kids timberland coats Allbirds Wool Runners Launch to Take on Shoe Giants

timberland cheap Allbirds Wool Runners Launch to Take on Shoe Giants

Next in line for disruption: sneakers.

Allbirds, a new San Francisco based startup aimed at designing environmentally friendly and comfortable footwear, launched Mar. 1. Its first product is called the Wool Runner, a minimalist sneaker made of natural textiles. The $95 shoes, for men and women, come in five colors and can only be purchased online. The company is offering a generous return policy and plans to donate returned goods to Sole4Soles, a charity.

The two year old firm is the latest entry into the so called anonymous luxury category which has grown quickly in the years since the financial crisis. Warby Parker, a maker of tony eyeglasses, helped kick off the direct to consumer trend when it launched in 2010. Since then, it has been joined by Everlane, M. Gemi in women shoes and DSTLD in denim. Like them,
kids timberland coats Allbirds Wool Runners Launch to Take on Shoe Giants
Allbirds claims rigid adherence to quality and minimalist design.

Co founders Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger have been working on the concept for several years, developing superfine New Zealand merino wool suitable for use in shoes. Brown is a former professional soccer player and graduate from the London School of Economics and Political Science; Zwillinger is a biotech engineer with a focus on renewable materials. When Brown launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in 2014 to produce a test version of the shoes, he received $100,000 in backing in four days. and New Zealand, raising some $2.7 million in a funding round led by Lerer Hippeau Ventures. (Warby Parker Dave Gilboa is also an investor.)

Brown says the company is focusing on minimalism, even as it begins considering eventually branching into other styles. want them to be the uniform of every day, very utilitarian, he says. isn another choice; there are no dragons; there nothing emblazoned on the side. (The company name is an oblique reference to what the first settlers of Brown native New Zealand found when they arrived the island was birds.
kids timberland coats Allbirds Wool Runners Launch to Take on Shoe Giants

timberland booties Amber Alert continues in L

timberland liverpool Amber Alert continues in L

The alleged abduction of 15 month old Noe Reyna by his father Carlos Reyna, 35, has led to an Amber Alert. The boy was taken from Boyle Heights.

Noe Reyna is believed to have been taken by 35 year old Carlos Reyna, who does not have custody rights, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Tuesday in the 2000 block of East Fourth Street.

The California Highway Patrol issued an Amber Alert for Noe early this morning for Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties.

Related: Wednesday morning vague Amber Alert caused lots of confusion, anger among recipients

The LAPD said the family told investigators that the father has ties in Mexico.

A court issued an order Tuesday for the Department of Children Family Services to take Noe into protective custody, police said. Both parents were in court and were notified of the court order.

The parents were in court on a narcotics related issue when they lost custody, according to reports from the scene.

DCFS officials went to the parents home to pick up the boy when they realized he was gone, as well as his father, investigators told reporters at the scene.

Reyna fled with Noe without taking diapers or formula, police said. A Hollenbeck Division officer added that police the baby is not in danger.

Noe is Hispanic, 2 feet tall, about 35 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a yellow shirt, black shorts with two green stripes and black tennis shoes. He is believed to be wearing a white T shirt,
timberland booties Amber Alert continues in L
blue jeans, brown boots and is using a red stroller. Bloodhounds are aiding in the search for the boy, according to reports from the kidnapping scene. Although we do not pre screen comments, we reserve the right at all times to remove any information or materials that are unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane, indecent or otherwise objectionable to us, and to disclose any information necessary to satisfy the law, regulation, or government request. We might permanently block any user who abuses these conditions.
timberland booties Amber Alert continues in L

boots timberland Alt’s Vin Vericose transforms from Minnesota boy to porn star

14 inch timberland boots Alt’s Vin Vericose transforms from Minnesota boy to porn star

FJERSTAD IS NOW A REGULAR MALE TALENT FOR Vivid Alt, an imprint of Vivid Entertainment that features dark haired punk girls with tattoos and piercings rather than surgically sculpted breasts and dyed blond hair.

He’s entering the industry at one of the worst times for adult entertainment, when even the most prominent stars are seeing a dent in their paychecks and a deficit of work.

Industry experts estimate that sales and rentals of pornographic DVDs have fallen as much as 50 percent since 2006, when proceeds reached a high of $3.62 billion.

“The entire porn industry is in trouble,” says Lux Alptraum, editor of the sex oriented blog Fleshbot. “Adult entertainment used to be a business that was considered recession proof, but it’s hurting like everything else.”

“Performers were hitting an unattainable ideal through the overuse of plastic surgery,” he says. “It was just getting unreal. Alt porn doesn’t mean we use unattractive people necessarily, but we are definitely more about everyone’s real style.”

McKai wanted to hit a market of people who might not be porn fanatics, but can easily connect to his work because of their relationship to the alternative scene. Seeing actors they find attractive and hearing music they enjoy could make the feature more accessible.

McKai met Fjerstad in 2008 and quickly saw his potential to fit Vivid Alt’s image.

“He’s really sweet and kind of naive in this way that you can respect,” McKai says. “He’s really attractive, but nerdy. He’s real and has a look and vibe that women respond to.”

The women still get all the attention and the cash; they make $700 to $1,800 for a sex scene, while men make $250 to $900. But McKai says not to underestimate the importance of guys like Fjerstad.

Sporting a bowl cut, braces, baggy JNCO jeans, and an ill fitting Limp Bizkit T shirt, he nicknamed himself Choad and started a rumor that he was stalking the hottest girl in class. The scheme worked. Girls recognized him as “the stalker” and would approach to ask if the rumor was true. He’d deny it and charm them with his quirky humor.

At home, Chad was just like any awkward teen boy, bursting into puberty and spending too much time perfecting the art of masturbation. Before discovering scrambled porn, Spice Girls music videos did the trick. He became obsessed with Ginger Spice in the “Say You’ll be There” video, where she sports a barely there leather outfit and red thigh high stockings.

One time he started jacking off to the Spice Girls video, but the song ended before he did. Next up were three beautiful young blondes belting bubble gum pop.

“It was the second time I had seen the video and I still thought Taylor and Zac Hanson were girls, and that they were attractive girls, so I continued what I was doing to the Hanson video,” Chad recalls. “That’s pretty much the whole story, but that’s pretty awesome, right?”

In ninth grade, Chad used a website template to create a list of every girl in his grade. He handed out the link to kids and asked them to vote for the hottest girl on the list. Pretty soon the site had thousands of anonymous votes.

In high school, Chad joined the local metalcore scene. He formed Nehemiah in 2000, playing bass guitar at all ages shows at venues like the Garage. The band’s fast experimental riffs,
boots timberland Alt's Vin Vericose transforms from Minnesota boy to porn star
metal breakdowns, and screaming vocals gained a strong high school fan base.

“I was growing out of the n metal thing,” Fjerstad says. “I didn’t feel like wearing black nail polish and butterfly clips anymore.”

His hardcore band persona, combined with his new clean cut look, made him even harder to pigeonhole.

“A lot of people who don’t know me think I am a tool or a douchebag, and it’s because I come across so poorly,” he says. “I’ve changed a lot, but that outside perspective has always been there. People always made it apparent I was the weirdest person they knew.”

“I was definitely in love with her, and the sex problem is what pulled us apart,” he says. “I fell out of love with her because I wasn’t satisfied with the sex. She was normal sexually and I wasn’t.”

Fjerstad craved wild, promiscuous sex. His newfound obsession seemed to perfectly fit with his passion for the porn industry. Not only did he watch porn regularly, but he would have friends over to watch and critique the films in his basement.

“If you want to do porn, you have to want to have sex with a lot of people,” Fjerstad says. “Clearly I know it’s not a great thing and there are a lot of negative aspects to it, but it’s what got me into the porn industry.”

Fjerstad saw porn as a world where he could have the wildest sex possible and be celebrated rather than scorned. It was like going out barhopping and picking up girls without the drama and awkward conversation the next morning.

His next girlfriend was considering a career as a porn star, too. The two decided to film their own sex scene and put it up on the internet for fun.

Fjerstad held a video camera as he stood up on the bed in a cluttered room. She pulled down his boxers and launched right into a blowjob. As things heated up, the camerawork got shaky. Fjerstad breathed heavily and moaned.

After editing the scene, Fjerstad submitted the video to an amateur site. Weeks later, his relationship fizzled just as the video made its debut online. His ex girlfriend called constantly, blaming him for trying to spite her.

“It’s just a bad memory from a relationship that ended poorly, and it’s up there right next to my real work,” he says. “I just wish I could make it go away so we can both stop thinking about it.”

By 2005, Fjerstad had a full time gig touring with his new band, Dead to Fall. At one point, his band stayed with one of the starlets from alt porn site RazorDolls. When she heard Fjerstad was a porn freak, she insisted he do a scene with her. He couldn’t turn it down.

Soon after, RazorDolls asked him back to do a scene with Riley Mason. She assured him it would be a one on one with her. But when he got to the hotel room for the shoot, 12 people were milling about, including many of his porn idols: Stoya, Page Morgan, Dane Cross, Violet Skye,
boots timberland Alt's Vin Vericose transforms from Minnesota boy to porn star
and Jack the Zipper.

timberland 14 inch boots All the best live Cyber Monday laptop

timberland splitrock boots black All the best live Cyber Monday laptop

The Chromebook is a new, faster computer. It starts in seconds, and offers thousands of apps. It has built in virus protection, and backs up your stuff in the cloud.

Acer Chromebook 14 CB3 431, was 249.99 now 179.99

For the price, this is a seriously stylish looking laptop. Great for those on the go, its best feature is its battery life which supplies up to 13 hours off a single charge.

HP Chromebook, Low price: 199.99

Specs: 1.6 GHz Processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage

With a super slim design, this option is designed specifically for those on the move with up to 12.45 hours of battery life and all day portability.

Can’t decide between a powerful laptop and the convenience of a tablet? Well, you can get the best of both worlds with a 2 in 1 laptop. These convertible laptops combine the functionality of a touch screen laptop with the portable convenience of a tablet in one lightweight device.

ASUS T102HA GR036T 10.1 inch 2 in 1 Transformer, was 599 now 519.99

Specs:Intel Atom X5 Z8350,4GB ram, 64GB storage

If you’re torn between a tablet and full size laptop, this could be a good halfway house.

Lenovo MIIX laptop, was 199.98 now 179.98

Specs: Intel Atom x5 Z8350 Processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage

This is cheap for a 2 in 1 laptop. There’s limited RAM and storage, though, but enough for some.

Acer R11 2 in 1 laptop, was 219 now 199

Specs: Intel Celeron, 4GB RAM, 32GB storage

Enjoy a full day on the go with this laptops 8 hour battery life and TrueHarmony speaker technology that optimises sound.

HP Pavilion 2 in 1, was 449, now 429

Specs: Windows 10, 4GB RAM, 500GB storage

With an impressive 15.6 inch screen and Intel HD graphics, this option is great for watching movies, while music lovers will appreciate the B Play audio technology.

Gaming computers are powerful machines with advanced cooling mechanisms, meaning you can play high end games without worrying about your machine crashing or lagging.
timberland 14 inch boots All the best live Cyber Monday laptop

timberland bots Amarina’s Journal

timberland driving shoes Amarina’s Journal

Well the last couple of weeks have been tough times here. We were all set for Amarina to go into surgery on Friday the 17th of April and we were rang up last week to be told it has been cancelled yet again. Needless to say we are not happy about this at all. We have been waiting for 2 years for her surgery and now it has been cancelled twice on us. Once again we will have to reorganise everything until we get the next date.

Kye is not coping with it all and whenever we get a date he gets really angry with everything. Kye is currently on school holidays and although he is enjoying it, he wants to go back to school and his friends. Amarina is still happy and taking everything in her stride. Jamie and myself are annoyed at all the changes and are hoping the next appointment date will go ahead. The doctor’s say it could be early May so myself personally am hoping she will be home for her 4th birthday.

I have finally calmed down after recieving the news that it has been cancelled so can now write this report calmly. On other news, Amarina is coping well at day care and loves being able to play with other children and do different activities there. Kye turns 5 in less then 2 weeks so we are looking at having a party for him this. He missed out last year because of having a broken leg. He went to his first birthday party on Saturday and enjoyed that although he didn’t want to come home.

The Easter Bunny came to both the kidsalthough he brough Kye some chocolate and both the kids some yoghurt. He also brought Amarina a fairy wand, fairy crown and some hair ties. He knew Amarina doesn’t eat chocolate so substituted eggs for other things. How Nice.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with their loved ones. Hopefully next report we will have another date for Amarina’s surgery for you all.

Amarina has finally been given a date for her amputation and correction of her left foot!

She is being admitted to the Royal Children’s Hospital on the 26th of March so we have been busy trying to organise things for then.

On other good news, Amarina gained 580 grams this fortnight bringing her total weight to 11.23 kilo’s. Hopefully she will keep it on and continue to gain but we will wait and see.

Amarina has continued to enjoy day care and loves playing with her friends there and the staff. She has continued to gain more and more knowledge and skills since being in the next room and amazes us constantly.

Kye is loving school and we have arranged for him to have some work to do while we are at the hospitla with Amarina. He will have at least 3 days off school, then hopefully he can return for the last week of term. He is becoming more confident and independant with each days passing. He understands about Amarina losing her leg but time will tell when he sees it for the first time. He makes us so proud with how he protects and cares for Amarina. We are both very lucky to have both the kids love each other as much as these two do.

Another busy fortnight with a visit to the pediatrician on the 11th of February. He was happy to see how she is progressing but annoyed that she still has no operation date for her leg. He saw lots of changes in her though which was good. Amarina has also started eating more of the food that the rest of us eat and loves 2 minute noodles. She loves most pasta also which is good.

Day care has been going well for Amarina and she loves being there with the other kids although she misses Kye. The other kids there keep an eye out for her and make sure she is happy. It’s so funny to see her getting looked after by the others when we let her cope here by doing what she is comfortable with. Amarina has a little step there now which she uses to climb up to the sink so that she can wash her hands before and after eating.

Now for the bad news. Amarina was weighed on Tuesday the 17th of February and lost 380 grams bringing her weight back down to 10.65 kilo’s. No matter how much she eats the heat will always get to her and make her lose. Amarina is happy though and that is all we can ask for.

The fires here n Victoria has been devastating and the day care centre is having a fancy dress day this Monday to raise funds for the victims. Kye’s school is having an auction on the 27th of February to raise funds for the victims also and have had some wonderful items donated to them. It is great to see the support that people have given during this time of such loss.

Kye is still enjoying school and on the 16th of February he took his dog for news. All the kids loved seeing Deedia there and Kye was so proud of being able to talk about his dog. He is making more friends there and a lot of the kids in higher classes know him, so as we enter or leave the school there is this chorus of kids saying bye to Kye. He brings home a reader every night and sits there reading it with us. He is becoming more and more independent since starting school although he calls is class.

Not much else has happened here. My eldest niece turned 21 on the 17th of February and had a great day. The weather is warming up here again this week so we are all praying that the fires do not make a return.

Hope everyone has a great week with their loved ones and take care of yourselves.

Well I finally have a computer back so can now do Amarina’s report again. The last three weeks have been constant for us all. We have had very hot weather here for the last week or more and so Amarina hasn’t been too happy about that but with the fan and air conditioner on she has coped.

She has been having heaps of fun at day care and getting around on her little cart as helped her become more independent. The centre has also had a little step made for her so as then she can climb onto that and wash her hands before and after meals. She has been playing a lot with the dolls there, putting them to bed etc and loving to draw.

Medically wise Amarina had an appointment with the Cardiologist last Tuesday (3rd of February) and although her PDA is still opened it looks like it is slowly closing. The doctors will review her again in October so fingers crossed things are looking better by then. She was weighed again on the 29th of January and her weight has finally again reached 11 kilo’s. She now weighs 11.03 kilo’s and we are hoping she will continue to gain. One thing that we have discovered about Amarina is that she loves Baked Spuds. Whenever we go out for lunch and I order one she has to have her bit of it too. It is so funny to see how excited she gets when she sees it arrive.

On other news, Kye started school on the 2nd of February and he is loving it. He has a couple of friends that he went to Kindergarten with in his class which is good. He is very independent and actually pushed us out the door on the first day, telling us to go. He brings home a reader each night and sits down with us and reads it. He is always excited to head off in the morning to class as he calls it and misses it when he isn’t there.

Not much else has been happening here. Amarina sees the pediatrician next Wednesday for a general check up and we are hoping soon approval will be through for Amarina to attend day care all day on Fridays. It has been amazing as to how far she has come along since starting there last year.

Well. We hope everyone is happy and healthy. To those in the UK,
timberland bots Amarina's Journal
take care with all the snowstorms you have been having recently, to those in Australia, try to stay cool if you are having these heat conditions also and everyone else in the world, take care of yourself and your loved ones.

I am doing a fortnightly report this time as not much happened in the first week for us. The main problem was the computer playing up and myself being sick.

Amarina was weighed on the 6/1/09 and gained10 grams, bringing her eight up to 10.70 kilo’s. She is still tiny but gaining weight which is the most important thing. I was suffering from tonsillitis and was so glad that the kids didn’t get sick from it also. The rest of that week we just did things around the house etc, shopping and basically having a good time together.

This week was busier. Monday we picked up all of Kye’s school uniform. It is hard to believe that in 2 weeks, my little man will be starting school. He is growing up too quick.

Tuesday and Wednesday were all pretty quiet with just some trips to town etc. The weather was hot so we brought the kids a pool with a canopy over the top of it. Amarina loves to playing in the water now and had a great time in there with Kye. Kye still doesn’t like hopping in there but once there he is happy to play away. Kye, Amarina and Jamie have been taking Deedia, the new puppy for walks every day and it is good for Kye to have that responsibility.

Thursday and Amarina went back to day care, taking with her the little chariot that allows her to sit on and push herself around. It gives her more independence and she loves getting around in it. Amarina had a good day back with her friends and although we missed her, it was good seeing her playing with other little kids. They all enjoyed patting him and he behaved very well. We are getting back into all the appointments again after the Christmas break with one this week and another trip down to Melbourne in two weeks time.

This weekend was spent together as a family and getting Kye’s uniform washed and labelled for school. It has been a lovely sunny weekend so the kids have enjoyed playing outside with Deedia and their toys. Hope everyone has a great week and it’s back to weekly reports from now on.
timberland bots Amarina's Journal

6 timberland boots Alleged kidnappers charged after naked Nisku crash

timberland boots uk sale Alleged kidnappers charged after naked Nisku crash

The five were taken to hospital for reasons, said police, adding drugs and/or alcohol are considered factors in the case and that the suspects and victims all know each other. Monday at a residence in Leduc County when a man, woman and a six week old baby were forced into a car. The man, who was put in the trunk, subsequently managed to escape.

A short time later, the woman also got out of the car with the baby.

Derek Scott, managing partner at LPH Industrial, said one of his employees work trucks was rammed by the suspects after he picked up the man, woman and child on Township Road 510.

stopped to help some people that were in the ditch with no shoes on, he said. picked them up, and the rest is history.

The occupants up a pretty good fight as they were removed from the car, Scott said.

The employee is little sore,
6 timberland boots Alleged kidnappers charged after naked Nisku crash
but he back to work, he added. was kind of shocked. epaper, Digital Access, Subscriber Rewards), please input your Print Newspaper subscription phone number and postal code.

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I also accept and agree to be bound by Postmedia’s Terms and Conditions with respect to my use of the Site and I have read and understand Postmedia’s Privacy Statement. epaper, Digital Access, Subscriber Rewards), please input your Print Newspaper subscription phone number and postal code.

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6 timberland boots Alleged kidnappers charged after naked Nisku crash

timberland boots 6 inch Alternative Health

timberland repairs uk Alternative Health

Here you can find articles and topics on a wide array of health issues from curing warts or hypnotizing yourself into a stress free lifestyle to making herbal teas. Do you get chronic sinus infections? Try learning to use a Neti pot to end your nasal problems. Always wondered about magnetic bracelets? Then here is the place to read up on the benefits of this alternative treatment.

Exercise and meditation are common alternative health solutions to de stress and get in touch with your spiritual and peaceful side. Here you can learn exercises to get your abs, back, arms and legs into shape. If you’ve always wondered what fitness plan is right for you,
timberland boots 6 inch Alternative Health
we have a variety of plans with easy to read layouts. You can also learn how to use aromatherapy and hypnotherapy to create a better you.

Herbs and supplements will give you energy to start and finish your day. Learn to make protein shakes and learn about the benefits of lemon water or apple cider vinegar. The treatments and remedies discussed in our articles offer great alternative treatments for medical and everyday problems. Do you want a natural way to keep mosquitoes away from you, or do you want to learn about chakra stones or fungal remedies? Browse our Alternative Health section, and you’re sure to find the answers you seek!
timberland boots 6 inch Alternative Health

baby timberlands boots All the details as Kanye West’s collection goes on sale today

timberland mountain athletics All the details as Kanye West’s collection goes on sale today

How do I buy Yeezy Season 1? All the details as Kanye West’s collection goes on sale todayThe rapper is launching Yeezy Season 1 with adidas today so here’s where you can get hold of the new shoes and clothes12:36, 29 OCT 2015Updated12:37, 29 OCT 2015 Get celebs updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailKanye West is launching a brand new fashion venture today and fans will no doubt be rushing to get their hands on his new clothes and shoes for the first time.So where can you go to get them?The Adidas Originals x Kanye West Yeezy Season 1 includes clothes designed by Kim Kardashian’s hubby himself, along a brand new line of boots following the success of his trainers.Here is a list of the other UK stores it can be found:End Clothing (Newcastle)Foot Patrol (London)Harvey Nichols (Birmingham, Bristol, London and Manchester)Michael Chell (Windsor)
baby timberlands boots All the details as Kanye West's collection goes on sale today

waterproof timberland boots Amaya founder reduces stake in PokerStars owner

timberland sandals Amaya founder reduces stake in PokerStars owner

MONTREAL The founder and former chief executive of Amaya Inc. has sold about two thirds of his remaining shares in the Montreal based owner of PokerStars, for a total of $267.7 million.

David Baazov received an average of $22.31 per share for the 12 million Amaya shares that he sold on Wednesday and Thursday.

It Baazov second large divestiture this month. He announced March 7 that had sold seven million Amaya shares at an average price of $19 per share, totalling $133 million.

Baazov had proposed early last year to buy Amaya and take it private, but walked away from the bid in December after running into legal problems.

He has pleaded not guilty to securities related charges that were announced following an investigation into allegations of illicit trading by several close associates over a five year period.
waterproof timberland boots Amaya founder reduces stake in PokerStars owner

timberland polo shirts Allegro Bell handbell choir concert at Faith Lutheran Church

cheap timberland boots for men uk Allegro Bell handbell choir concert at Faith Lutheran Church

Deadline is the Tuesday before the Saturday of publication. We cannot guarantee publication. July 8 at Faith Lutheran Church, 8125 Mentor Avenue, Mentor. A freewill offering will be collected. Details: 440 255 2229. services on July 13 at Mayfield Church. He lives with his wife, Roberta, in Akron. in 1997. Mayfield United Methodist Church is at 7747 Mayfield Road in Chester Township.

REPAIR CLASSES: Celebration United Methodist Church, 771 E. 260th St. on Saturdays, serving lunch midway. These skills building classes are open to those 18 and older and will help landscapers and snow blowing contractors save money by knowing how to repair their own equipment. Class size is limited. Details: 216 797 1990. July 28 to Aug. 5 at Celebration United Methodist Church, 771 E. 260th St. in Euclid. Learn to play the violin and also audition to become a part of a city wide Children s and Youth Choir. Participants will have a concert at the end of the program. Call 216 797 1990 to register. Vacation Bible School at Celebration United Methodist Church, 771 E. 260th St. in Euclid. July 13 through July 17 at 221 E. 320th St. It s free and for kids in kindergarten through fifth grade. July 12 with free hot dogs, a car show, music, games and vendors. in the village of Perry. July 7 through 11 and for children 4 through those entering fifth grade. There s no charge and a snack is provided.

WEIRD ANIMALS is the subject for the vacation Bible school hosted by Bethel Lutheran Church, 32410 Willowick Drive (behind Auto Zone). July 7 through 11 and is free for children 4 through 12. Stories, a movie, crafts and games are part of the fun and parent may stay if they wish. each Wednesday in July and August at Church of the Epiphany, 21000 Lake Shore Blvd., Euclid. Framed around songs, activities, stories it will feed a family s faith while letting children be children in church. Details: 216 731 1316.

ST. VITUS SUMMER PICNIC: It s July 20 at Slovenska Pristava, a recreational facility in Harpersfield Township It begins with a Mass at noon in the main pavilion with Rev. Joseph Bodnar as principal celebrant. Almost one fourth of the parish base resides in Lake County. A dinner of roast chicken or roast beef immediately follows the mass, Cost is $14 adult and $7 for children under 12. Performing will be the Alpine Sextet Orchestra and members of the Ukrainian dance ensemble Kashtan. following the dinner where the Slovenian specialty dish cevapcici will be among foods served. Activities will include a raffle, open swimming for a fee in the new junior Olympic sized swimming pool, children s games,
timberland polo shirts Allegro Bell handbell choir concert at Faith Lutheran Church
and a Chinese craft raffle. St. Vitus Parish, established in August 1893 is the first American Slovenian Roman Catholic parish in Ohio. Details: 216 361 1444. Mondays in the Chapel at Painesville United Methodist Church, 71 North Park Place in Painesville. Details: 440 354 3642

HOUSE OF PRAYER: The Willoughby Area House of Prayer, operated by a consortium of volunteers from Willoughby area churches, is open for individual and guided prayer in downtown Willoughby at 4091 Erie St. It also has a series of hour long programs during the week. Mondays. Call Beth Morgan for details at 440 478 1572. Thursdays.

DROP OFF SHED: Fellowship United Church of Christ, 30040 Ridge Road, has a new St. Pauly Textile Used Clothing Drop Off Shed. This company, in business for two decades, sends clothing to people who can use it. Major buyers for the clothing are the Red Cross and the United Nations. Accepted are all clothing, shoes, sneakers, belts, purses, blankets, sheets, pillow cases, drapes, and stuffed toys. Items not accepted are rags, fabric scraps, pillows, toys, furniture, electronics,
timberland polo shirts Allegro Bell handbell choir concert at Faith Lutheran Church
books or household goods. Donations should be in a plastic bag and put in the chute. The mailbox on the front of the Shed has receipts for a tax donation for those needing one.