timberland classic boots ‘Quick and quality’ burgers pack a punch

the timberland company ‘Quick and quality’ burgers pack a punch

REMEMBER the days when going out for a burger meant hitting the same two takeaway giants? Now, it seems, almost every other pub does a quality burger (the other half, obviously, do pizza).

On top of that, we have seen a rash of high end burger joints opening up in town with Byron and Gourmet Burger Kitchen in the vanguard. So you might think we’d all be a bit, well. burgered out.

Not a bit of it, judging by the reaction to the opening of the city centre’s latest outlet which managed the impossible feat of acquiring cult status on its opening night.

Occupying a prime location in the old Jaeger store in Magadalen Street, Five Guys is big, buzzy and noisy. And it already has a formidable reputation for great burgers under its belt, which accounts for the instant fanbase.

I arrived on a Sunday evening three days after it opened and the place was packed the buzz of lively conversations drowned out by the pulse racing strains of Motorhead’s Ace of Spades. Yep, the music is great.

First thing’s first: it’s not a gourmet dining experience.

You queue up to place an order, which itself is a project given the number of toppings (15 items) and permutations. You can get as many extras as you like for free.

You are then issued with a numbered receipt, and wait for your order to be prepared from scratch and dispatched. This means it’s all ultra fresh and bespoke. Yet even on a busy afternoon, the wait was no longer than five minutes.

There’s a separate station for collecting milkshakes, which are also made to order from an even more bewildering combination of up to 11 flavourings.

I was advised to try the banana, salted caramel and bacon; it sounds dodgy, but is delicious, if, predictably, salty. At 4.75 they are certianly not cheap, but are excellent, and almost a meal in themselves.

The burgers also cost significantly more than you’d pay at Mcdonalds or Burger King (6.75 for a basic, 8 for cheese or bacon), but they are significantly superior the meat delicious, juicy and plump, the bun fresh and springy and the toppings fresh and generously portioned. This makes for a cleaner more wholesome bite.

The jury is still out on the hotdogs, which are a little strange, being sliced down the middle, flattened and a little too salty for my taste, but also accompanied by the same range of toppings.

They are served in heat retaining wraps whether you eat in or take away.

The chips (2.75 small and 4 regular) are the best around, cooked in peanut oil which gives them a lovely distinctive flavour and served in huge portions in paper cups and brown paper bags (be sure not to over order!).

As well as those epic milkshakes, they can be washed down with a bottled beer (great to see Brooklyn Lager: 4.50) or, if you need some sugar in your life, a bottomless cup of fizzy pop from the machine which also offers a dizzying array of drinks I had never before heard of (cherry Doctor Pepper anyone?).

All in all, it’s a welcome addition to the city centre. If you are in the mood for a quick, comforting, if not especially cheap (or healthy), bite, and you like your music very loud, Five Guys is definitely for you.
timberland classic boots 'Quick and quality' burgers pack a punch

kids timberland boots sale 2018 Nominations Announced for the IFTA Film Drama Awards

timberland official website 2018 Nominations Announced for the IFTA Film Drama Awards

The nominations were announced at a press launch this morning at 9 Below on Stephens Green, where Deirdre O’Kane and Liam Cunningham along with IFTA CEO revealed the nominations and details about the upcoming Award Ceremony in Dublin.

The Irish Film and Television Academy commences its 15th anniversary year with the announcement of a superb line up of nominations for the 2018 Awards that reflects a vibrant and successful Irish home industry.

Across the Film categories Maudie receives 6 Nominations, Cardboard Gangsters and Handsome Devil along with Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri and The Farthest each receive 5 nominations. The Drummer and the Keeper, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Maze and Michael Inside each receive 4 nominations. The Lodgers and Pilgrimage and Song of Granite all receive 3 nominations each and Ladybird is nominated in its two categories.

Across the Drama categories Vikings receives 6 Nominations. Game of Thrones and Peaky Blinders each receive 5 nominations, Paula receives 4 nominations, Acceptable Risk and Into the Badlands receives 3 nominations and Line of Duty, Striking Out receive 2 nominations each.

The Academy CEO, Aine Moriarty commented: a fantastic kick start to the Academy 15th Anniversary year with this superb line up of Irish Nominees showcasing the very best of Ireland creative talent, delivering world class film and drama across the globe. The Academy looks forward to acknowledging their achievements and rewarding excellence at the IFTA Awards Ceremony next month (Thursday, February 15th).
kids timberland boots sale 2018 Nominations Announced for the IFTA Film Drama Awards

timberland sale uk ‘Tier 2’ luxury brands struggle to compete with elite Germans

timberland new boots ‘Tier 2’ luxury brands struggle to compete with elite Germans

Florida auto dealer Bill Wallace routinely stages special promotions at his Cadillac and Lincoln dealerships to lure BMW and Lexus owners in for a test drive offers such as a free dinner for two or Starbucks coupons.

“We get the lowest response on those types of promotions of anything we do,” he says. “But we continue to bang away at it.”

For Wallace and other dealers who sell luxury brands such as Cadillac, Lincoln, Acura and Infiniti, banging away is a fact of life. Try as they might, those second tier brands, with the exception of surging Audi, have struggled to make inroads against the powerful triumvirate at the top: BMW, Mercedes Benz and Lexus.

The truth for aspiring brands on the outside looking in is that the rising luxury tide is not lifting all ships equally. Luxury brand sales, up 6.4 percent in 2014, grew faster than the mass market, but the top three brands plus Audi enjoyed the lion’s share of the gains. luxury brand sales last year. With luxury sales projected by IHS Automotive to grow from 11.4 percent of the market last year to 12.7 percent in 2016, the stakes for aspiring brands are high.

Though Acura and Infiniti sales grew in 2014, they did not keep pace with the luxury market as a whole, but the two Japanese brands have gotten off to a fast start in 2015. In 2014, Cadillac saw its share drop more than 1 point to 9.1 percent as its sales dropped 6.5 percent.

The big three brands enjoy an enviable combination of advantages deep product lineups, global reach, strong residual values and rock solid brand images that aspiring brands cannot match.

Cross shopping data show that customers of the aspiring brands are more likely to defect to one of the big three or Audi than the other way around. luxury market in sales. That year, Lincoln led the field. Before 1998, Cadillac held an unbroken grip on the top spot going back to before 1970.

Since Mercedes grabbed the top prize in 1999, imports have dominated the playing field. Lexus ruled 11 straight years from 2000 10. These days, the top three remain locked in a bitter struggle for the luxury title. BMW has taken the crown three of the last four years but is third so far this year, trailing Mercedes and Lexus.

Ambitious Lexus is breathing down the neck of Mercedes Benz in a bid to regain the top spot it hasn’t held since 2010. Through February, Lexus sales have jumped 26 percent, passing BMW to move into second place behind Mercedes. Like its rivals, Lexus is basing its growth on an aggressive product offensive.

“If I did not want to resecure that luxury leadership position, then my boss probably put the wrong person in this job,” Jeff Bracken, Lexus general manager, said at the Detroit auto show. “It’s important. No question about it.”

Mercedes has been equally bullish. “With SUV sales up 22 percent, we expect our momentum to continue as new or redesigned versions of almost all our light trucks hit the market in the next year,” Steve Cannon, CEO of Mercedes Benz USA, said in a March 3 release. luxury field with an 18 percent share, followed by Mercedes Benz with 17.5 percent and Lexus with 16.5 percent. From there, it’s a substantial drop to Audi at 9.7 percent and Cadillac with 9.1 percent. Together, the top three accounted for 52 percent of the luxury market. No brands come near that kind of dominance in the mass market. The top three mass market brands Ford, Chevrolet and Toyota accounted for 43.8 percent of nonluxury sales in 2014.

So dominant are the three top luxury brands, they’re almost playing in a different segment, says Tom Libby, analyst for IHS Automotive.

“Something has got to be wrong when a brand as iconic as Cadillac, and part of the fabric of American culture, has one crossover and one SUV. The Germans have so many we can’t even keep track.”

Johan de NysschenWhen Lexus introduced its NX compact crossover in 2014, sales of the BMW X3 and Mercedes Benz GLK declined, while sales of competing vehicles from “striver” brands weren’t affected, he says.

“One could conclude there’s a lot going back and forth between those brands,” says Libby. “When one of those brands brings out a strong entry, it does not affect the strivers. So perhaps it’s a separate market.”

Says Chris Lemley, who owns two Massachusetts Lincoln dealerships: “If you look at sources of sales and defections, those four brands [including Audi] are cannibalizing each other for the most part.”

The top three brands enjoy higher loyalty rates than the brands fighting to join the club: 58 percent of Mercedes Benz owners who went shopping in 2014 stayed loyal to the brand, followed by BMW at 53 percent and Lexus at 52 percent, according to IHS data. Among other brands, only Lincoln hit the 50 percent mark. Power and Associates, says customers of the top three luxury brands cross shop the other two far more than they do the brands in the second group, with the possible exception of Audi.

“Among customers who bought a BMW in 2014, 21 percent visited an Audi dealer, 20 percent of them visited a Mercedes dealer and 14 percent visited Lexus,” Sutton said. “Everything after Lexus is in single digits.”

“Among customers who bought a BMW in 2014, 21 percent visited an Audi dealer, 20 percent of them visited a Mercedes dealer and 14 percent visited Lexus. Everything after Lexus is in single digits.”

Chris Sutton

BMW, Mercedes Benz and Lexus have expanded their model lineups at a rate that rivals, except Audi, have found difficult to keep pace with. The top three have created sub niches where nobody imagined they existed, particularly in the SUV/crossover segments that are driving much of the growth in luxury. The BMW X4 straddles a line between a coupe and an SUV. Mercedes aims to bring new buyers with the GLA, a compact crossover that might have been called a station wagon in an earlier generation.
timberland sale uk 'Tier 2' luxury brands struggle to compete with elite Germans

timberland returns 2016 pop culture Halloween costumes

timberland earthkeepers sale 2016 pop culture Halloween costumes

We’ve lost beloved rock stars, watched a trashed gas station bathroom become the biggest story of the Olympics and lived through creepy clown hysteria. Smartphones exploded. Brangelina broke up. We had to keep hearing about Hulk Hogan’s sex tape. And we haven’t even mentioned the election yet.

But there is a bright side: it’s a banner year for Halloween costume inspiration. We’ve mined the lowlights and the highlights of the past 10 months to create this list.


615carebare on YouTube

YouTube channel 615carebare demonstrates how to recreate the Snapchat puppy filter in real life.

The costume: Snapchat’s puppy filter IRL

Why? If there was one social media app you reluctantly began using this year, it was Snapchat.

How? Recreate the puppy face filter with a printer and some decent quality photo paper. Searching the Internet for “Snapchat puppy filter overlay” will give you what you need to print. Cut out the ears and nose and attach them with liquid latex or spirit gum. The tongue can be attached to your bottom lip, or, for a less annoying night, tape it to a stick and hold it up to your face as needed (YouTube channel 615carebear has a good tutorial).

Bonus points: Have your friends dress as the Snapchat flower crown filter (available from several Etsy stores) and the rainbow puke filter (use body paint starting at the mouth and running down the front of their shirt).

Other meme costumes (if these don’t ring a bell with you, get to Google):

Angel Harambe: Gorilla suit, halo, wings.

Arthur’s balled fist: Yellow sweater, light blue jeans and your own hand.

Petty Sky Jackson: Blue dress and a condescending facial expression.

Crying Michael Jordan: Print it out, hold it over your face.

Chewbacca mom: Chewbacca mask, seatbelt, crazy laugh.

Damn, Daniel: White Vans, an enthusiastic friend with a phone.

ON THE CHARTSBeyonce from her “Lemonade” music video special.

The costume? Beyonc Lemonade

Why? Because Lemonade wasn’t an album, it was a cultural event.

How? Go as a group. For Beyonc wear a yellow dress and black lace up wedges or pumps. Carry a baseball bat. For Jay Z, wear a fresh Yankees cap, a black T shirt and Timberland boots. Make a diamond sign with your hands and look apologetic. For “Becky with the good hair,” wear a fabulous wig and a name tag reading “Becky.” Carry a phone, in case Jay wants to call you.

Bonus points: If you’re Beyonc have a friend follow you with a fan so your hair is constantly blowing in the breeze.

Other music costumes:

Hamilton: As a group, be Hamilton, Burr, Jefferson and Washington. Have Cabinet rap battles. Carry a Constitution and argue about it.

Drake’s Views cover: Shearling lined coat, pensive facial expression, sit on various things and let your legs dangle.
timberland returns 2016 pop culture Halloween costumes

newborn timberland boots ‘Sniper’ a personal film for Cooper

timberland pro split rock safety boots ‘Sniper’ a personal film for Cooper

Bradley Cooper remembers well the day he first had humans in his gun scope.

It rare in movies that filming happens chronologically. But the opening scene in American Sniper the Clint Eastwood directed biopic of the late Navy SEAL sharpshooter Chris Kyle was also Cooper first try at filming with a gun.

had three months of training, and I chosen to become comfortable with three guns, Cooper says. Mark 11, the .338 (Lapua Magnum) with boom and the .338 Win Mag (Winchester Magnum). I really focused on getting into the mindset of what it would be to be a sniper. He gotten fairly proficient at hitting targets hundreds of yards away.

then the first week in Morocco (which substitutes for Iraq), we shooting the opening scene in the movie. I only ever had my gun with live ammo. I looking through the scope at the two actors and like, my stomach turned. I pulled the gun away and I said, can shoot the scene with them there. Admittedly not a major stumbling block, given movie magic. military history, with 160 confirmed kills. Ironically, after being honorably discharged, he was killed in 2013 at a shooting range by a fellow veteran he was counseling.

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At the time, Cooper was already in the process of producing Kyle story with the intention of starring in it. They had not met face to face, but had talked on the phone and emailed frequently. It hard to spend that much time with someone, you come to care for and understand, and carry the voices of their family and kids. I immediately called Bradley and there was just silence at the other end. It was very traumatic. Sniper seemed to become much more personal to Cooper after that starting with the signing of Eastwood, Kyle own choice for director of his story, and a commitment to putting on 40 pounds of muscle and immersing himself in the character of the former Texas rodeo rider Kyle. was sometime after we finished filming that I realized I was only just meeting Bradley Cooper for the first time, says Sienna Miller, who plays Kyle wife Taya.

Though David O. Russell Silver Linings Playbook introduced people to Cooper, the serious actor, the easygoing guy of The Hangover movies, and the clownishness of Russell American Hustle still obscured what the actor is capable of.

This year, audiences will have seen him immerse himself twice as Kyle, and as the tormented Joseph Merrick in the Broadway production of The Elephant Man.

two roles were real people who I admire greatly and so I felt a tremendous responsibility. I just did everything I could to do right by them, Cooper says. for me, have always been healing. The Elephant Man (with John Hurt) was a movie that affected me in such a massive way, it made me want to be an actor. It always made me feel like I wasn’t so alone. That’s why I do what I do. I love storytelling so much.”

As for Eastwood, Cooper longtime love for Unforgiven began to insinuate itself on the filmed narrative of Kyle life.

construct is that of a western. There a sharpshooter and an enemy sharpshooter and there a showdown at the end. And (instead) of that tumbleweed, there a desert storm that blows in, and it sort of (he whistles the theme to The Good, The Bad And The Ugly and laughs). We even did that in the (studio) pitch, Cooper says, laughing again.

just thought it would be a very compelling way to get the audience interested in this story. Chris is talking to (his son) at the end of the movie and he says, a hell of a thing to stop a beating heart. And (Unforgiven William Munny says, a hell of a thing to kill a man, take away what he got and ever gonna have. we were doing that scene, Clint didn talk about it. But when you look at Clint catalogue, it all about the different stages of a man. And it almost like this character is William Munny prior to Unforgiven.

Clint, you so excited to come to the set every day. It never gets old. It like, the most exciting thing. John Huston said curiosity keeps you going. And Clint is just so curious, he like a little kid. with another impending role in the cooking comedy Adam Jones (again with Sienna Miller), Cooper inevitably had to let Chris Kyle go. He claims to remember the exact day it happened.

left me, like, three and a half weeks after the movie finished. That was a sad day, but I went to a different transition. Miller makes a connection in ‘American Sniper’

an odd thing playing someone who alive, says Sienna Miller of her role as the Taya Kyle, the wife of America greatest military sharpshooter in American Sniper.

Even odder, she admits, is that, year I played two women whose husbands have both been murdered. also played Nancy Schultz in Foxcatcher, wife of the Olympic wrestler Dave Schultz (Mark Ruffalo), who was murdered by the unhinged billionaire John du Pont (Steve Carell).

always a huge responsibility in when you playing someone who can critique your performance. It very difficult to ask questions about someone who just lost her husband, but it important in your examination of the character. producer and star Bradley Cooper was betting on chemistry between the American born, British ex model Miller and the no nonsense Texan Taya.

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the first time I talked to her, I didn know what to expect. And like two or three sentences in, it was like, this is good, Kyle says.

we were laughing and I tell her something I thought was special or poignant, about a first kiss with Chris and me, and she got it. I say something and she start laughing. She was connected, our energy was similar. Poor Bradley to have to have been around it. personal breakthrough paid off. was always available, and she gave us access to every single email she and Chris sent when Chris was away, Miller says. was very personal and we wanted as much as possible to concentrate on how much they loved each other. On the phone, it was like she was my sister. says he didn really know what to expect when he auditioned Miller, that I was a massive fan of hers. But I watched the audition and it was about 50 seconds before I even knew it was Sienna Miller. She throws herself into it completely, zero vanity, utterly vulnerable at a moment notice. She lives her life with her heart on her sleeve. experience was a gamble for Kyle too. I met Bradley and (director) Clint (Eastwood) in person, I was so focused on Chris, and how do I tell you everything? I remember sitting with Bradley in the car, losing it. motivation was to help reach out to Mideast war veterans, as her husband was doing after his discharge when he was killed on a shooting range by a troubled PTSD victim.

than 1% of Americans ever sign up for service. And they there because they willing to put their life on the line for this country, Kyle says. wouldn have done that. I love this country, but I truly wouldn do it.

I have people that come up to me still. I have a medal from a Marine that came home who said Chris saved his life, who said, have a two year old daughter I wouldn have without Chris.
newborn timberland boots 'Sniper' a personal film for Cooper

schuh timberland 2018 off to slow start for new Windsor homes

timberland outlets 2018 off to slow start for new Windsor homes

After Windsor experienced one of its best Januarys ever for single family home starts a year ago, the start of this year saw the same category virtually disappear.

No building permits for new single family homes were issued last month, compared to 12 permits for homes worth $4.3 million issued to developers in January 2017.

The winter months are usually slow for new builds, but last year hot start carried through the balance of 2017, with Windsor logging a record year in new residential construction.

City officials are still anticipating a healthy construction year for Windsor in 2018, but perhaps not as big as 2017, when the municipality issued over 4,100 building permits (everything from backyard pools to new schools) worth about $360 million in new construction.

Storm sewers and a portable toilet remain on empty building lots on 2200 block of Daytona Avenue Feb. 5, 2018.

think it going to be pretty steady on the residential construction side, said Joe Baker, the city manager of permit services. commercial, industrial and institutional, it should be a busy year as well. semi detached unit construction fell by more than half for the month, from $3.5 million in 2017 to $1.6 million this year. Row housing construction permits worth $4.2 million were issued in January, compared to $11.7 million for the same period a year ago. Last month total for row housing consisted of a single, 16 unit townhouse project by Coco Developments, with units valued in the $257,000 to $269,000 range.

saw peak activity in 2017, said John Revell,
schuh timberland 2018 off to slow start for new Windsor homes
Windsor chief building official.

Offsetting the decline in residential, however, Windsor saw big upticks in other construction categories, with government and institutional jumping from $310,000 in January 2017 to $7.1 million last month. Industrial construction rose from $141,000 to $906,000 January to January and commercial climbed from $2.2 million to $3.7 million.

Among the top projects so far this year: $4.4 million for the new public library in Olde Sandwich, renovations to the tunnel duty free shop ($2 million), a new private hangar at Windsor Airport ($1.9 million) and part of the latest phase of a new commercial centre at 650 Division Rd. ($750,000).

Storm sewers sits on empty building lots on 2200 block of Daytona Avenue Feb. 5, 2018.

Revell said a number of factors may be contributing to the slow 2018 start, including a much colder January this year compared to 2017. He said Windsor developers are also still playing catch up in getting land prepared after the 2008 recession that all but put a freeze on residential construction.

went through a tremendous dry period, said Revell, adding his department has only recently been ramping up its staffing to meet a growing demand for building permits.

and developers are hungry for land there a shortage of building lots, said Revell.

Another factor is the general shortage of sub trades like those who do drywall. One consequence, said Revell, is Coco putting aside, for now, its plans for a new single family home subdivision, focusing instead on townhouses.
schuh timberland 2018 off to slow start for new Windsor homes

timberland earthkeeper city ‘transformative’ is the new ‘experiential’

timberland walking boots uk ‘transformative’ is the new ‘experiential’

Hotel SearchWhen it comes to luxury and wellness travel, those overly used descriptors, “authentic” and “experiential” are so, well, last year.

The new “it” trend for 2018, according to the Global Wellness Summit’s annual Global Wellness Trends Report, is “transformative.”

What exactly does that mean? According the report, it involves “experiences that wrap people up in a dramatic story or sense of theater, that can incite (using the powerful mechanisms of narrative and fantasy) that elusive perspective changing interior journey.”

Specifically, the report said, resorts are “are starting to use the power of circuits, storylines, safaris” to take wellness travel beyond the “copy and paste programming” that many luxury properties have adopted over the last decade in response to the fast growing demand for wellness everything from yoga and boot camp retreats to clean menus and more extensive spa and workout facilities.

“Travel experts now argue that ‘transformational travel’ is the evolutionary wave, which doesn’t discard the focus on authentic experiences but takes it to a deeper emotional,” the report said.

In other words, innovator Six Senses is once again raising the bar on luxury and wellness hospitality with what the report calls a bold first: a multilodge wellness circuit in Bhutan. Six Senses, an early leader in what today is almost considered mainstream wellness, is launching the program that will take guests to five resorts across different parts of the country, each of which is based on one of the Bhutanist happiness principles that are focused on things like culture, community and physical and mental well being.

Six Senses is also developing at least three more resorts with so called “circuit programs,” including one in Morocco, that offer intensive dives into local wellness, culture and more.

“We know people want far more immersive journeys and experiences, particularly wellness travelers: those transformative epiphanies that come from stepping into a story larger than themselves,” Anna Bjurstam, vice president of spas and wellness and at Six Senses and a member of the Global Wellness Summit board, said in the report.

Another example: The Red Mountain Resort under development in Reykjavik will inject theater and fantasy into its wellness circuit, which, based on a medieval saga, uses wind tunnels, fire baths, rain curtains, ice pools and pitch black slides to help guests travel through five intense emotional states, from contemplation and exposure to confrontation, clarity and enlightenment.

At Spa Village Resort Tembo in Bali, forget booking just a 50 minute spa treatment. This resort offers an immersive all day “safari” that includes a jungle hike with stops at a traditional village and breakfast and lunch in open air bales hanging over the ocean. The final stop is cliffside rooms where guests can spend the afternoon swimming and taking unlimited spa treatments.

“People want life changing wellness journeys, not disconnected programs, classes and treatments,” the report said. It goes on to say that the successful wellness destinations of the future will put as much thought into engaging people’s emotions, including laughter, fear and fantasies, as they do evidence based healing.

Or as summit roundtable participant and W and Departures Editor Sandra Ballentine said, “What I want from a wellness resort or spa experience is true transformation. If I don’t cry, it’s not been worthwhile to me.”
timberland earthkeeper city 'transformative' is the new 'experiential'

buy timberland boots uk 2017 Agawam election results

timberland stratham 2017 Agawam election results

AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP) Former Superintendent of Schools Bill Sapelli has declared victory over City Council President Jimmy Cichetti in the race for mayor of Agawam.

Family, friends and supporters of Sapelli celebrated his victory Tuesday night at the Oak Ridge Country Club.

Sapelli was the Superintendent of the Agawam Public Schools for six years.

Mayor Elect Bill Sapelli embraces mother after declaring victory in Agawam Mayor race.

have to bring unity to government in Agawam, Sapelli told 22News. have to work together before we tackle any of the big issues that we have in Agawam and we need to get along. had the highest votes in the preliminary election and on Tuesday night, he beat City Council President Jimmy Cichetti by a wide margin. 22News asked Cichetti how he intends on continuing to serve the community.

isn the finish line, Cichetti told 22News. is actually the start. We had some change in the city. This is what we needed. I plan on being around and being here to help. Mayor Richard Cohen announced he wouldn’t be seeking a ninth term in July. Residents voted on a ballot question regarding how school committee members are replaced in the event of a death or resignation.

Incumbent City Councilors Robert Rossi, Anthony Suffriti, Cecilia Calabrese, Christopher Johnson, George Bitzas, Gina Lettellier, Joseph Mineo, Paul Cavallo, have been re elected.

Robert Magovern, Dino Mercadante, and Rosemary Sandlin have been elected to their first terms on City Council.

Incumbents Shelley Borgatti Reed, Wendy Rua, Anthony Bonavita, and Camino Mineo, have been re elected to the Agawam School Committee. Kerri O’ Connor and Tracy Wilkie have also been elected to Agawam School Committee.

Agawam residents voted “Yes” to the ballot question regarding how school committee members are replaced in the event of a death or resignation, changing the existing charter.

Agawam mayoral candidates debate on 22News

VIDEO //Mayoral candidates Bill Sapelli and Jimmy Cichetti discussed issues important to voters in Agawam on 22News.
buy timberland boots uk 2017 Agawam election results

timberland bicester ‘Star witness’ takes the stand on day two of Fennell trial

timberland id ‘Star witness’ takes the stand on day two of Fennell trial

Government’s star witness took to the stand Tuesday morning as the trial of Franklin Fennell moved into day two.

Mike Pick, owner of M P Properties in Terre Haute, was called to the stand and spent his morning under direct examination by deputy US Attorneys. We expect cross examination to take place Tuesday afternoon.

Pick confirmed he did tree and stump removal work for the Vigo County School Corporation at the direction of Fennell, who was the Facilities Director at the time.

Pick said he began doing work for the VCSC in April of 2014 with a job at Terre Haute North Vigo High School. Pick described the process for getting the job as like one we’ve heard before with government jobs.

He submitted an estimate for the work, was awarded the job, and submitted an invoice once the work was complete.

Pick says this was the last of his 50 plus jobs with VCSC that was handled this way.

At North, Pick claims he and Fennell were talking by the football bleachers. It was here Pick says Fennell approached him about providing kickbacks to Fennell and Frank Shahadey, who happens to be an old friend of Pick’s.

Pick said the payoff for him was he was to receive more work, as VCSC was placing an added emphasis on how the 28 school campuses were looking. Pick also admitted that his sons got into trouble over drugs, and that Shahadey had helped one of those situations go away.

Pick said he paid Fennell and Shahadey each a $500 kickback from that first job at North, and it came from the profits of the job itself.

From that point forward, Pick said Fennell instructed him to inflate estimates and invoices by the amount of the kickback, usually $1000. Also, estimates and invoices were submitted together before jobs were completed, Pick said.

Pick said Shahadey nicknamed the kickback money “geeb,” which Pick understood was the Arabic word for money.

Pick claims Fennell told him the kickbacks were to be paid the same day as Pick received his check from VCSC, and they were to be paid in cash in the form of $100 bills. Shahadey claimed that made the transaction “untraceable.”

Pick also claims there were three to four jobs in which he was paid for doing no work. Fennell called those “fake invoices” according to Pick’s testimony.

One such job came in May of 2014, when Fennell instructed Pick, according to his testimony, to write up an invoice claiming bridge and walkway repairs at North High School and Honey Creek Middle School. Pick testified he did no such job, but was paid $4,600. That money was split three ways.

It was at this point Pick said he quit working for VCSC “for a few months” because he wasn’t comfortable with fake invoices. However, the work resumed, although testimony didn’t make it clear when his work hiatus took place.

Another such “fake invoice” job took place, according to Pick,
timberland bicester 'Star witness' takes the stand on day two of Fennell trial
in February of 2015. Pick testified that Fennell asked him to clean gutters and downspouts at Riley Elementary School, a $7,300 job.

The estimate and invoice were submitted together, according to Pick. He claims the day before the job, he was called by Fennell who ordered him not to do the work at Riley. Still, VCSC paid Pick for the job, and they split the check three ways again, per Pick.

As 2015 rolled on, the volume of work increased, according to Pick.

He said he was juggling between four and five jobs at a time for VCSC. He claims the kickbacks also increased. He said both men wanted more money for Spring Break, moving up the kickbacks to $4,500 dollars.

Pick said Fennell and Shahadey spent their breaks in Florida. Pick also claims Fennell used this same technique to help fund a trip to Disney World.

Pick said on one job, Fennell asked him for a $10,000 kickback so he could make a down payment on a house. Pick said he only gave him $5,000, because he was concerned a kickback that large would send up red flags throughout the corporation.

Pick also recalled a call he received while on vacation in Aruba on June 8, 2016, the day the FBI raided VCSC. He at first told the jury he denied the investigators’ allegation. A month later, he took his lawyer to the US Attorney’s office saying he would cooperate.

Part of that cooperation included recording all phone and in person conversation he had with Fennell or Shahadey.

The jury heard from multiple conversations.

Pick pointed out the Fennell we heard in court was not similar to the one he dealt with prior to the raid. Pick testified after the raid, Fennell became very paranoid, claiming the FBI was taping everything they said and constantly watching him. Even Shahadey’s demeanor changed somewhat, according to Pick, saying he told him to “keep his mouth shut.”

Pick said the scheme continued after the raid, except the FBI paid for the kickback to Shahadey and Fennell.

Pick said all of his checks also went into an escrow account to VCSC could recover its money.

“My family appreciates you helping us out,” is what Fennell allegedly said to Mike Pick as Pick paid him a kickback in the parking lot of Terre Haute Savings Bank,
timberland bicester 'Star witness' takes the stand on day two of Fennell trial
where Fennell sometimes did some paid work (which dried up after the raid).

jd sports timberland boots 2018 Preseason Top 20 and Season Preview

timberlands for women 2018 Preseason Top 20 and Season Preview

With the season kicking off Feb. 3, Quint brings us up to speed on what he’s watching for this season. Quint takes a look at the five teams he think stand apart from the rest of Division I, the five players who are prime candidates for Player of the Year honors, and the slate of February games he looks forward to most.

Check out the Calendar and individual team pages to plan your 2018 season.

There are 14 weeks until Selection Sunday and the NCAA bracket reveal. That’s an eternity. Preseason rankings are an excellent exercise in research and homework, but are often incorrect. I can’t judge chemistry, work ethic, resilience, improvement from year to year, injuries, schematic changes or how hard a team is willing to practice and play. I don’t see who is putting in the extra time and who is clocking out early or not treating their bodies like a professional.

In analyzing the top 20, I had a difficult time splitting up the top five. Spots six to nine felt like similarly talented teams; same with 10 14. Nos. 15 to 20 are anybody’s best guess as the year gets underway. Wishing everybody a happy, healthy and enjoyable season.

20. Harvard The Ivy League appears to be trending in a positive direction, and Yale, Princeton, Penn and Cornell all join the Crimson looking to take steps forward in 2018. Morgan Cheek, a 67 point scorer last year, can dissect a defense, and midfielder Joe Lang is coming off a 29 point 2017. A soft non conference slate and 15 seniors are the recipe for wins. The Crimson fell apart last spring, going 2 7 in their final nine games, but ended the year with a win over rival Yale. Enigmatic and mercurial that’s what you get with Harvard.

19. Towson NCAA Semifinalists in 2017, Towson was able to play tremendous team defense late in the year during a five game win streak. The Tigers had a strong sense of self and fully maximized their abilities. Scoring goals in 2018 is going to be challenging. Only one player with more than 10 points is back: junior midfielder Jon Mazza. The strengths of the squad are FOGO Alex Woodall, two way middie Zach Goodrich, and their entire four man defensive rotation of Chad Patterson, Sid Ewell, Cal Livingston and Gray Bodden. This should be a top five defense. Towson opens at Johns Hopkins on Saturday Feb. on ESPNU.

18. Bryant The Bulldogs ranked No. 5 in goals against last spring, winning 11 games including a play in victory over Monmouth. I like midfielder Tom Kennedy’s speed, and Kyle Cornell can feed. Cam Zeigler chipped in 47 points, usually doing his damage from close range. The specialists Kenny Masa (55%) and stopper James Werner (55%) should steer the possession war in Bryant’s favor.

17. North Carolina The Heels are a tricky read coming off an 8 8 season while graduating a large senior class. A Feb. 24 game at Johns Hopkins on ESPNU will be national fans’ first look at Carolina. William Perry and Justin Anderson, two rookies a year ago who had moments of brilliance, will determine the success or failure of the offense. Chris Cloutier will do Chris Cloutier things. Andy Matthews and Timmy Kelly are solid. But somebody needs to draw slides and get the defense moving. It’ll be interesting to see where coach Joe Breschi plays defender Jack Rowlett, pole or close. Carolina is relatively untested at the FOGO and goaltending spots. A difficult schedule includes non ACC games with the Blue Jays, at Hofstra, at Richmond, Denver and Maryland in Costa Mesa, Calif.

16. Virginia I could rank Virginia as high as No. 8 or 9 or as low as outside the top 20. I’m not quite sure what to expect. They played seven one goal games last spring but faltered defensively in April, dropping three of their last four games. Their lack of success in the ACC has been well documented. The positives revolve around attackman Michael Kraus and midfielders Dox Aitken and Ryan Conrad. Their style will be fun to watch but playing uptempo without winning face offs and making defensive stops is a difficult proposition.

15. Penn Face off Yearbook has Penn at No. 32. I’m a little more optimistic based upon a 7 6 record in 2017. But look closer. The Quakers lost one goal games to Penn State, Michigan and Yale. They secured wins over Harvard, Cornell and Virginia twice. And now they bring their entire offense back, 212 points of 220 scored. The early season schedule is ruthless maybe the hardest opening month in the country facing Michigan, Maryland, Duke, Penn State and Navy. LSM Connor Keating is a super player, but Penn isn’t very experienced down low. Expect high scoring games and big point totals from guys like Simon Matthias, Kevin McGeary, Tyler Dunn and Reilly Hupfeldt.

14. Boston U The Terriers should be able to score in 2018, but can the defense and goaltending hold up against primetime competition? The early road schedule is difficult with trips to Ohio State, Bryant and Air Force could all three be played indoors? Brendan Homire, Jack Wilson, James Burr, John MacLean, Hayden Ruiz and Ryan Hilburn will be triggering an offense and program looking for its first NCAA bid.

13. Syracuse Face off Yearbook has SU at No. 9. I think that’s ambitious for a team that replaces its top three scorers, shortstick defensive middies, standout FOGO and goaltender. But this is Syracuse, winners of nine one goal games in 2017. Brendan Bomberry, Nate Solomon, Stephen Rehfuss and Jamie Trimboli are all still on the uptick. Nick Mellen returns down low on defense to guard alongside Tyson Bomberry. Albany comes calling on Feb. 17 to kickoff a string of games that includes ranked foes Army, Virginia, Hopkins,
jd sports timberland boots 2018 Preseason Top 20 and Season Preview
Rutgers, Duke and Notre Dame. That’s a killer March schedule.

12. Ohio State The 2017 finalists have a boatload of new faces at the midfield and graduated their excellent FOGO and goaltender. Defenders Ben Randall and disruptive pole Freddy Freibott are foundational players that coach Nick Myers will rely on. Let’s see what kind of encore Tre LeClaire has as a sophomore. His blistering shot and power dodging netted 65 points.

11. Loyola The Greyhounds lost three overtime games in 2017 and then met their match with a physical Ohio State team in the NCAA Tournament. Junior Pat Spencer is the best pure X attackman in the country but, Loyola loses two critical midfield guns. Jay Drapeau and John Duffy carry more of the load now. Face offs are a position of inexperience, but assistant coach Steve Vaikness has a way of developing success at the dot. The knock on the defense has been their lack of physical size and brute force; at times they’ve been pushed around by more athletic teams like Virginia, Duke and Ohio State. We’ll see. Opener on Feb. 10th at Virginia will be an excellent barometer. The Wahoos will struggle to cover Spencer, I can tell you that.

10. Johns Hopkins I gave Hopkins a total of nine wins in our preview. The schedule is very difficult. Six times in 2017 their skilled offense was held under 10 goals. Shack Stanwick, Kyle Marr, Joel Tinney, Forry Smith, Pat Fraser and Cole Williams are the nucleus. But the Jays played far too much defense, and played it poorly, especially from the shortstick positions. But it’s a new year and apparently the defensive packages have been streamlined and simplified to encourage faster play. Hopkins lost their final three games in 2016 and 2017, running out of gas when legit title contenders were hitting an extra gear. Staying healthy and fresh is imperative for a team that doesn’t appear to be very deep. Hopkins opens up with Towson on Fb. on ESPNU.

9. Rutgers An 8 0 start was followed by a 2 4 finish and another snub by the NCAA Tournament selection committee has RU fans chomping at the bit. This Scarlet Knight team should be their best since 1990. This squad has everything except championship experience, a run up the NCAA bracket. Kieran Mullins, Christian Trasolini, Jules Heningburg, Casey Rose and Christian Mazzone make up the offense. Adam Charalambides will redshirt again after another unfortunate knee injury. Michael Rexrode, Alex Bronzo and pole Kyle Pless protect goalie Max Edelmann (53%). The Feb. 17 game at Army should be a dandy.

8. Notre Dame The Irish were 9 6 in 2017. It was a rollercoaster season with wins over eventual NCAA finalists Maryland and Ohio State, but late season losses to UNC, Army and Denver. ND only plays 12 regular season games and face a daunting non conference slate. I’m not quite sure what to expect. If ND can address its face off inadequacies and fine tune their half field offensive sets, they have the talent to win it all. If they don’t, they’ll probably be a Quarterfinal loser again. Ryder Garnsey flirted with transferring but stayed put. Mikey Wynne, Bryan Costabile, Brendan Gleason and Brendan Collins are ACC tough. The defense, aside from logging too many minutes duw to a possession disadvantage, is in good hands with coordinator Gerry Byrne. The freshmen and sophomore classes are ultra talented too good not be be heard from.

7. Army A 10 1 start fizzled into being left out the NCAA Tournament in 2017. This team will be better in 2018, especially if they can figure out the FOGO spot. That’s scary considering that they beat ND, Syracuse and BU twice a year ago. David Symmes, Nate Jones, Conor Glancy and Ted Glesener are back on offense. Goalie AJ Barretto is supported by Jimmy Surdick, Dom Ricca and Jon Lamonica. Army has good depth across the board. Their last four regular games of the season at BU, Navy, at Loyola and at Notre Dame plus the Patriot League Tournament will determine their NCAA fate.

6. Penn State The Nittany Lions’ schedule is once again soft; they could be favored in their first 10 contests. They went 10 0 to start last year but finished 2 4, including a home playoff loss. This is a good team, no doubt. Can they be great? The defense, face off game and goaltending spots are now experienced. Attackers Grant Ament and Mac O’Keefe need a third partner in crime. The midfield depth isn’t what it was in 2017 and coach Jeff Tambroni may have some rookies in the mix. At the end of the day, it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

5. Albany Three starters return on defense (Stone Sims, AJ Kluck and Eric Dluhy) and they’ll have to improve if Albany is going to get past the NCAA Quarterfinal hump. It’ll be interesting to see who starts and finishes in the cage with a goalie battle brewing between JD Colarusso and Nate Siekierski. Troy Reh is an under appreciated pole who stirs things up. Goal scoring isn’t in question, especially when FOGO TD Ierlan is on fire. Connor Fields, Justin Reh and freshman Tehoka Nanticoke should put on a weekly highlight show. I love midfielder Kyle McClancy, a legit MLL top round draft choice. The first month will be revealing with games against Syracuse, Cornell and Maryland.

4. Denver Five of the first six games are away from the friendly confines of Peter Barton Stadium. The Pioneers have the game’s most unfair advantage face off specialist Trevor Baptiste, who wins draws at a 74% clip. I think Colton Jackson is sitting on a big year with fellow midfielders Jeremy Bosher and Connor Donahue. Denver is always slick around the net with an offense that attacks the top side, inside and backside for dunks. Ethan Walker and Austin French are seasoned. Five of their top six point getters return. Sean Mayle and Danny Logan are catalysts in the open field and goalie Alex Ready took a forward step last spring, not dropping to his knees as much. Denver travels to Duke on Feb. 16 on ESPNU. The Pios have advanced to Championship Weekend in five of the last seven seasons.

2. Maryland The Terp defense should be stout with Bryce Young, Curtis Corley, Nick Brozowski and Matt Neufeldt. IDA (Isiah Davis Allen) has left the building and can’t be duplicated by one man. Experienced FOGOs and goaltending are a plus. The fall scrimmage against Team USA has to be considered a positive. Jared Bernhardt, Tim Rotanz and Connor Kelly will be the focal points of an offense that runs its first midfield nearly exclusively. The non conference schedule features tilts with Navy, Penn, ND, Albany, }Nova and North Carolina a brutally tough gauntlet.

2. Yale Five of the first six games are on the road. The Bulldogs bring back Ben Reeves (79 points), Jackson Morrill, Matt Gaudet, Joey Sessa and Jason Alessi on offense. Defender Chris Keating returns after missing 2017 with injury. Yale played in the 1990 NCAA Semis. This is their best team since.

1. Duke In six on six sets, this looks like the nation’s best team. If Justin Guterding and Joey Manown develop chemistry with Peter Conley look out. But I’ve got concerns about face offs and the shortstick defensive midfielders. An ESPNU matchup with Denver on Feb. 16 one to watch considering the potential disparity in draws.
jd sports timberland boots 2018 Preseason Top 20 and Season Preview