked student in BrazilGun crimeHeartbreaking hospital picture of eight month old baby shot in the leg and arm with 30 pelletsBaby John Doyle was hit with a hail of pellets as his family put up a Christmas tree at their home in DublinCourt caseSchoolboy is ‘beaten by Pakistani men for dating a girl from their family who told him “Don’t mess with our blood”‘The Bengali student was taken prisoner by the Pakistani girl’s uncle, before her father, brother and cousin all joined in the attack, a court heardFIFA Club World CupReal Madrid vs Gremio LIVE score and goal updates from Club World Cup final in Abu DhabiGareth Bale stepped off the bench to score the winner in the semi final victory over Al Jazira in midweekBitcoinFour bedroomed family home in Essex becomes first house in UK to be sold entirely for BitcoinThe price is set in sterling at 350,000 but the payment will be made at the prevailing Bitcoin exchange rate on the dayManchester City vs TottenhamManchester City vs Tottenham live score and goal updates as Pep Guardiola’s men bid to make it 16 wins on the spinCity continued their push for the title against West Brom in midweek but can Tottenham stop them in their tracks?Premier LeagueWatford vs Huddersfield live score and goal updates from Premier League encounter at Vicarage RoadWatford slipped to a dramatic defeat at Crystal Palace in midweek and will look to return to winning ways herePremier LeagueStoke vs West Ham live score and goal updates from crunch Premier League clash at bet365 StadiumThe Hammers have picked up in recent weeks but Stoke and Mark Hughes are in big trouble at the bottom of the tablePlanesDrunkest plane passenger ever?: Woman ‘so intoxicated she couldn’t stand’ arrested for attacking flight attendant
timberland watch 'At least I can wear heels now' Katie Holmes back in heels post Tom Cruise split but has she taken tips from Nicole Kidman

womens timberland nellie boots ‘I’ll fight on to find out why Junior died’ Mum’s agony as eight

timberland shoes sale uk ‘I’ll fight on to find out why Junior died’ Mum’s agony as eight

‘I’ll fight on to find out why Junior died’ Mum’s agony as eight month probe fails to deliver answers over tragic totDanielle Wilson fears drug given to baby Junior during tests at Glasgow hospital played part in his death.06:00, 3 OCT 2017Mum Danielle Wilson is determined to find out why baby Junior died (Image: Phil Dye/Daily Record)

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A devastated mum is still seeking answers over her infant son’s death after medics admitted serious failings with his treatment.

Danielle Wilson lost a second baby in three years when tiny Junior died in January.

We previously revealed she was willing to have his body exhumed to find the truth behind his tragic death.

‘We have a right to know what happened’ Desperate mum pleads for baby son’s body to be exhumed to find answers over his tragic death

Danielle fears a drug given to Junior during tests at Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital played a part.

Now, after an eight month probe, a report has criticised the medical care Junior received during his short life.

But Danielle, 25,
womens timberland nellie boots 'I'll fight on to find out why Junior died' Mum's agony as eight
said: “I am still just being messed about.

“When we had a meeting to discuss the report, I felt so let down. I had waited so long for answers and then nothing.”

The report which refers to Junior as Baby A said: “The management of Baby A’s birth fell below expected standards.

“This lapse in care has been discussed with Ms A and an unreserved apology given. Baby A’s initial resuscitation was flawed but the review team were satisfied this was not likely to have had any impact on the eventual outcome.”

Danielle, of Paisley, said: “My daughter Brooke died in 2014. There was nothing they could do she was just born too soon.

“But I feel things were not done properly with Junior.

Mum of four was drunk at 13, pregnant at 15, on Valium at 16 and heroin at 18

“They gave him a drug called indomethacin and it can worsen the problems he had. I’m sure the drug killed my son. They wouldn’t give me a post mortem and I’m not getting answers.

“The midwife who went off and left me to deliver my son won’t have any action against her. They have just said they followed their protocols.

“It is not good enough. Junior deserves better than to just be treated like a number and dismissed. We have a right to know what happened to him.”

Former admin worker Danielle had Brooke in March 2014 but she was stillborn at 22 weeks. Junior was born at 26 weeks on December 27 last year and died on January 15.

Danielle said Junior was given indomethacin in relation to a heart condition known as PDA.

PDA is relatively common in premature babies and indomethacin is often used to treat it but Junior also suffered from a serious illness called necrotising enterocolitis, which kills off tissue in infant bowels.

There have been concerns that indomethacin can make necrotising enterocolitis worse,
womens timberland nellie boots 'I'll fight on to find out why Junior died' Mum's agony as eight
although studies rejected a link.